How the weight of a child changes by months

The norms of weight and height in children have long been studied and tabulated. The data in it are averaged and may differ, but not more than by 3%

Girls grow faster than boys. They stop growing after activating the ovaries that produce hormones that depress testosterone necessary for bone growth. Since this hormone responsible for the masculinity, then with the advent of secondary genital signs, the boys begin to quickly gain in height and weight.

Disruptions in the endocrine system leads to significant violations in the development of children. With insufficient the production of growth hormones, the child almost does not grow, and may remain dwarf. In excess, it can greatly exceed norms. When planning a pregnancy, learn how to determine in advance gender of the child.

Also interesting is the material about whether a blood group can affect conception.

Does a family grow a child? Learn from an educational article on how to for him choose a hamster. Weight depends on a balanced diet. The body will develop an appetite if it is not enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates. It leads to overeating. There are a number of diseases of the endocrine system that lead to obesity or malnutrition in children.

The table indicates what the weight and height of the child may be from birth and up to the age of seventeen. With extreme values ​​highlighted orange, you need to contact the pediatric endocrinologist to find out if there are violations in the endocrine system of the child, or is it individual growth characteristics, and everything is within normal limits. If treatment is necessary, the doctor will prescribe examinations and prescribe necessary preparations.

Table of correspondence of the height and weight of the child

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