How our childhood affects future life. 12facts from childhood

Psychologists say – all the problems of
childhood …

Events that occur in childhood are capable of
have a huge impact on the child and his fate. They
participate in shaping the nature of a growing person. Joyful
childhood experiences give strength and inspiration. Benevolent
parental attitude is remembered on the subconscious and helps
creative disclosure of personality. Negative memories can
develop insecurity and complexes, aggression and secrecy. The main thing –
know exactly which events are the cause of failure in an adult
of life. Psychologists have characterized the 12 major factors of childhood,
affecting the whole future life of a person.


Все проблемы из детства

  1. If the parents do not recognize in the child an independent personality,
    do not reckon with his desires and aspirations and accept all
    decisions, then this can lead to the fact that he grows helpless.
    Such children suffer from their own lack of will and are dependent on opinion.
    others. It is important for parents to learn to trust the actions of children.
    It is wrong to consider the baby helpless and in need
    постоянных советах.
  2. If the boy is raised by a loving and caring father, with whom
    the son has a close emotional connection, then such a baby
    grow up a real man able to build healthy and
    full relationship with the opposite sex.
    Dads who have sincere contact with their sons can teach
    manifestation of warm feelings for a woman, sensitivity, compassion, attention
    and kindness. This can be the key to a happy family life.
    мальчика в будущем (читаем: пособие отцу в
    воспитании сына
  3. Permanent parental control in childhood can lead to
    to the fact that children grow stubborn. For them, stubbornness is
    protective mechanism by which they try to resist
    decisions of parents. Growing up, they do not lose this feature.
  4. If the child watches TV too often, then it can
    lead to the suppression of his communication skills in the future. Psychologists
    recommend watching TV no more than two hours a day.
    The rest of the time it is desirable to spend on communication, reading, drawing
    or joint games.
  5. If a child as a child is allowed to watch shows in which
    there are scenes of violence, this may lead to the development
    aggressive character traits and various mental disorders in
    future because children unwittingly copy the behavior of the characters and
    remember this model as normal.
  6. If children imitate their parents by copying their behavior and
    deeds, they grow up open to communication. They обладают
    communication skills and easily share their opinions with
    others, without experiencing difficulties in the dialogue.
  7. If the child is often punished, he can grow secretive. Such
    children, in order not to fall, will try to trick or hide
    the results of their bad behavior that may lead to the development
    such negative traits as stubbornness and vengefulness.
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  8. If parents suffer from addiction to alcohol or
    use drugs, their children more often grow serious and
    responsible. They часто лишены детства и становятся сами
    parents for their unlucky father or mother.
  9. Psychologistsческие травмы детства могут привести к ожирению в
    the future.
  10. Child abuse can lead to
    будет подвержен депрессиям и подавленности в дальнейшей of life. These
    states are observed in these children twice as often. We read
    Почему нельзя шлепать ребенка — 6 причин
  11. If a child grows up in poverty, then in the future he may have
    problems with short-term memory. This memory plays a huge role.
    in daily activities and in shaping long-term
    of memories as it is associated with the ability to memorize
    simultaneously several events.
  12. If parents break up when their children are at the age of 3
    – 5 years, the further life of such children is characterized
    tensions with parents, especially with the father.

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