How to bathe newborns

О том, как купать новорожденных детей, написано и
A lot of literature has been read, but when it comes to practice,
young parents have a fear of doing something wrong with their
small and helpless crumbs. Bathing the baby is the basis
his health and hygiene, so performing certain actions on
preparation and conduct of water procedures may be special
tradition of your family, which will be a pleasure and
baby and parents.

как купать newborn baby

When to start bathing?

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bathe a newborn baby, boil water, add
potassium permanganate?

The first bathing of a newborn baby, if there are no others.
Pediatrician recommendations can be performed the day after
returning home.

Water treatments are performed daily at the same time.
convenient for parents. If the baby is tired or naughty, better
move the bathing.

Preparation for water procedures

All necessary bathing should be prepared.
accessories in advance:

  • Baby bath (how to choose a bath (types of baths)).

Before bathing the bath must be carefully cleaned with soda,
rinse thoroughly with water and pour over boiling water – such a disinfection
held before each swim.

  • Baby soap and shampoo.

Рекомендуется купать newborn baby с мылом
1-2 times, wash with shampoo – once a week.

  • Special baby washcloth (you can use a soft clean
    cloth, a piece of cotton or just wash it with your hands).
  • Infusions of herbs.

Water infusions have antiseptic, antiallergic,
soothing and tonic effect on delicate skin

For the preparation of decoctions of herbs using chamomile, sage,
календулу, череду (подробно о купании в череде),
coltsfoot, plantain. If the child is restless, you can
use decoctions of fragrant hay, pine needles, lavender, mint or
lemon balm. Статья по теме: Bathing ребенка в

  • Water thermometer
  • Rinsing Bucket
  • Towel or diaper for wiping baby
  • Clothes for baby

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newborn baby

Temperature conditions

The optimum air temperature when bathing is 20-22 ° C.

The recommended water temperature for starting bathing is
34-37 ° C. Within a few days, you can reduce the starting
temperature at 1 ° C, gradually approaching 30-32 ° C.

Details on the optimal temperature of bathing water
newborn baby


До заживления пупочной ранки малыша нужно купать в
pre-boiled and cooled to the required temperature



When the preparatory procedures are completed, the baby should
undress and give an opportunity to take air baths – additional
hardening procedure.

правильно купать newborn baby

Gradually lower the child into the water over the shoulders, with the head and
the neck should be above water. Keep your baby more comfortable left
hand, gently supporting the head on the bent elbow, while
the thumb lies over the kid’s left shoulder, the rest – on the left
armpit. You can use a special slide – it supports
head of the child, while facilitating the procedure for parents.

Правильно купать newborn baby сверху
way down:

  1. First wash your baby with clean water. Then you can soap
    a piece of soft cloth or hand and wash the baby’s head from the forehead to
    back of the head.
  2. Wash the baby’s skin behind the ears, neck, hands and under the arms,
    then chest and sides, groin area, paying special attention
    folds. Girls gently washed with a cotton swab
    crotch, and boys – fold under the foreskin.
  3. Rinse baby out of the bucket with clean water.

The duration of the first bathing can be 5-8 minutes,
subsequently, the time of water procedures can be gradually increased – to
a month to 15, after 30-40 minutes (provided that the process itself
a pleasure for all participants).

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baths for children up to a year

ВИДЕО: Как купать младенца Мастер класс

After bathing

Washed baby put on a towel and blotting, without
intensive friction movements first dry the hairs, then
chest and back, then all the folds.

When baby’s skin is completely dry, you can lubricate the folds
baby skin care products.

Вообще, к уходу за новорожденным ребенком нужно
be very responsible in order to avoid various complications in
the future!

Now you can dress your baby and feed him – tired, fed and
pleased, he must sleep soundly.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: грудничковое плавание дома в
ванной | Мнение врачей и мамочек: можно
I bathe in the same bath with the newborn?

Bathing должно стать приятным ритуалом. The main thing is not
overdo it because it’s too pedantic to do
instructions on how to bathe children can transform water
процедуры в пытку для новорожденного.

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