How to avoid depression in the decree – 10 easyways

How to deal with depression on maternity leave? We collected 10 simple, but
very effective way to cope with the first
manifestations of the blues. Try each of them!

Depression is the main enemy of those who leave on maternity leave. Early or
late, every young mother starts to get tired – she falls on her face
hopeless melancholy, fatigue and the feeling that everyone abandoned her
and nobody needs it.

депрессия в декрете

Do not rush to despond! We know how to deal with the first signs.
depressed, and gladly share it with you! To start
analyze your day and calculate how much time you spend
doing nothing, talking on the phone and viewing social networks. BUT
Now make a schedule of new and happy life, be sure
adding 10 changes to it.

1. Weekend with the whole family!

Despite the strong employment and constant workload
household chores, everyone should find time for his family.
Organize a joint weekend – go to visit, go to
cinema, sit in a cozy cafe, take a trip out into nature. BUT
most importantly, try to completely turn off the brain and not think about
mode. Even if your baby has to eat the usual can
food instead of homemade soup and sleep in the car instead of
favorite bed, nothing will happen to him.

2. Do not forget about the sport!

Moms who have gained weight during pregnancy have a wonderful
opportunity to clean up. But instead of running into
gym, they find themselves a whole list of excuses: “go far!
expensive! and where to put the child? ” BUT между тем, видя в зеркале свою
a blurred waist and flabby thighs, you will fall into even greater
depression. No extra money for the gym? Run through the park,
swing the press, jump on the rope … There are a lot of options – all
depends only on you!

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3. Master the new business

Maternity leave is the perfect time to learn.
English, take a photo or enroll in driving courses.
In addition, you can create your own culinary blog, knit things
to order or make a manicure. The main thing – to find something for everyone.
Perhaps in the near future it will become your new profession.

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4. Keep a diary of happiness

Take time to capture the most touching and
funny moments from the life of your baby. The first steps, the first word,
first tooth, funny phrases – revising the pages of the diary, you
you will experience incredible joy and again find your meaning in life.
BUTльтернативой бумажному дневнику станут видеозаписи.


5. Give food for the mind

Are you worried about concerns about possible incompetence? So it is
no problem! Instead of posts in social networks, read smart books,
study professional benefits, master “War and Peace”,
solve crossword puzzles. If you have free time, arrange yourself
for part-time work or freelancing. Even
small achievements will raise your self-esteem, will give enthusiasm
and make it a bit happier.

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rub sitting with the baby on maternity leave

6. Visit the team

Not long ago you dreamed of going on maternity leave so that you would not see
at least 2-3 years, and now you feel yourself on the sidelines of life? Buy one
cake and sweets, visit the staff, remind yourself – you immediately
it will be better. Zood and remind yourself.

7. Take care of yourself

Decree – not the time for the running view. Put on a new dress,
move your eyes, change your hair, experiment with
staining. Catching on yourself admiring glances of others, you
take heart and forget about depression. And remember, look
beautiful and well-groomed need not only in public but also at home.

8. Stay alone

Every mother is crazy about her child, but be with them
24/7 – unbearable! Of course, you can hardly leave the house
for the whole day, but to leave even for an hour is quite real!
Leave the baby to your grandmother or husband and take a walk around the city, drink
coffee with a girlfriend, go to a clothing store (just
try on!). Such outputs are needed at least twice in
a week

9. Make new acquaintances

Decree – the best opportunity to test friendship for strength, because
it is during this period you can understand how often about you
remember. If your old friends and co-workers don’t call you,
don’t be in a hurry to get upset – call yourself. Maybe you are afraid
distract, wake up a child, or simply “wound up”. Besides
Try to expand your circle of dating. Meet the same
moms on the playground, in the clinic, on the forums.

10. Try to get enough sleep

Scientists have proven that strong is very important for a good mood.
sleep, healthy and full. Don’t stay up until midnight
use the child’s daytime sleep to rest without
Take to the bed gadgets. It will improve not only the well-being and
appearance, but also the mood.

Well, we wish you success!

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