How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy,rate of weekly increase in the table, food features

Update: October 201eight

Every expectant mother’s pregnancy proceeds in its own way: to someone
beautiful 9 months are easy, someone suffers from unbearable
toxicosis, backache, headache, edema, constipation, etc.
An individual is such an indicator as weight gain in
during the gestation period.

Newborn crumbs differ little in weight from each other.
a friend, their mothers, while they bear fruit, are gaining a different amount of kg,
I fit into the rules or typing too much. Some women
do not gain weight at all or lose it altogether. ATо всех этих
subtleties we will understand in this article.

The rate of weight gain

An erroneous opinion is that weight is gained only for needs.
fetus. A set of kilograms with a certain margin is necessary for development
pregnancy in general and the subsequent life of the newborn.

Weight distribution Weight % of total weight gain
  • Fetus
ATес ребенка к моменту родов 2500-four000 г, причем значительно
increases in the last weeks of pregnancy
  • The placenta is the organ that provides the link between the fetus and the mother,
    delivering oxygen and food to the developing baby and taking
    exchange products
four00-600 g five %
  • Amniotic fluid – a biologically active liquid medium,
    surrounding fruit
1-1.5 liters at 37 weeks, eight00 ml at the time of delivery ten %
  • The uterus is the female organ in which development and
ten00 by the time of delivery ten %
  • Volume of free circulating blood
1.5 kg 2five %
  • Tissue or extracellular fluid
1.5-2 kg
  • Breast (development of glandular tissue)
0.5 kg
  • Fat deposits, which are an energy depot for
    subsequent postpartum breastfeeding
3-four kg 25-thirty%
Total ten-15 kg ten0%

How to track weight gain?

Of course, weight must be controlled. From the first day
a confirmed pregnancy a woman should buy good scales and
to put a notebook or sheet in paper, which will mark
weekly weight gain.

  • ATзвешиваться необходимо в один день еженедельно;
  • AT утреннее время;
  • AT одной одежде либо без таковой;
  • Before meals;
  • Emptying the intestines and bladder.

Normal weight gain during pregnancy

Calculate the weight during pregnancy will help the doctor, starting with the first
reception, when the weighing of the future mother.

Weight gain is uneven, not only weekly.
but also with individual features: someone is getting fat from the moment
conception, and someone notices weight gain only from week 20.

  • With a standard course of about four0% weight gain falls on
    the first half, and the remaining 60% in the second half
    of pregnancy.
  • The average rate of weight gain during the first three
    months is 0.2 kg weekly, but it is for this period that
    many fall sickness, someone even goes into the minus.
  • In the first three months, the expectant mother gains about 2-3 kg.
  • ATторой триместр характеризуется налаживанием общего состояния
    women and an increase in appetite – for this period will fall
    most intense weight gain. A woman gains about thirty0-four00 g
    during the week.
  • In the last few days, weight gain is usually
    it stops, sometimes the weight decreases a little on the background
    hormonal changes associated with preparation for delivery and
    due to the removal of excess water.

The fact that you can eat a nursing woman, read our article, and
also about the correct introduction of complementary foods to the baby.

What indicators depend on weight gain?

A single rate of weight gain, under which one could bring
all pregnant does not exist. Optimal weight gain directly
depends on the initial weight to an interesting position: the smaller it is,
the more allowed to set it when carrying. So rule, so
and happens – fat women gain a little and become
�”Visually pregnant” only in late periods, skinny hide
pregnancy is much more difficult.

  • Determine normal, low or overweight initially,
    allows the calculation of body mass index (BMI), to calculate
    which need numbers of height and weight – before pregnancy!
  • BMI is equal to weight (body weight) in kilograms divided by height
    women in meters, squared.
  • Example: 50 kg at sixteen0 cm, 50 / (1.6 * 1.6) = 19.5 BMI

The optimal set of kg during carrying – decoding

BMI less than 1eight.5 kg 1eight.5-25 25-thirty thirty
ATес до беременности Below normal Normal Excess Obesity
Single pregnancy 12.5-1eight kg ten-15 kg 7-11 kg 6 kg
Multiple pregnancy 19-27 kg 17-25 kg 1four-23 kg 11-19 kg

Таблица прибавки по неделям в зависимости от исходного BMI

Weight norm by week of pregnancy depends on weight to
беременности, на основании которого необходимо высчитать BMI:

A week BMI less than 1eight.5 kg BMI 1eight.5-25 BMI более thirty
four  0 – 0.9 kg 0 – 0.7 kg 0 – 0.5 kg
6 0 – 1,four kg 0-1 kg 0 – 0,6 kg
eight 0 – 1,6 kg 0 – 1.2 kg 0 – 0.7 kg
ten 0 – 1,eight kg 0 – 1.3 kg 0 – 0,eight kg
12 0 – 2 kg 0 – 1.5 kg 0-1 kg
1four 0.5 – 2.7 kg 0.5 – 2 kg 0.5 – 1.2 kg
sixteen до 3,6 kg up to 3 kg до 1,four kg
1eight до four,6 kg до four kg  up to 2.3 kg
20 until 6 kg до 5,9 kg до 2,9 kg
22 до 7,2 kg до 7 kg до 3,four kg
2four до eight,6 kg до eight,5 kg до 3,9 kg
26 до ten kg до ten kg до 5 kg
2eight до 13 kg до 11 kg  до 5,four kg
thirty до 1four kg до 12 kg до 5,9 kg
32 до 15 kg  до 13 kg until 6,four kg
3four до sixteen kg  до 1four kg до 7,3 kg
36 до 17 kg до 15 kg до 7,9 kg
3eight до 1eight kg до sixteen kg до eight,6 kg
four0 до 1eight kg до sixteen kg до 9,1 kg

I would like to pay special attention to the issue of women’s nutrition,
initially overweight. Pregnancy will definitely become
not the easiest period, because the weight will have to keep under
control, but it means it’s time to starve! Refusal to eat
fraught with impaired fetal development and release of toxins into the bloodstream
due to the breakdown of fat. The recommended diet will determine

What threatens the shortage or excess weight during gestation?

The optimum is a smooth weight gain without visible jumps,
which eventually fits into the recommended indicators. how
deficiency and overweight threatens the health of the fetus and the future

Inadequate weight gain and insufficient nutrition can lead to
to the malnutrition of the newborn and various delay options
intrauterine development. Дети, рожденные с весом менее 2,5 kg,
have the risk of developing various physical and mental pathologies.
Insufficient nutrient supply to the woman’s body
carrying a child, leads to hormonal disruptions and increases
the threat of miscarriage and childbirth before. Even outlined
tendency to weight loss or lack of at least some increase
should cause an immediate visit to the doctor.

Excess вес должен настораживать не менее недобора:

  • более 2 kg за неделю на любом сроке;
  • более four kg за первых 3 мес;
  • более 1.5 kg ежемесячно за второй триместр;
  • более eight00 г еженедельно в третьем триместре.

An excessive increase can lead to an increase in arterial
pressure, the development of diabetes, varicose veins, late toxicosis,
osteochondrosis, premature aging of the placenta, fetal hypoxia,
complications of childbirth.

The greatest danger of overweight is hidden or overt
swelling. AT данном случае плюс на весах не связан с перееданием, а
is a consequence of the fact that the body, but rather the excretory
the system does not cope with the load and the liquid starts
accumulate in tissues and organs. Edema threatens the development of late
toxicosis, renal hydronephrosis with an increase in urine protein (see
gestosis during pregnancy).

Explicit edema can be seen independently: if after removal
socks on his feet remains a trace, is hardly removed decoration with
finger, face looks puffy, and urination is rare – you
swelling, should immediately go to the doctor. Hidden swelling can
identify only the doctor, so you can not neglect the planned
visits that are made by the gynecologist, even with excellent

Читайте подробнее про отеки при of pregnancy.

how не набирать лишний вес

Do not overeat

Tips caring moms and grandmothers that you can now eat for
two, absolutely wrong. The body must receive due
the amount of nutrients, but without overload, as in portions
food and in time. You need to eat a little, but more often than usual. AT
среднем нормальным считается увеличение калорийности на 200-thirty0
calories more than the usual diet, but be guided by these figures
It is impossible to all, without exception, especially women suffering

Anti constipation

One of the adverse factors affecting weight is
a tendency to constipation, because rare emptying of the intestines is not
only increases the weight on the scales, but also negatively affects the overall
condition of the body, slagging it (see how to cleanse the body of
toxins outside of pregnancy). Especially often pregnant women
suffer from constipation in later periods. For obvious reasons, regularly
do not use laxatives. The best thing:

  • For the night there is a portion of fresh white cabbage salad
    – in the morning will be an emptying of the intestines
  • Every day, eat 2-3 dried apricots or prunes, in summer you can
    fresh apricot or plum
  • If prescribed by a doctor, you can take such a safe and
    effective prebiotic (osmotic laxative) like lactulose –
    Normaze, Portalak syrup, Duphalac, Lactulose Poly, Goodluck, Lactulose
    Stada, Livolyuk-PB, Romfalak. It is approved for use on any
    сроке of pregnancy.

Abandon useless, harmful and quickly digestible

Exclude sweets, sweet pastries, sweets and pastry
products. Nothing contributes to the addition of unnecessary fat.
sediments like all sorts of puff, sand cookies, filled and
without, buns, rolls, cakes, pastries, ice cream, etc.
Discard them altogether if you are inclined to be overweight and have already gained

In addition, all these products are saturated with food additives and such
harmful vegetable oils (palm, coconut, rapeseed),
stressing the digestive tract, promoting development
obesity, and according to the results of some research scientists – even

Arrange easy fasting days

They help not only to normalize the emerging trend towards
a set of excess weight, but in general will give some kind of respite to the body.
It is enough to arrange unloading 1 time in 2 weeks. Unloading
Day, again, does not mean fasting! On this day, most
habitual diet should be replaced by vegetables or low-fat cottage cheese,
kefir and somewhat limit the liquid.

To be physically active within reasonable limits

Daily walking in the fresh air will not only not give
to form excess fat, but also useful for the baby, because
Mama’s blood is saturated with oxygen. Do not completely abandon
feasible homework and habitual affairs.

As on the contrary – to gain the missing weight.

If the weight stubbornly stands still, there are some recommendations,
allowing him to dial:

  • To eat 5-6 times a day, but not overloaded;
  • With a painful toxemia, you still need to eat, for small
    piece, waiting for nausea. You can eat in the fresh
    in the air at night in bed – i.e. in the setting in which
    manifestations of toxicosis are minimal.
  • Carry a healthy snack with you: nuts, galetnye cookies,
    banana, cheese, dried fruits, yoghurts;
  • Eat peanut butter, rich in energy and protein (with
    no allergy to it);
  • Serve with sour cream, olive oil, butter,
    cream (but not mayonnaise);
  • Drink enough liquid, do not neglect the dairy and
    fermented milk products.

How to safely stop weight gain

Naturally, no strict or mono-diets for pregnant women.
will fit.

To lose weight or keep it at certain numbers will help
complete abandonment of flour products from wheat flour and pastry shops
products, fast food, as well as from salted, spicy and smoked
foods that cause thirst, forcing you to drink the excess

  • The menu should contain complex carbohydrates (thirty0-350 g
    daily): whole grain cereals, vegetables and seasonal fruits.
  • You can not limit the fish and meat (ten0-120 g per day), but in the menu
    must be dietary and lean varieties of these products:
    rabbit, turkey, beef, pike perch, cod, navaga.
  • Butter is allowed in the amount of ten g per day,
    refined sunflower oil is better to replace
    unrefined olive oil, both more natural and
  • Cooking method – steamed, boiling, stewing.
  • Meals should be moderate, for 1 meal – no more than 1-2
  • You can not refuse lunch and breakfast, but dinner can be
    substitute dairy product.
  • The optimal ratio of calories in meals: breakfast
    thirty%, 2nd breakfast ten%, lunch four0%, afternoon tea and dinner – ten% each.
  • ten-15 minutes before meals it is permissible to drink a glass of water.
  • Salt is reduced to 5 g per day.
  • Habitual desserts should be replaced with low-fat yogurt or
    cottage cheese.
  • The last meal should fall at 19.00.
  • After dinner, a calm walk is recommended.

From liquids, preference should be given to clean drinking water.
Recommended 1.5 liters should be divided into 3 parts, two of which
you need to drink until sixteen.00, and the rest – until 20.00. Such a system
will avoid swelling and give the kidneys unloading at night

How not to gain extra pounds – follow the recommended

Flour products: dietary salt-free, bran, rye bread to
ten0-150 g per day.

  • Супы: овощные с ограничением макарон, круп и
    potatoes up to 200 g daily.
  • Мясо и мясные продукты: паровые кнели,
    pre-made meatballs, puddings, zrazes, befrogans
    boiled meat, aspic – up to 150 g per day.
  • Рыба: паровое суфле, пюре, тушеное филе до 150
    g per day.
  • Молоко и молочные продукты: молоко цельное 1
    a glass a day, low-fat cottage cheese 150 g, low-fat yogurt, sour milk
    up to 200 g per day.
  • Яйца: 1-2 еженедельно в виде паровых омлетов и
  • Крупы и гарниры: самые полезные – овсяная,
    buckwheat porridge, cereals in soups. If the amount of cereals increases,
    should on this day limit bread.
  • Овощи: кабачки, капуста, тыква, огурцы, перец,
    tomatoes, greens. Preferably fresh or steam souffle,
    mashed potatoes.
  • Закуски: овощные салаты, нежирная ветчина,
    aspic fish, meat.
  • Соусы: из нежирного творога с зеленью,
    low-fat sour cream, milk sauces.
  • Специи: лавровый лист, зелень, гвоздика. AT
    limited quantity.
  • Фрукты и ягоды: кисло-сладкие в свежем
    the form.
  • Напитки: некрепкий чай с 1/3 молока, несладкие
    juices in half with water, natural fruit drinks without sugar.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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