How not to go crazy after giving birth – tips for youngmoms

Here you are at home. Your baby is near, in his crib. It,
undoubtedly a great happiness, but often it is overshadowed by domestic
problems. The birth of a child is always associated with a change in habitual
home life. The young mother now has much more problems and
duties. How not to go crazy with this cycle of affairs? how
stay calm and loving mom? It is difficult, but

как молодой маме не сойти с ума

Postpartum depression

The psychological state of a young mother often causes
concerns with loved ones. In the morning, just do not want to raise your head from
pillows, there is disgust for everything around. About taking care of yourself and
no speech at all. What happened to this strong woman who just
boiling with vital energy?

депрессия из за кучи дел

The process of childbirth never passes without a trace for the female
organism. After him always goes the strongest hormonal
перестройка organism. It is therefore not surprising that the young mother
postpartum depression occurs. how ни странно, это совершенно

No need to start going crazy because of the little things. Let go of yourself
all fears You are sure to do it, otherwise it can not be. Not
Think of yourself as a bad mother. It will negatively affect
your perception of all future changes. And don’t turn into
unkempt housewife in battered robe. Exit from
depressive state is easy, the main thing to want. We read as
это сделать
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New goals in life

Who thought up to call the decree a holiday? This is not a vacation.
The most difficult round-the-clock work, where besides the “boss”
:) have to wear on hand. Yes Yes exactly!

Now your whole life obeys only this tiny
the creature you call a son or daughter. All day
only scheduled baby. Sleep, rest, feeding, cleaning, cooking
– only when the baby asks or allows. Yes, before all
it was different. Now new circumstances, new living conditions. And to
they need to adapt.

Clearly define for yourself the purpose of your new life. you want to be
perfect? There are no perfect people. The ideal mother is not at all
which has time for everything. ALL just have time
 It is important to learn to respect yourself for what
you are.

Take for granted the new circumstances, stop feeling
yourself their hostage.

Calm and sleep

The most important rule – learn to relax. This does not mean,
you need to plunge into the dirt, dirty clothes and unwashed
dishes Getting up in the morning, do not immediately submit the entire to-do list, not
start frantically grab for everything at once and go crazy. Everything
fixable, executable and requires your composure, not panic and
scattering. Keep yourself in hand. how только вы осилите это
As a rule, everything will start to get faster and easier.

Now about the periods of sleep. Many young mothers try to make as
You can do more housework while your baby is sleeping. This is fundamentally wrong,
especially regarding daytime sleep. Everything совсем наоборот. Teach
sleep yourself for an hour or two during the day when the baby is sleeping. After all, mother with
lack of sleep does not just become cruel to the household. She is
generally dangerous to society. By the way, you can for this period of time
load the washing machine and you won’t have another one
done task.


на кхне с кастрюлей

Not нужно зацикливаться на стирке, уборке или готовке. Do
the most necessary, everything else later.

While the baby was distracted by toys, you can “rake up” the mess on
table, for example. Not обязательно убирать сегодня всю комнату. Also
during this period, you can have time to hang out the laundry, which the machine
Washed during your joint sleep. Or remove and decompose
already dried. By the way, it is desirable to iron him in the evening when the child
go to sleep at night. Just do not try to smooth over everything “in
one set. If the child is not allergic, then the same diaper can
pat on one side. Scroll to ironing half an hour – hour, not

Cooking is also desirable in the evening, but also not until midnight.
Allocate an hour of time for evening standing at the stove. For an hour easily
You can cook the main dishes of the next day. So you will
extra time tomorrow.

That’s why moms don’t have time :)



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This approach to homework you will kill immediately
several birds with one stone:

  • you will do everything, but little by little;
  • the baby will not be naughty that mom cleans half the day or
    cooks and does not pay him any attention at all;
  • you will not be annoyed by the constant whims of the baby arising
    from the second paragraph;
  • by evening you will not feel like a driven horse.

And most importantly – you keep a calm atmosphere in the family.
Things will still be done, almost imperceptibly. Yes, and time for
walk will be able to carve out.

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The most important is near

Not усложняйте себе жизнь бесконечными метаниями по квартире.
Ensure that all things are in the place where you use them.
Baby clothes should be where you usually change them. Or
at least stacked on the neighboring shelves of one cabinet.

The same can be said for hygiene products, and
accessories for swimming and everything else too.


Be sure to take time to their hobbies. It seems to you,
what is difficult? Not at all.

Do you like knitting or photography? Then you have a great
opportunity to combine them with walks. While the kid admires
sprigs and leaves, you can have time to find a couple of beautiful
landscapes or tie a few rows of new blouse. Same
true for drawing. Want to sew? Highlight child
a few scraps, and he won’t be busy with you for a while.

What would you like? What can you do? Virtually any hobby can
combine with daily chores and concerns.

Attention to yourself and help from


You should never forget about yourself! Dissolving in
cares about the family, sometimes you need to remember what cosmetics are, varnish
for nails and hair dye.

Do you think your household needs servants in a greasy
robe and unkempt mop on his head? Not at all. They want to see
blooming, happy mom. And also beautiful. So love yourself and
Do not forget about the basic care, so you need any of the women.

To allocate time “for yourself” it is desirable to attract dad.
Agree that evening walks with the child will be his
duty. Just do not try to waste your time on

Now you understand how not to go crazy on maternity leave? For this
it is necessary to ease domestic difficulties as much as possible. Fortunately, in our
life has long entered the washing machines, blenders,
microwaves, kengurushki and slings. Actively use everyone
existing grandparents, and do not forget about dad. Let too

The older the child, the less excitement his mommy. And not
because he is independent. Just in time, any young mother
gets used to fulfill our simple recommendations and makes his life
much easier and happier.

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