How not to go crazy in the first week after birth:advice for young mothers

Pregnant women think a lot about how the birth will take place:
carefully choose a maternity hospital, an obstetrician-gynecologist, study correctly
breathe. It seems to them that the main thing is to relive the birth
child, and then everything goes like clockwork. I thought at the time
also. And we, naive mommies, do not understand that giving birth is only
short transitional stage before the start of a new, full of unexpected
difficulties and problems of life.

первая неделя после родов

It makes no sense to describe all the “charms” of the postpartum period, with
that I happened to encounter: breaks, inability to walk and
sit due to pain in the stitches, bleeding, constipation, pain in
breasts and lactostasis … I had to learn from my own experience that
postpartum depression – this is not a myth, not a horror story for
future moms, but quite a real threat to a shaky under
the influence of hormones psyche. Similar difficulties are encountered.
far from everything, and there is a chance that they will pass you by.
However, some good advice is still better to keep in mind,
so as not to get lost in the first days after the birth of the baby.

Make food stocks before delivery

While you are sitting on maternity leave, it’s time to do the blanks.
Cook up dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, meatballs – all that
that you can freeze, and then get at the right time and quickly
to cook. Believe me, the first weeks after the baby is born – not
The best time for culinary exploits. And so will always be on hand
strategic food stock that you can feed yourself, husband
and incoming guests. You can also use disposable
dishes and forget about washing for a while.

Stock up on everything that can be useful to you and the baby,
in advance

Some mommies are afraid to buy for superstitious reasons.
cots, strollers and even baby clothes before the baby is born.
It is good if you have a miracle husband whom you trust as yourself
and immediately after the joyful event he can quickly acquire and
prepare for operation all the listed things. I’m not like that
lucky I would never trust my husband with a choice of children’s things, therefore
stocked all in advance. Here are a few items to the list.
items that will be useful to you with the baby from the first days of his
of birth:

  • Nipple cream and breast pump: I do not know of any breastfeeding
    a woman who avoids cracking nipples, chest pains in the background
    tide of milk and lactostasis. A breast pump will help to avoid many
    discomfort and, if necessary, will allow to make stocks
    frozen breast milk.
  • Gaskets. You can buy special pads for puerperal or
    ordinary gynecological with high absorbency. Important that need
    It is laying – tampons after childbirth can not be used!
  • Hemorrhoids and mild laxatives, not
    contraindicated for lactating women. As a natural
    laxative can be used boiled beets – good effect
    without harm to health.
  • Dried chamomile and train. Broths of these herbs just saved me
    during the healing of stitches – reduced inflammation and pain. Can
    apply them as lotions or baths. And after the healing of the umbilical cord
    in a baby, they can be added to the water while bathing.
  • Special bags for washing machines, which are very
    Conveniently fold tiny socks and gloves to avoid searching for them.
    then over the whole machine and not shake up the rest of the laundry.

Feel free to ask for help from loved ones

When you are discharged from the hospital home, you have to endure
visits of friends and relatives. And not all of them understand that you are bad
you feel, you have no time and effort to clean and cook.
Therefore, do not be afraid to seem unprincipled: just say what you
help is needed. Guests may well help with cooking,
washing, cleaning. May go to the store on the way and buy everything
necessary. By the way, this method will help weed out those who are not ready.
take care, and just decided to make a “visit of courtesy.”

Go to bed at the earliest opportunity.

With a newborn baby, you will have time to sleep
catastrophically small. Therefore teach yourself to fall asleep at the time
when the baby sleeps. This will help the body recover faster.
after childbirth and strengthen the shaky psyche. A wash and dirty floor
may well wait.

Eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids.

When I studied nutritional recommendations for nursing moms, I had
hair stood on end: I had little idea how I could eat one
rabbit and buckwheat. And now I can not understand how it is
possible: the body needs to quickly regain strength, receive
additional substances to feed another baby – and here
some pockets … Therefore, after the birth of my son, I allowed myself
almost everything within reason. It is clear that it is not necessary
eat oranges and chocolate, drink alcoholic beverages, but
full varied diet has not hurt anyone. Self
By itself, if the child is allergic, the diet will have to be revised, but
it will be clear with time.

And yet: a nursing woman loses a lot of fluid from breast milk,
therefore, to compensate for these losses milk is very important
produced in sufficient quantities. By the way, our body is smarter
us: he himself signals what he is missing. During
breastfeeding I wanted to drink all the time. I even put on
the whole apartment is a small bottle of drinking water – just in

Get ready for mood swings

Even the most cold-blooded and balanced women in the background
hormonal surges feel depressed, become
nervous and touchy. To avoid postpartum depression, it is important
do not dwell on trivia. Do not think about your appearance and
figure, over time, everything will come back to normal, and artificially reproach these
processes are not worth it – you can only harm the health.

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Do not forget about the feelings of her husband

The birth of a child is the beginning of a new life not only for
you, but also for my husband. He, too, is experiencing stress trying to get used to
with a new role. This is compounded by a lack of attention with
of your side: you are completely absorbed by the baby, and the spouse can
feel lonely and jealous. Important rule: not
remove him from the care of the newborn. Many moms think that
only they know exactly what the baby needs, how to bathe and swaddle him,
entertain. This is partly the case: the connection between mother and child is very deep,
Mom can often even wake up at night 2 minutes before
the baby will ask for food. But this does not mean that the father is not able to help.
You can easily bathe the baby, walk with him, do
gymnastics … It will only be a pleasure to a loving dad.

Learn to understand the cries of a newborn

In fact, it is not so easy. Baby after birth is capable
Express all your emotions in only one way – a cry. With
in time, you will begin to distinguish when your baby is hungry, when
he has a dirty diaper or a stomach ache. And sometimes he just screams
because he lacks mother’s attention. Selfе главное в этом
In fact – do not be nervous. Of course, it is difficult to maintain composure,
when a son or daughter shouts for several hours in a row. At such moments
it is important not to break: come out, wash with cold water, take a deep breath.
It makes no sense to tear his irritation on the child: he is not always
he himself can understand what exactly he is “wrong” – this is the case
of time.

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If you plan to breastfeed, it’s best to learn about some
тонкостях in advance. Now you can find a lot of information in
chat online with breastfeeding counselors.
In fact, there is no great difficulty. After all, feeding
breastfeeding is a physiological process envisioned by nature.

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Defend yourself with a diaper!

If you are lucky enough to become a mom of a boy, then the first
rule when changing a diaper – hold it in front of you, like a shield.
The range of unexpected trickles is sometimes amazing. By the way
disposable waterproof diapers – one of the most useful inventions
нашего of time. Carry a t-shirt in your pampers bag
emergency cases for yourself!

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