How to apply a cream under a diaper (top rankingcreams)

All parents sooner or later resort to use
diapers for their little children. Some mommies wear
diapers for their children only for the night or for a walk.
Others use diapers even when the baby is at home.
In any case, the use of these absorbents may cause
diaper rash and redness. Therefore, experts in the field
pediatrics in order to avoid any problems with the skin of the newborn
ребенка рекомендуют использовать специальный детский крем под

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выбираем детский крем под подгузник

Why do you need a cream under the diaper

Baby’s skin is quite sensitive and susceptible, but permanent
being in a tight and practically breathing diaper can
entail a series of troubles:

  • redness on the ass of the newborn;
  • rash;
  • irritation;
  • dermatitis;
  • peeling;
  • diaper rash (see diaper rash).

Therefore, it is important before wearing a diaper,
использовать под него детский крем. Modern means
have a calming, protective, anti-inflammatory effect and
provide reliable care for the delicate skin of the child.

In addition, the tool under the diaper can act not only in
prevention, but also for treatment.


How to apply cream

Apply the cream under the diaper, taking into account several

  1. The skin of the baby must be dry and clean. For this
    before applying the cream and dressing in a diaper you need to undermine the child
    and blot the moisture with a soft towel.
  2. After that you should not immediately apply the tool. Let baby
    5-7 minutes to enjoy the air baths. During this time, his skin
    completely dry and ready to apply
  3. Теперь можно использовать средство под diaper. The lungs
    apply cream on the area around the ass of the newborn and
    a little on his buttocks. Pay attention to the folds and groin
    areas. Spread well to prevent it from rolling.
    Wait until the cream is completely absorbed. Only then can
    wear a baby diaper (See how to choose

Top creams rating

What cream is best used under a diaper – the question is,
exciting many parents. The following proved their effectiveness
trade marks:

  • Bubchen. In the composition of this cream from German
    The manufacturer contains chamomile, panthenol and zinc oxide. Thanks
    these substances have a pronounced anti-inflammatory
    effect and allows to eliminate redness in a short time.
  • Бепантен. Contains the composition of provitamin B5.
    It is considered an excellent treatment for not only diaper rash in children,
    but also nipple cracks when breastfeeding mothers. Practically
    All young moms use this tool.
  • Ушастый нянь. These products are known
    domestic manufacturer of child care products enjoys
    immensely popular due to its quality and acceptable
    cost. Part of the specified means peach oil and
    Calendula have a protective property.
  • Джонсонс Бэби. It is a cream for newborns.
    has a calming effect. Being hypoallergenic, it can
    be applied from the first days of the baby’s life.
  • Наша мама. Extracts available
    medicinal herbs (calendula, chamomile), as well as sea buckthorn oil
    quickly and permanently eliminate redness and diaper rash.
  • Саносан. Another very popular tool
    under the diaper from the German manufacturer. Ingredients: talc,
    D-panthenol, zinc oxide. Excellent soothes and protects
    susceptible skin of the child.

Powder or cream

Often, young parents prefer the use of children’s
powders. In some cases, the powder really takes off
irritation and prevents the occurrence of diaper rash, but not worth it
forget and that she dries the skin (and this, in turn,
may contribute to peeling).

Therefore, choosing which is better to use – cream or powder –
preferably focus on efficiency and speed
eliminate unpleasant manifestations. Every child has
different reactions even to the same children’s means. If you
noted that redness and diaper rash on your baby’s ass
disappear after using the powder – feel free to apply it. If a
But the baby cream is better suited for the baby – the choice is obvious.

No matter which means you prefer,
remember: neither cream nor baby powder will save you from probability
the appearance of diaper rash and irritation if the child is constantly
be in the diaper. Try to wear a newborn.
pampers only in exceptional cases (for a walk, for a hike in
children’s clinic, etc.).

средства гигиены для новорожденных

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  • Detailed article on newborn hygiene and necessary
    hygiene products;
  • Types of children’s creams (what are children’s creams), how to choose
    the right cream for a given technique deposition

Cosmetics and hygiene products

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