How not to raise a child neurotic: 13common parental mistakes

Every year the number of children with nervous
diseases. According to experts, among younger students
only less than half are psychologically healthy. The reasons for this
phenomena are increasingly becoming family problems. In this article, we
we will tell you how to grow up a neurotic from an ordinary child, however
we hope that with your child you will stick right
opposite principles of education.

ребенок невротик


Perhaps in any psychological book can be found
numerous tips on how to properly monitor children.
На этот раз мы поступим наоборот и поговорим о том, как
нельзя вести себя с малышами
ни при каком условии. If a,
of course you don’t want them to acquire persistent neurotic

  1. Every time emphasize that you are not interested in the offspring itself, but
    only his achievements: high marks, sporting success, praise
    other people. Get colleagues: educators who
    demonstrate its worthlessness in public by relatives expressing
    surprised by his weak knowledge. Do not forget that opinion
    The people around you are extremely important.
  2. Neurotic easier to bring up common efforts. Of course, and one
    mom is able to scold and laud the child at the same time, but with dad
    this is much easier to do. Also, if the children are not daily
    contemplate your quarrels and scandals, how they can build
    «правильные» отношения в семье, на работе, в
    , конце концов. In case of your divorce
    repeat that they have bad heredity.
  3. If you make fun of a child more often, he will grow up timid, which means
    he would rather be pitied than offended. Agree, it’s funny when
    �”Ears like Cheburashka”, “nose like an old woman Shapoklyak.” And the phrase
    �“You’re kind of fat,” said to a teenage girl, of course,
    send her to the school of models and lead, if not to fame, then to
  4. Never explain anything as follows.
    rules: “small, so it will not understand” and “grow up – myself
    will guess. ” Even a two-year-old peanut can understand “simple and
    accurate “wording:” behave well “,” do the right thing “and
    �”Don’t be a fool.” But in the future, you can pin up a teenager
    so that he does not understand the elementary things.
  5. Scare babaykami, evil policemen, gray tops,
    who drag off into the unknown. By five years in this fun company
    monsters will be added in the dark room and under the bed. Sincerely
    have fun with phobias and cheer up with the words “don’t be a coward”
    �“Stop crying.”
  6. Tell that around exclusively scoundrels and bastards. Daughter
    should learn from an early age that all young people are bastards (the best
    An example is her unlucky father), and the son that all girls are bitches.
    The child may have problems with his personal life, but he will not
    go out of your care. (How to teach a child to talk to
    street with strangers)
  7. Punish any offense and force to ask
    forgiveness Do not be afraid to put in a corner, lock in a closet, flog
    officer’s belt, do not communicate for days, threaten to “give to someone else’s
    uncle. The little one needs to quiver with trepidation what you will think up for
    more serious misconduct. By this you teach him that “initiative
    punishable “and discourage the desire to” do something wrong. “
  8. Ask to trust you, and after, having learned the necessary information,
    punish. Constantly conduct searches and interrogations, read
    email and correspondence in social networks. Remember that kids
    insidious and all do spite parents. Optimal phrases: “tell
    the truth, and I will not punish you, “” why are you doing this, “” who are you
    taught. “
  9. Your son does not fantasize, but deliberately deceives! AT
    your power to teach him to lie more sophisticated. AT этом ему помогут
    key sentences: “you’re lying”, “think, I do not recognize your
    false, “God, how can you invent such a thing.” For each case lies
    (albeit unproven) should be inevitable retribution.
  10. From young nails, impose gender roles: a boy is not
    sheds tears, does not take offense, is not afraid of anything, and the girl does not
    runs on recess, always modest and quiet. Let the son immediately
    learns to hide his emotions, and then – to tear them away from those around him.
    Daughter же заранее отшлифовывает навыки обольщения, чтобы получить
  11. Deprive children of choice and impose their own opinions. Why should they
    suffer and go unbeaten road? ATаш малыш обязан достичь тех
    heights that his parents could not reach, and should not
    repeat mother’s or father’s mistakes.
  12. Be sure to put out your bad mood and
    negative emotions. Agree that it is more convenient and safer. BUT
    when mom gets better and vigorous mood returns to her,
    the child will also feel happier.
  13. At some stage, be sure to consult a neurologist or
    a psychiatrist to “secure an alibi.” Teen already need
    understand that not everything is all right with him: you take care as much as you can
    his life, but he does not appreciate it. Dad with mother don’t need anything
    change in relations with children, because the offspring is always to blame!

ЧИТBUTЕМ ТBUTКЖЕ: Как общаться с ребенком,
to avoid conflicts

If you follow the above tips, then
with one hundred percent probability bring up a neurotic. Will you he
thankful – it is not known, but psychologists will thank you for new ones.
customers with fears, depression and self-doubt. But
do you want to see your child in their row, it’s up to you to decide

How do parents make their child neurotic?

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