How not to get chickenpox in an adult -chickenpox prevention

Update: October 2018

Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease caused by one of
types of herpes virus. Chickenpox is most common in children
Therefore, there is a popular opinion among the population that this disease is not an adult
scary. However, among teens and adults, chickenpox also
occurs and at the same time is more massive, prolonged, oppressive

How not to get chickenpox from your child?

This is a very relevant issue, especially if parents do not remember.
whether they had this virus in childhood or not. It’s no secret that children
tolerate chickenpox much more easily and without serious complications than
adolescents and adults. Adult healthy person
who had a baby chickenpox in good time
health, strong immunity, do not worry.

It is believed that the acute form of chickenpox occurs only when
primary infection, and after the disease is formed resistant
immunity, so a sick child is not dangerous
previously infected adolescents and adults. However, there are

Is it possible to get chickenpox again?

Ветрянка у взрослыхRisk of re-developing the disease
possible, but it happens extremely rarely, only with serious
disruptions in the human immune system.

The virus after infection remains in the body forever, he
located in the nerve endings and when arising
favorable factors such as a sharp decrease in protective forces
use of corticosteroids, treatment of cancer
diseases of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, it is possible

If a person re-suffers from chickenpox, it manifests as
herpes zoster, or it is also called shingles. it
a very serious malady, characterized by severe pain,
localized rash located along the nerves, also
herpes zoster may acquire chronic, recurrent


Prevention of chickenpox for those who did not suffer from it in childhood

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  • Insulation. Adults who are close to a sick person and not
    previously affected by this virus should be especially careful
    Ideally, it would be isolated from the source of the infection, but often
    becomes unreal. But this is the only 100% option.
  • No medication to prevent
  • The varicella-zoster virus is transmitted exclusively by airborne droplets.
    by. It spreads quickly enough to neighboring
    rooms and other floors it is fairly easy to penetrate with the flow
    of air.
  • If the family has a home quartz lamp, it can reduce
    risk of infection, but it should be used clearly.

For the prevention of chickenpox in adults, it is desirable to comply
The following principles of family quarantine:

  • sick person most of the time should be in a separate
    room, room,
  • personal hygiene items and utensils should be
  • all family members must wear gauze bandages, it does not
    absolute security guarantee but can reduce the risk
    infection of others
  • items of a sick child should be washed separately from members

You should also know that a sick child or adult becomes
not contagious from the moment of drying and the appearance of crusts on the last
wave of rash.

One of the options for the prevention of chickenpox in adults and children on
Today, medicine sees in vaccination. Weakened
The varicella-zoster pathogen, introduced by vaccination, causes
the lightened form of the disease, the lifelong
immunity to chickenpox. However, there are many opponents
такого метода prophylaxis.

Lack of bad habits, proper nutrition, consumption
enough vitamins and healthy foods, physical
outdoor activity maintains strong immunity,
which easily fights against any viruses and infections. Healthy way
life is the best prevention and chickenpox, and other
human diseases.

Sometimes an enterovirus infection that has recently
widespread, perceived by some pediatricians as
mild form of chickenpox, because the rash and other symptoms of this
infections are very similar to those of chickenpox, and it is possible to establish
false diagnosis. To make sure the baby has chickenpox,
should be tested for varicella zoster virus. When enterovirus
infections of the rash, usually on the palms and feet, the head is not
covered with a rash, and vice versa with chickenpox.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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