How to attract a husband to raise a child

Some men after giving birth share with
the wife’s duty of care and upbringing, not considering it hard
a burden. Others on the contrary – try to move away from any troubles,
developmental babies, being confident that this is female
a business. Many moms think their husbands are simply moving away from
family concerns. How to avoid conflicts between spouses and
to involve dad in the process of raising children?


Most often, young family men are anxious about material
provision of a wife and children. But the upbringing of the child forces and
they sometimes have no time left. So in many families, babies
meet with dad only in the evenings or weekends. Also, to
Unfortunately, there are fathers who could well walk or
work with the child, but consider the upbringing and development of children
especially female responsibility.

So, we will try to find the best way out of this.
confusing situation. And the sooner the young mother comes to understand
the need for decisive progress in bringing dad to the upbringing
baby, the better for everyone.

  • Give up your exceptional role.

Psychologists say that in such a situation is most often to blame
the women themselves. Many young mommies are so baked and worried about
beloved offspring that does not trust his education to anyone, even
spouse Remember that your husband is no less stupid than you and can
cope with any task except feeding
breastfeeding Delegate some of your “powers,” and then a man
will understand that he is not only a breadwinner, but also a beloved husband and dad (How
to establish life after the birth of a child?).

  • Start by talking

Do not hope for the intuition of your man, because everything
offended glances and your omissions are perceived by him as
unworthy of attention whims. Absolutely honest and frankly
tell your spouse how difficult it is for you to cope with all
household chores and education crumbs. Explain how it would be
it’s all good if he takes half an hour an hour a day to his

  • Share the success of the child

Every evening, try to tell your spouse what progress
reached baby for the past day. The child was not naughty during
routine examination by a doctor? Please your husband with this news. The more
the information you provide dad, the more willing he will join the process
education. Also ask him for advice on matters relating to
not only disciplinary actions (after all, dad is not punitive
organ), but also developmental techniques.

  • Discard the criticism

Probably, dad is not eager to engage in raising a son
due to the fact that every time you point out errors and omissions?
Suppose he put on a child’s green pants with a pink guipure
blouse. But the baby is happy, she is not naked. Everybody like you
asked! So try not to notice the small miss the young
Father and do not scold the spots on the baby bib.

  • Do not stand “over the soul”

Did you give your husband a commission? Leave him alone. Believe me he is not
needs instructions on 10 sheets for changing a diaper or
feeding the baby. Yes, maybe not everything will work out from the first
times, but he will get the most valuable experience of interaction with the child.
And when strong contact between the crumbs and dads will be established, then
you do not have to remind him of his father’s duties.

  • Spend time enjoying the company of friends

Find time to communicate with each other. Some couples
make joint evening walks, while their baby sleeps in
stroller or sling. Other spouses leave the child with
relatives to be together. Such communication will help
maintain a matrimonial relationship and allow you to overcome all resentment and

  • Podyschit joint activity

At an early age it may be an evening swim, massage or
Sunday walk. With a preschooler, dad can go to the zoo,
circus, play football or hockey. Don’t stop your husband even
if you think that their chosen occupation does not fully correspond
age of the child. Even if he planned to spend Sunday in
favorite garage, use this time to communicate. Moreover, the floor
baby does not matter: even my daughter will “help” with pleasure
my daddy.

  • Appreciate his efforts

First of all, tell the spouse the word he craves.
hear: “Thank you!” Washed a mountain of dishes, but did not manage to sweep the floor?
Thank! Did you ski with your son? Very good, baby
filled with positive emotions and pride in sharing
progress. You sincerely agree with the baby: “Yes, look what
we are a wonderful dad! How he loves us! How he helps us! ”

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as a child

Sometimes men are not easy to understand how hard it is –
child education. It happens that my mother is embarrassed to ask for help from
spouse, especially if she had a successful career before the decree and
I used to rely only on myself. You need to firmly remember that you
do not have to do everything for everyone. Raising children is common
occupation, and this means that responsibilities must be distributed between the two

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