How реагировать и бороться с капризами ребенка(child from birth to 1 year)

Addition to the family – great happiness of parents. When
childbirth went well and the child develops according to age
norm, mother rarely worried about the capriciousness of the child. Parents not
могут нарадоваться, когда малыш растет спокойным и
appeasable. Мамы и папы к этому привыкают, и им кажется, что
it’ll be this way forever. But suddenly everything changes. Ребенок стал
act up, often crying, defies persuasion. Such
часто случается к концу первого года жизни. Поthanу так
is going on?

The content of the article

  • 1 Whims of children under 1 year
    • 1.1 What are whims? Can a newborn baby
      act up
  • 2 how преодолеть детские капризы
    • 2.1 What should be the reaction of parents
    • 2.2 From the forums: how to respond to the whims of a child under one year old?
  • 3 Video gallery on whims and tantrums


Whims of children under 1 year

To understand whether a child under the age of 1 year
act up, предлагаем разобраться в психологических особенностях
Crumbs development:

  • Newborn crisis

The crisis manifests itself in the period from birth to 2 months. it
very important stage in the development of the child. And timely appearance
crisis is the norm. Your child must respond to
approaching an adult, making sounds (vocalizations) when communicating with
mom, respond with a smile. Weight loss is a major symptom

  • Infant age

it второй этап развития ребенка до года. Most often he
manifested from the second month to a year. At this time, the baby communicates
through emotions. And it is important for parents to give great attention to communication.
Gradually, crumb utters the first words, exploring the world through
actions with objects of the environment.

Crying and babbling during this period speak of a desire to establish
contact with an adult. BUT когда появится самостоятельная речь ребенка
– the crisis is over.

Having studied the most important psychological characteristics of children in this period
развития, попробуем разобраться, несут ли в себе капризы
a child up to a year is something serious.

What is whims. Can a newborn baby
act up

Under whims understand the various whims and stubbornness. AT
at an early age, the basic needs are disguised as whims
child and a sense of discomfort. Sometimes, calling your baby in
age to one moody, moms misinterpret itself
definition ATедь плач и беспокойство ребенка в столь нежном
age is the only way to communicate with relatives. AT их арсенале
no words, gestures are also still poorly defined – it only remains
roar. BUT причин для расстройств может быть несколько. First
natural – the child wants to eat, he has wet diapers, or
he was cold ATозможно также, что малыш просит помощи, когда у него
something hurts. Caring mother will immediately help the baby.

  • Make sure the baby is dry. Дети часто сигнализируют плаthan о
    the need to change the diaper;
  • ATажной причиной беспокойства выступает голод крохи. ATо
    avoidance of this should be in time to feed the child;
  • If you have already fed the baby and made sure that there is no more
    no discomfort, but he continues to cry, the cause may be
    gas or colic. One of the most common causes of capricious
    состояния children up to a year;
  • Change of weather, magnetic storms. It’s hard to find
    a certain recipe. Pay more attention to your baby this day
    wear it on handles, sleep together;
  • Continuous crying may be evidence of any
    diseases (see article on the common ailments of newborns
  • From the age of three months, teeth can be the cause of whims.
    Yes, do not be surprised. The gums begin to swell, the child pulls into his mouth
    all that fell into his little hands, there is a copious salivation
    – these are the main signs that it is precisely the erupting that are disturbing.
    teeth. And let them come out only after 2-3 months, problems
    start now;
  • Daily regime. Children need its strict observance. it касается
    feeding, sleeping (a clear sleep on schedule will relieve nervous tension,
    and the child will noticeably less whimper.), walks, games,
    developmental activities and even free time. On one drop down
    The element from the child mode is acutely responsive. ATот тут вас ждет
    restless day :)

It often happens that a joyful and festive day, brightly held
together with the baby ends the whims and tears of the child. is he
refuses to fall asleep, is overly excited and difficult to calm him down.
Such поведение для деток 10-18 месяцев — результат нервного
overvoltage that they experienced. Their tears are
natural at this age a way to get rid of
ATедь шумная компания, новые лица, яркие краски
and unusual sounds – all this turned out to be stress for the baby.
Therefore, he is irritated, crying, capricious. AT такой ситуации
It is necessary to show maximum care and patience to the child. Not
get screams and threats make him calm down. It is better
hold the child close to you, wear it in your arms, make it pleasant for
his procedures: redeem in a warm bath or spend a session
light massage. ATсе это поможет малышу быстрее расслабиться и
calm down.

истерика у ребенка

Similar anxieties and moods a child may also occur in
another situation where parental prohibitions take effect. Almost a year
the kid was bounded by the walls of the arena or stroller, he was surrounded
only familiar things. With the development of the child he has
needs to learn new things. He did not know another

Crawling and making the first attempts to independently rise from the floor and
walk, he thereby expands his horizons, learns a lot of new things.
Not понимая опасности окружающих предметов, малыш с интересом все
explores. He has a natural desire not only
consider, but also to feel with your hands, to test the strength and try
taste the new subject. Such поведение непременно вызывает реакцию
parents. And most often it is forbidden in the form of hail
and picking the things you like.

Raised the voice, took the “tsatsu” and even took away from an interesting place
back to the playpen. how в этом случае малышу выразить свое возмущение и
desire to continue research in the new world? Only
scream. So far this is the only thing he can do to attract
attention to yourself and your natural need of learning
No compromises in the form of old toys or
nipples do not suit him.

To avoid such vagaries, you should think in advance how
make for the child the discovery of new items more joyful. Let be
around will only those things that he can painlessly
explore for taste and shape. And so that parents do not
worried about a broken and spoiled item
remove: hide or rearrange higher. We read
сколько игрушек нужно ребенку

Leave the discoverer something that will bring him joy. That
it will be possible to move, fold each other or allow
extract new sounds from items. ATедь неприглядные пустые
boxes, lids, saucepans and ladles are much more interesting though
bright, but already annoying toys.

Another reason for the sudden irritation of the child may be
difficulty making speech. The kid is growing, and his speech is not
keeps pace with its development. New desires to do something or
Attempts to convey your emotions translate into mooing or pulling.
hands Parents not понимают его “намеков” и не идут на
help. how, кроме слов, обратить внимание на себя и
on the problem? Again children’s screams and
They могут проявиться в отказе от привычного
bathing or using a pot to which the child is already accustomed.
ATсе, что раньше было малышу приятно и он охотно это принимал,
can now cause him discontent.

AT данном случае это будет не просто каприз, а сигнал родителям.
This behavior of the child expresses what is not able
to put it in words.
And fight with such irritability,
forcibly breaking it, not worth it. It is better присмотреться к ребенку и
выяснить причину его whims. ATозможно при последнем купании вода
was too hot or foam pinched eyes. BUT может при прошлом
использовании горшка пластмасса прищемила нежную кожу baby
Notгатив, испытанный в этот момент, запомнился ребенку, и он не
wants him to repeat. Therefore, he resists with all his might
очередному купанию или высаживанию на горшок (читаем
как научить ребенка ходить на горшок).

The most effective tool in this situation is time.
Not стоит ругать ребенка за каприз и настаивать на своем. give him
time to forget about the unpleasant incident and after a while
repeat your attempts.

how преодолеть детские капризы

ATсем своим поведением ребенок показывает, что ожидает понимания
со стороны adults. Changes in the behavior of the baby sometimes lead
adults in confusion and cause the desire to immediately stop
безобразие и whims.

Whims, screams and cries are not a common disgrace that
should stop immediately. it очередной сигнал ребенка
that he is waiting for understanding and reaction from
is he ищет способ управления родителями для
getting the desired. AT ход идет все: крики, слезы, кусание,
twitching hair, fight. And if it works, then
behavior will become the norm, and the child will solve their problems
only in this way. itго нельзя допустить. And if not
react to the wrong behavior and show the kid that
whims you will not achieve anything, it will begin to change and will cease
плакать и act up.

AT некоторых ситуациях учитесь не обращать на ребенка
attention. Sometimes this is the best solution. Baby can
быстрее перестать act up и плакать, если поблизости нет
people trying to calm him down. Presence of the viewers and
сочувствующих только усиливает капризы и плач baby ATедь
even some adults like to “perform” in public, which
talk about children.

как бороться с капризами ребенка до года

  • Many parents are mistaken, considering that the baby needs more
    caress and carry on hands. it неправда! Most often capricious
    become children who are surrounded by excessive caress. Psychologists
    advise not to go to extremes. Yes, baby needs your
    attention and caress, however, he should also understand that mom and dad
    can not carry it around for days on end. They also have their own
  • ATседозволенность и unlimited From a very early age
    ребенок должен знать слова «Notльзя», «Notт»,
    . This will be an additional incentive for
    discipline crumbs in the future. Presence in the nurturing of these
    concepts will save both the baby and parents from unnecessary whims.
    (We read по теме: как правильно
    говорить ребенку НЕЛЬЗЯ)
  • The constant attention of elders often becomes the cause of children’s
    whims. By nature, a child cannot communicate exclusively.
    with seniors. He starts to get tired of obsessive behavior.
    adults. Give more freedom to the crumbs. Let him play himself
    take a walk on the street with other moms, chat with them. BUT
    kids will exchange gestures and smiles with each other in
  • Do not overdo it, following the previous paragraph. Complete absence
    attention will also negatively affect the psychological and
    emotional crumbs. Cries and whims he will
    demand the attention of loved ones;
  • Inconsistency and lack of unity of requirements prevent
    adaptation of the child to the world. In order to avoid this,
    negotiate with relatives about a single line of education. Keep an eye on
    for their attitude to the child. If you allowed something yesterday and
    banned today, it is necessary to explain to the baby why you are so
    coming in. No matter what, he is still quite small. He is all
    will understand at the level of emotions.
  • The most popular whim – the evening, when it’s time to go to bed.
    The kid can not understand why instead of an interesting game of football
    with dad he must sleep. To the evening moods in the past,
    an hour before bedtime, cancel all active games – let it be reading
    book or watching a cartoon. By the way, very useful in this case
    children’s programs of the type “Good night, kids” – they act,
    as a signal to sleep.

What should be the reaction of parents

  • как правильно реагировать на капризы ребенка до года

    Start with yourself. Be consistent.
    Remember the sequence. Do not give in on the whimper crumbs.
    If you have forbidden to take something, then this is taboo! Single rule
    for both sides.
  • Do not overdo it. When you react
    overly strict, baby can remember your reaction to his
    behavior. He may misinterpret the prevailing
    situation and take your unusual reaction as a reward for
    deed – a child may want to repeat those
    actions that caused your stormy indignation.
  • Analyze the mode of the day baby. If needed,
    make adjustments. Observe the regime systematically. Do
    varied day crumbs. Pay more attention to walks and
    changing game activity.
  • Похвалите ребенка за хорошее behavior. In
    If you constantly focus your attention on negative
    actions, he will purposely repeat them to attract your
    attention. Try to form a positive attitude.
    baby Creating a favorable atmosphere at home, you reduce the desire
    child to be in opposition.
  • Try to reduce the number of prohibited for
    kid’s action.
    Remove items that the baby does not
    should be taken, use plastic plugs on the panel
    control TV and video equipment, close on special
    locking devices for doors of lockers and rooms that are not
    should be a child.
  • React quickly. When a child does
    unlawful, immediately and strictly tell him “No”. If a child
    again, repeat the action, once again ban the act and take him to
    another place.

Например: «Маленький ATова полез в шкаф,
pulled out a glass decanter. The baby does not know how to them
to enjoy. Carafe Vovochka dropped. He crashed. “

How to be a mom?

A bad example would be a scream and a curse at the child! It is better
поступить так: «ATовочка, я так испугалась! I am very very
upset! You could get hurt, I would have cried for a long time.
(grimaces)! Please remember to touch my things without
разрешения запрещено!»
Последняя фраза произносится строгим
voice, indicating a ban.

There are many such examples. Помните, что капризы
baby is largely dependent on you. (now we are not talking about
когда малыша что-то беспокоит)
. The most difficult in education
A child under one year is the first month. It is perfectly normal when
a newborn baby can cry and act up just like that until two
hours a day. Don’t worry, every month more and more
больше будете понимать своего baby Love your capricious

From the forums: how to respond to the whims of a child under one year old?

Люба Мельник: Бог с вами, какие
whims at this age. It is necessary to understand the child, if that
called, so naughty baby – it means there is a serious
reason: feels bad, anxious, hungry.

Notлли: Ребенок не капризничает, он или
gives you a sign that he has a problem somewhere or attracts your
attention, because it can not yet say.

BUTлёнушка: ну какие же это капризы?
there is not even a year for a child. he is naughty because his something
worried. he can’t just say.

list: целовать, прижимать к себе,
wear on handles, be with him always and enjoy everything that he
does … 

ATинакова: Детки до года не
being capricious and certainly not “working for the public”! They served
сигналы, что их что-то worried. We are great aunts and uncles happens
uncomfortable and want to cry to someone, what can we say about
kids who know nothing about this world? And how to deal with
what bothers – of course cry!

Iris: Терпеливо разобраться в than
cause. Kids don’t do something to spite us – if she whines or
act up, it means something is wrong: wants to eat, drink, sleep, play
с мамой, что-то болит, реагирует на погоду и т. п. Иногда
Of course, the nerves can’t stand it, but you have to control yourself … than
the more we get nervous and irritated, the stronger the child
crying … 

Леля: Я считаю, что нельзя всегда
flow to the child. We must give him and shout. When my son
begins crying about the fact that he does not give, or when something
forbid, I still insist on his. He will shout, see and
realizes that he did not achieve anything by his cry and the next time already
refers to the prohibitions calmer. Children are very clever and clever. Highly
quickly realize that they can monopolize adults and immediately
начинают этим to enjoy. We can not allow the fact that the child
becomes the master of the situation!

ATерунчик: По моему малыш до года ещё не
knows how to mischief and play whims. If the baby cries it means
really cares about something. My son just out of harm
still can not cry, he is 1 year 3 months old.


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and hysterics, and what system of punishments and rewards we
you worked:

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