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Many young parents care about what should be proper bathing of a baby just brought from the hospital, how often and with which requirements. Further a description based on the opinion of experienced doctors will allow you to get full view of this.

It will only seem complicated at first, but actions of parents will be indecisive, because a tiny little man a little more than mom’s hands. But after 2-3 days, everything manipulations will be worked out, and calm confidence will come.

What will be needed for bathing the baby:

  • Special bath or special insert in a large a bath;
  • Any foam for bathing the smallest;
  • Capacity for rinsing (bucket, jug);
  • Baby shampoo;
  • Thermometer for measuring water temperature;
  • Baby caring oil;
  • A large soft towel or terry cloth with a hood.


The best time for bathing a baby is shortly before last evening feeding. The kid will calm down, relax and will sleep soundly after supper. Make sure that the water temperature for bathing was for a full-term baby + 36-38 ° C, but no air below + 20-22 ° С, for premature: water temperature + 39 ° С, and air not less than + 25-27 ° C. Until the age of eight months, swimming does not continue more than 5-7 minutes, and when the baby becomes older – 10-15 minutes. While swimming, the baby is tempered, his immune system is strengthened system, and the skin is cleansed. Intuitively, babies are very good perceive water procedures and over time they are very happy.

The baby’s immunity is strengthened very well when bathing him in a camomile. Its addition disinfects water, cleanses baby skin, relieve inflammation, prevent negative exposure to impurities in ordinary water.

How often can I bathe in a daisy baby?Chamomile broth need to cook yourself: pour one liter of dry mass boiling water and insist an hour and a half. Gauze filtered solution poured into the bath. How often can I bathe in a daisy baby? Herbal baths should not be performed more than twice a day a week.


No need to fear that your navel has not yet completely healed crumbs. You can bathe as soon as you return from the hospital. Water will soothe the child, and discomfort is completely excluded in this case. But some rules must be observed:

  • The first week after the hospital, try not to wet when bathing umbilical wound, and after bathing, the wound must be immediately treated;
  • As soon as the clothespin falls off – we take a break for three days bathing;
  • The first month we bathe the baby only in boiled water;
  • Bathing should be organized, as a ritual, in one and the same time;
  • No more than half the water in the bath is poured depths.

In addition to soap, there are many others in the Russian trading market for washing. All kinds of gels, shampoos, foams are vied for manufacturers with assurances of their safety for babies. And all washing with soap or other detergents should be limited to once or twice a week.

Adhere to this should be up to six months of age. BUT here washing too often with soap and other means may lead to the drying of delicate baby skin. Another risk point there may be an allergic reaction. It’s better to carry out simple washing the baby. How to perform the first bath of the baby after maternity hospital.

When performing water procedures, do not forget how many months fontanel overgrows.

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At a normal room temperature in cold seasons, nothing interferes with the normal routine of bathing the child. If the house is bad is heated, and the additional heat is difficult to organize, it’s better just limit daily swimming and replace it with a simple rubdown.

In the summer, especially in the south, you need to bathe even more often than once a day. It is important to prevent overheating baby, because the balance of thermoregulation he still has not developed.

The baby, who is swimming in joy, can already be six months old age let swim in a large bath. And for security put a special inflatable circle on his neck and do not hesitate more how often to bathe babies.

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