How not to infect others with a coronavirus

How not to infect people around the virus COVID-19if you have symptoms of coronavirus, then first you need to call hospital, but in no case should you go there yourself. The medical staff will determine if your degree of infection is safe enough to leave you at home or expose you hospitalization. It is also worth observing prevention from coronavirus. If you are left at home, you must also follow precautions so as not to infect others with the coronavirus.

Do not leave home

Coronavirus infected should minimize contact with surrounding because coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets by, therefore, it is not recommended to leave home, go to work or to school, as well as visiting crowded places. Highly undesirable use of taxis and public transport.

Isolate from other people and animals in your at home

Try not to leave one room and stay as far as possible. from people in your house. If possible separate toilet, then neglect it is also not worth it. limit contact with pets. Direct confirmations there was no infection of animals with a new coronavirus, however, people those infected with COVID-19 should refrain from interacting with pets. The virus has not yet been sufficiently studied to claim that contact with pets is completely safe.


Wear a mask

Wear a mask when near people or animals. If you cannot wear a mask due to breathing problems, then people living with you in the same house should not enter your room, but if such a need arises, then they need to wear a protective mask when entering an infected room. The mask is worth changing every 2-3 hours.

Keep hands and objects that are often clean touch

Wash your hands often with soap. Keeping your hands warm is recommended. running water for at least 20 seconds. If there is no soap at hand, then it is worth using a hand sanitizer, with 60% alcohol content. Soap is the best way to disinfect hands. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. surfaces that you regularly touch clean. Pens doors, toilets, tables, mobile phones, keyboards and more.

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