How to breastfeed on the street and in publicplaces – tips and tricks

Chest молоко – самая ценная еда для младенца.
Modern moms know this and refuse mixes, nipples,
dummies and feedings by the hour. Mom is always there. She takes care of
his kid loves and feels it. But иногда острую необходимость
to attach the child to the breast in a public place does not understand itself
public. To bare the chest? Shame on you! Mother

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  • 1 How to feed a child comfortably in a public place?
    • 1.1 Where to find a room for mom and baby?
    • 1.2 Кормим breastfeeding на улице
    • 1.3 How to feed a baby in a public place
  • 2 Opinions
  • 3 Видео сюжет: Кормление в in public places
  • 4 And what about other countries?


Opinions молодых мам по этому поводу разделились. Alone fair
believe that there is nothing shameful about breastfeeding in public.
These are the morals of those around. They perceive female breasts not
as a symbol of motherhood, and as a symbol of female sexuality. AND эти
casual viewers absolutely do not want to understand how the baby needs
at this moment in breast milk and how important it is for mom
calm down.

Psychologists are joining the perspectives of advanced parents.
Feeding a baby is a natural process. And the condemnation of passersby
associated with excessive erotization of the female breast. And it would be better help
rendered because many moms are torn between their
natural shyness and demands of a hungry child. What
to do if you are not at home, and the baby is hungry?

This question in its time arose in other countries. In Europe
promote the value of breast milk and treat with understanding
unexpected children’s appetite. In England, for example, equipped
special feeding rooms even in the House of Commons. ANDталия пошла
дальше — там специально для мам и малышей благоустроили

Convincingly their maternal right defended Filipina.
Imagine about 4 thousand nursing mothers in one place – on
central square of Manila. In Russia, the law regulating rights
nursing moms, no. Constantly have to think about how
to observe decency and not to deprive the child of food during walks.

Psychologists explain the negative attitude towards breastfeeding
in public by the morals of the passers-by themselves. For most of
female breasts are an erotic object, and then the symbol
maternity. But мамам стоит помнить, что кормление breastfeeding в
society is a natural and not shameful process;
know how to organize it.


How comfortable to feed a child in a public place?

If a вы стесняетесь… Прежде всего нужно
forget that you are on the street. The most important is your baby
хочет приложиться to the chest. If you are just starting to feed –
constraint is quite natural for you. Over time, more will appear
self-confidence and correctness of their actions.

Are you a nursing mom who wants to feel during
feeding on the street, in a cafe or on a visit is as convenient as at home. But
you do not want to catch on yourself the blaming glances of passersby. Not
ignore the child. If he cries, then there is a reason.
Mommy’s breast will not only feed him, but also calm him down. Other
The reason is a formed baby mode. Try to abide by it.
You can shift the time for a maximum of half an hour.

So that during feeding you would not be disturbed and
Do not distract, follow these guidelines:

1. Try to find a more or less secluded place. But не
rush in a panic in a secluded corner. So you will be even more attracted to
attention to yourself. You can shut yourself off from others by turning
back to them.

2. Wear suitable clothing for walking. Young mother will help
Feel confident during feeding:

  • a spacious shirt and button-up blouse or front zipper:
    they can be easily undone;
  • a low-cut sweater that costs only a little
  • a special bra that does not require undoing (only
    cups are unfastened and fastened), and lining for the chest
  • spacious jacket, if it’s cool outside, plus a scarf – im
    can cover your chest.

Кроме того сейчас в магазинах и отделах одежды для
pregnant women sold a fair amount of special beautiful
clothes and underwear for feeding with a variety of hidden
cuts, smells, grooves, clasps.

3. Wear a sling, a special sling for children. it
A real find for a nursing woman. In a large piece of cloth
the child is near the breast of the mother in a comfortable position. Here he is
sleeps sweetly, glad that mom is near. When a baby drinks milk
in a sling, it is possible to cover both the baby and the chest with its edge. If a
there is no sling, then a towel or a diaper can be an alternative.
Читаем о том, какие существуют виды слингов и как правильно
choose a sling in this article.

If a у слинга есть длинный лоскут - вы сможете им cover the baby and their breasts. Generally when feeding in a sling nobody не догадается, что же именно вы делаете.

If a у слинга есть длинный лоскут — вы сможете им
cover the baby and their breasts. Generally when feeding in a sling nobody
не догадается, что же именно вы делаете.

4. Apron for feeding. One more
an invention to help nursing mothers. Such an apron allows
cover the baby during feeding so that the baby will not
to distract passersby from an important lesson, they will not confuse you, but
you will not confuse passers-by. All good. Again, if such
apron is not available to you, grab a wide walk
shawl or tippet.

Apron for breastfeeding in public месте

Apron for breastfeeding in public

5. Butсите влажные салфетки, одноразовые полотенца и другие
hygiene products because a saturated child may be inappropriate
burp excess milk.

6. Take a blanket, diaper, small blanket or
wide scarf to cover up baby while feeding.

7. Tune in psychologically and relax. Voltage and
stress causes the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is ingested with
milk baby. He will feel your condition and be even more.
nervous and crying.

8. Go out for a walk with friends or the same young mothers.
Then you can support each other and cover. Yes and feel
yourself will be more confident than alone.

9. Not делайте резких движений, если ваш условный покой нарушили.
Not вступайте в словесную перепалку с нарушителями вашего
calm Moreover, do not pull the breast out of the baby’s mouth. In,
that you are breastfeeding, there is nothing shameful. On the contrary, rejoice
motherhood every moment.

Where to find a room for mom and baby?

You will still make a mistake if you claim that our
the state does not care about the problems of mother and child.
Proof of this are specially equipped rooms, in
of which there are even tables for swaddling. You can find them:

  • at airports and train stations;
  • in large shopping centers;
  • in cafes and restaurants, and not only children;
  • in children’s clinics.

В поликлинике можно покормить малыша даже в холле среди
same mummies who will understand you. But будьте бдительны во время
epidemics. Is it worth the risk. The same applies to pharmacies.
You can retire in the uncrowded cafe. Sit in the corner and
turn away. Under strict prohibition for all moms will be a toilet. As if
neither was the temptation to feed a beloved child here when more

Кормим breastfeeding на улице


If a на улице тепло – можно найти уединенный дворик или лавочку
in the park and sit down on it with the baby. If a нет ни одной лавочки в
radius of visibility, you can even sit on the lawn, if there is something
spread yourself, or look for a gazebo or even a swing in the park,
settle down there and calmly feed the baby enjoying the rest
and fresh air.

  • When feeding on the street, sit on a bench. To the child was
    taller and did not have to bend too much, put your legs on the leg.
    Breast can be covered with a diaper, scarf or even palm;
  • Notкоторые мамы считают, что кормление на свежем воздухе
    negatively affects the health and condition of the breast. However it is not
    So. It is impossible to “chill” the mammary glands, but infectious
    diseases come in other ways. Mostly through cracks and
    nipple abrasions;
  • Not гуляйте слишком долго без прикладываний грудничка. With
    long street walks without feeding the chest strongly
    poured, resulting in stagnant milk. To avoid
    such a problem, it is important to apply the baby once every two to three hours or
    on demand, even outside the home;
  • In the cold season, go to the store, cafe or
    another place. Great shopping place will be a big shopping.
    a center where there is always a mother’s and child’s room, a pharmacy or nursery
  • Carefully pick clothes for feeding. it кофточка с
    a matching neckline or loose shirt, special underwear for
    nursing Choose lightweight and comfortable things;
  • With грудном вскармливании мама должна чувствовать себя
    comfortable Voltage and беспокойство ухудшат лактацию и снизят
    production of breast milk. Remember that breastfeeding is not
    nothing immoral !;
  • With первых прогулках берите с собой близкого человека, который
    support you and help remove the psychological barrier. Besides,
    he will be able to close you and the baby during feeding so that no one
    did not see the process;
  • Not отрывайте малыша от груди насильно и сохраняйте спокойствие,
    if someone approaches you. Fear, stress and abrupt excommunication
    adversely affect the well-being of infants and the flow

How to feed your baby in a public place

комим breastfeeding в парке

Feed on demand. Not доводите до того
the moment when the baby from hunger starts to scream heart-rendingly, then the chance
on quiet feeding without attracting too much attention will be
missed With первых же признаках готовности малыша к прикладыванию
(smacking, tongue pulling, sucking movements),
quickly arrange a place for feeding. Mentally imagine
your entire route and choose the most convenient and closest one
a place. It is better to make a travel plan in advance and stops for

Be relaxed and calm. Child
feels your condition and will worry along with you as well
milk under stress will be worse to stand out. Withкройтесь и
turn away from the flow of people – many will not notice your actions,
или подумают, что вы просто качаете baby.

Not отнимайте малыша от груди. When you feed
breastfeeding in a public place try to keep
calm Even if someone approaches you, sudden movements
may scare the baby and injure your chest. Do not respond to
comments or comments from the side, do not be nervous and not
worry – you are doing everything right! There is nothing more beautiful on
light than a woman with a baby in her arms.


Young mothers are actively discussing the problem on the forums.

Марина, 25 лет: «Права ли я, что не могу
feed your son in plain sight? I do not know. But I know his regime, I feed him up
walks. It’s easier this way. ”

ANDлья, 30 лет: «Кормление ребенка breastfeeding – это
holy If the baby wants to eat, you need to feed him. But the usual
food does not suit him yet! Here, without a mother can not do. It doesn’t matter if
What circumstances will she feed the baby?
someone to attend. Maybe we’ll remove everything from art galleries.
pictures that depict Madonna with a baby at the breast? “

Лариса, 31 год: «Девочки! I’m still in
resentment. My husband and I went to a friend’s birthday party. Well, could not
refuse invitation. We decided that for a while, and Timoshka
put in a kangaroo. The restaurant is so-so, not particularly chic. But
when I began to breastfeed, I made a comment. Little of!
When my husband tried to protect, they threatened to expel. What is it DR
the mood was ruined! ”

Виолетта, 28 лет: «Я сидеть дома целыми днями
I can not. Motherhood should not be my prison. I go with
little daughter everywhere. And helps me in this baby sling. Buy –
zdorovskaya thing.

Ольга, 34 года: «А мы с мамочками во дворе
united Only the sun is shining – we are taking carriages to the park. We have
I already have my place. There is almost no one here. ”

Вика, 30 лет: «В последний раз пришлось кормить
right in the supermarket. Stepka whimpered before, but could not stand it, and
how to roar. I was even surprised how the sellers helped me. Allowed
go into the back room and calmly feed my little one
gluttony “.

Елена: «Я считаю, что если уж вы решили
to feed your child for example in a shopping center, on the street, in a clinic or
even in public transport (and there are such), you need
hide behind a diaper or sit down somewhere in the corner so nobody
have not seen! After all, someone might just not be nice to it
look someone embarrassed! No need to dump your chest all on
show !!!!! I had a case when the clinic 100 kilograms
Mommy fed the baby right in the queue, holding up a t-shirt, where a bunch
folds, huge breasts and a halo with a mug diameter! The spectacle is not for
faint of heart !!!!!

Оксана, 27 лет: «If a я и кормлю дочку на
people, then I try to make it so that it is invisible to
surrounding When I went for a walk, holding the baby in a sling,
then fed her without taking out of the sling. If I went to the clinic, then
put on a special jacket for nursing with slots (now a lot
clothes for nursing sold – for every taste). Came out of
doctor’s office, and if the baby started to cry, I put her
to the chest. In general, I always took a wide scarf with me for a walk,
so that, if necessary, sit down somewhere and feed the child,
hiding behind this scarf so no one would notice. ”

Читаем также: Мой опыт кормления breastfeeding в
in public places

Every mother chooses the best for her child. Chest
feeding is the best that every mother can give. AND
not public opinion should be a guide in this matter, but
baby’s condition.

Understand – you do not do anything immoral! Now
the most important thing is your baby, he wants her mother’s breast and that’s it, and
there is nothing to be ashamed of. Remember the masterpieces of painting, in which
women breastfeed babies (and not babies). Lactation
– This is a natural process. Take it easy and your
confidence will give you the strength and desire to feed yours longer

Видео сюжет: Кормление в in public places

What does a woman who feeds a baby think when
strangers? Why does a woman breastfeed a child in humans? Why
woman does not feed the baby in the room of the mother and child? – about this and about
Other aspects of HBs outside the home will be covered in this video:

Public breastfeeding:

And what about other countries?

  • Папа Римский Франциск благосклонно относится к идее
    кормления детей breastfeeding в in public places. During
    крещения младенцев в Сикстинской капелле он разрешил матерям
    кормить breastfeeding прямо в церкви.
  • В Австралии, Великобритании и некоторых штатах
    US law enshrines the right of women to breastfeed
    в in public places.
  • В ANDталии зародилась инициатива «baby pit stop», что
    means “technical stop for nursing mothers.” On the doors
    some cafes, restaurants, shops whose owners are trying
    поддерживать идею грудного вскармливания, вывешивается знак –
    мама с младенцем у груди, который означает, что любая
    кормящая мама может войти в это заведение и свободно
  • Отстаивая свои права на кормление детей в общественных
    местах, мамы в разных странах мира периодически устраивают
    stock breastfeeding. Так, в мае этого года акция
    протеста кормящих мам прошла в одном из chain restaurants
    быстрого питания в Будапеште.

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