How not to raise a mama’s son

�“I bring up a real man from my boy.
Let everyone envy! ”- thinks loving mother. However, most often
such women grow insecure, inactive, not aspiring
to a serious relationship and career mama’s sons. How to avoid
the transformation of an active booty into a non-independent “little one”, so
and not divorced from my mother’s skirt?

маменькины сынки

Risk groups

The word “sissy” unambiguously hints to us who
guilty of this type of behavior in a child. Only depends on the mother
how quickly her boy will grow up. It is her actions, sometimes
subconscious attitudes form in children features of character,
which become the basis for the youthful personality.

Mom and son – one person

Experts are sure that the sissy with the same success
can grow and have a single mother, and in a full family. The main
The factor here is the so-called “uncircumcised
psychological umbilical cord.

After birth, obstetricians immediately cut the thread that
physically bound mother and child for the entire duration of the pregnancy. Now they
two different people, even the closest, but still separate. But
for mom of the future is small, as if this event
happened: the umbilical cord is intact.

The word “we”, which constantly says young mommy first
two years, haunts the child and on. Indomitable Parent
continues to save her child from any difficulties: removes
typewriter, puts on pants, wipes snot and cleans his teeth. With that
on the general scale, she decides where he will walk, chooses
friends on the playground, in kindergarten and school. Where is the situation
is father, you ask? And he pushes back irrepressible maternal

Excessive custody


Excessive care is often attributed to deep-seated fear.
lose your beloved child This is possible if the pregnancy has come
after prolonged treatment for infertility, the very carrying was
challenging. Also the trigger may be a difficult birth or
serious health problems in a child immediately after appearing on
light or in the first months of life. Woman got used to fear for her
boy, so that the main goal in her life – protection with such difficulty
inherited scion. Including, from potential brides.

ЧANDТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: О негативных последствиях
over custody and care for boys at different ages

What does the education mama

  1. If a mother does everything for him, then the child does not want to
    independence. He can learn carelessly, does not start
    friends and even buddies do not achieve significant results
    one type of activity, because it often throws the work started on
    halfway through. And when choosing a university or college, it is entirely
    relies entirely on mom’s flair.
  2. Such men often have serious problems with
    opposite sex. They can’t find a second for a very long time.
    mate, and if they marry, then such a marriage is difficult to name
    happy Indeed, in the family there are not two, but three. Sister-in-law constantly
    competes with the mother-in-law, and usually loses in this competition.
    Of course, mama’s soup is more rich and the pants were always
    pressed and things lay in place. And she can predict
    desires of our boy – remember the notorious psychological
    the umbilical cord.

How to avoid подобного сценария?

Unfortunately, if a woman does not understand that completely
dissolved in her own child, then she will not help the best
a psychologist, nor, especially, an article on the site. Even reading these lines
and recognizing herself in them, she does not admit it: “Fi, that they
understand the upbringing of children! “And continue to carry the good to his son,
creating in reality only complexes, phobias and dissatisfaction.
If mommy is ready to change, we offer several

  • Allow the boy to be wrong

Experience cannot be replaced by parental notation. Own
misses will serve as a wonderful and effective lesson for the toddler.
Sure, you need to protect him from danger if he stretches.
hand to the hot coal. However, when he crooked
bed, ineptly washed the plate, praise the little helper. AND
Show me how to do it right. So you not only increase
his confidence, but also allow you to work on yourself.

  • Find time for yourself

Such parents have no alternative interests – their whole life
dedicated to the son. Yes, the baby needs a lot of attention, but you need to find
free moment for yourself. Read books (not only for children
development), start to cross-stitch (for beauty), communicate with
friends. AND никогда не забывайте про мужа, так как он может
leave because of your alienation.

  • Involve the child in raising the father

No woman will be able to transfer male samples to the boy
behaviors, habits and principles. No, we do not call to grow
dork or martinet, everything should be in moderation. Let dad spend
more time with him: messing around, repairing a car, going to
rink. If the crumb grows in an incomplete family, this role should be taken
other men: grandfather, uncle, godfather, or, say,
trainer sports section.


  • We bring up the son. Father’s allowance
  • How to attract a husband to raise a child


  • Do not criticize the husband at the son

It happens that women are driving their husbands under the heel and at the same time
try to raise my son “a real man.” Can not arrange
Spreading your second half in the presence of a child. He must see
in the head of the idol family, the hero. If the “protector and the breadwinner” is not
completely falls under this description, you need to find a way to unobtrusively
push him to the ideal.

  • Do not blackmail your love

An older sissy boy sometimes starts to fight for freedom,
but in response, Mommy uses the forbidden trick: “Ungrateful! You
do you know how many sleepless nights I spent at your cot? ”Such
phrases cannot be applied. Yes, nobody argues that children will always
indebted to the mother. Yes, kids should respect,
appreciate mom and help her. But не в ущерб собственной личной жизни!
And such words can destroy any kind feelings.

Of course, every mother wants her son to be with her.
longer needed her support and care. But наступает тот
beautiful moment when a child grows up, bruises and fills
cones, receiving in return an invaluable experience. He can’t be yours
forever, so rejoice for him if he “spreads his wings.” BUT
you will always have time to realize your unspent love on


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  • The sneaky child: why is this happening and what to do about it?

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