How to attract a husband to care for a child

Having a baby is a hard test for a couple. Even
If before this event in the family reigned “peace and quiet”, with the advent
kid can flare up serious passions. Wife starts to blame
spouse is that he does not help her with the child at all
an au pair. �”Accused” makes a counter “claim”: the wife is literally
drowned in swaddling and swaddling clothes, she is not interested in anything but
child, and he feels unloved and lonely.

привлекаем папу к уходу за ребенком

As a rule, this kind of problem most often occurs in those
couples who have a fairly short period of joint
accommodation. How to get this happy, but at the same time
hard time in a relationship.

How to introduce dad to the care of a small child?

Start preparing the husband for the birth of the child and the need
help you while you are pregnant. But do not limit yourself
туманной фразой: «Мне будет нужна твоя помощь».

Men by nature need specifics.

  • Tell him what “extra” chores will fall on you,
    why it will be so important to fulfill them all.
  • Emphasize that after giving birth you need more rest, and
    Some types of homework can be categorically
    are prohibited.
  • Because men trust an authoritative opinion, “by chance”
    show him an article in a specialized magazine with a suitable
    themed. For the same reason, ask the attending physician to schedule
    all recommendations at discharge. As you understand, handing doctoral
    prescriptions to her husband necessarily. Discuss in advance what your concerns are.
    husband will take over.

It must be business cases:
washing floors, old man and ironing – all this for a while can
to do husband Explain to him how important his actions are for you.
and the child, stressing that without his help, you would be lost.

Be sure to impose responsibilities on husband
care for the newborn.
Many men are afraid to take on
hands of very young children: show how to hold the crumbs correctly.
Think of a “sacred” action for the newly-made pope:
he prepares a bath for swimming and the necessary supplies or
walks with the baby. You’ll see, my husband very soon “come to taste” and
will cease to perceive these actions as “obligatory”.

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after giving birth?

Как привлечь отца к уходу за ребенком

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child rearing

Do not focus on the rules and settings. Ironed from two
parties diaper for your baby is no more important than happy mom and
dad is near. Be attentive and patient with each other. Do not do it
like a heroine: having a baby for a woman is normal and
naturally. Spend more time with your husband, because swaying or
feeding the baby, you can enjoy a conversation together or just
silence when your family is complete and you don’t need to be happy

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