How much time a day you can sit forby computer, влияние компьютера на здоровье детей и взрослых

Update: October 2018

Global computerization is undeniable technical
progress. Older people can work on a computer and even
two year olds, which their parents are incredibly proud of. And children and
teenagers are ready to spend the alluring monitor around the clock.

Wherein мало кто задумывается, откуда вдруг берутся детские
hysterics, why teenagers suffer from headaches and where
healthy, not burdened with problems children have problems with
a dream.

Abandoning a computer is completely impossible, since
modern man-made world PC has become an indispensable element of life.
But, like any technical gadget, a computer should be used
with the mind, strictly observing the time, conditions and breaks in work.

Вред здоровью, причиняемый by computer, порой преувеличен.
Negative influence is created due to irregular time.
work for the PC, i.e. the person himself exacerbates the existing risks.

Electromagnetic radiation

Any household appliance emits EMP; however, a person does not sleep nearby.
with a fridge or a working microwave, not looking
TV at a distance of 25-40 cm from the eyes, but when working on a PC
all emitters are concentrated near the body: monitor, operational
block, mouse, keyboard.

Independent study of computers common in the market
This product, which is conducted by employees of the Center for EM
security (Moscow), allowed to make a disappointing conclusion about
exceeding the biohazardous level of EMR in the area

PCs increase the overall EM background created by household appliances and
�”Irradiate” not only the one who sits behind the screen, but also those around him.
A zone within 1.5 m from the computer is considered dangerous.

Elevated EMR background causes:

  • headaches
  • fatigue, nervousness
  • reduced resistance to infections ranging from skin and
    ending with internal organs
  • Increased EM in the growth of the number of malignant neoplasms
    background also makes an undeniable contribution.

PC monitors manufactured on cathode ray tubes

They are proven sources of ultraviolet, soft
X-ray, visible, infrared, radio frequency, super-
и   низкочастотного ЭМИ. Most of all, electromagnetic radiation emit back
and the side walls of the monitor. More stringent are taken every year.
standards regarding the power of radiation of the monitor, the manufacturers
go to the cunning step, not reducing this very power, but improving
the quality of the protective coating applied to the front of the screen.
The rear and side walls still emit EMR.

System unit

System unit также является мощным излучателем. Human
the organism is most sensitive to EMR in the 40-70 GHz range. On
these frequencies, the wavelength is commensurate with the size of the cells, and therefore
– radiation easily penetrates the tissue. Peculiarity
modern pc:

  • this is an increase in the operating frequencies of both the processor and
    peripheral devices
  • power increase up to 400-500 watts.

As a consequence, the radiation level of the block in the frequency range
40-70 GHz increased thousands of times in the last 2-3 years.

Laptop and LCD monitors

LCD monitors and laptops made on the basis of liquid crystals
are positioned as safe because they do not generate
�”Bouquet” EMR characteristic of cathode ray tubes. But not
only the tube is the emitter – generate harmful fields
capable and voltage converter when the device
from the network, and the control circuit, and other elements of the equipment.

Wherein ноутбук всегда расположен ближе к пользователю, а
some users have a habit of having a pc on

Research: Test centers “CYCLON-TEST” and “ELITE”
investigated 5 types of laptops from the most famous manufacturers.
Measurement of EMR was carried out in 8 directions from the equipment, including
клавиатуру, поскольку она монолитно соединена с a laptop. Wherein
measurement distances from the PC were taken smaller than the normalized
standard MPR II.

Studies have shown that when powering the device and from the network, and
the battery did not comply with the MPR II standards for most samples
in all 8 directions. Especially significant excess was observed
спереди и справа от PC.

Impact of EMR on children and pregnant women

The brain substance in children is more conductive, and
the bones of the skull are thinner, resulting in a higher specific absorbed
power in the end. EMR penetrates deeper into the brain.

EMF is a biologically active factor in relation to
эмбрions. As is known, the sensitivity of the embryo to any
damaging factors are several times higher than in adults, and EMR does not
is an exception. Intrauterine damage when working for
by computer наиболее часто возникает на ранних стадиях развития,
leading to miscarriages or flogging.


Modern monitors are already deprived of a typical earlier problem –
flicker but this does not mean that the computer does not have a load
on the eyes, which, while respecting the normative time work on a PC
comparable to the same when watching TV.

  • Stress – бесконтрольное пользование by computer детьми,
    their health in rare cases is absolute leads to
    the voltage of the visual apparatus, which is equal to a strong
    stress. Everyone knows about the effects of stress
  • Reduced vision – weakness of the muscular system of the eye with
    overvoltage leads to a drop in vision. Hooked by the picture on
    monitor, children forget to blink, which leads to desiccation
    cornea and visual impairment.

On итоговое напряжение глаз влияют 4 фактора:

  • monitor quality;
  • work intensity;
  • the duration of the work;
  • organization of the workplace.

The screen image is a priori different from the natural. In contrast
from the natural reflected light, it is self-luminous and has
slight contrast, which becomes even smaller due to the external
Sveta. The image from the monitor consists of individual points, constantly
flashes. Clear boundaries, like a picture on paper, a computer
no image.

An increase in visual load necessitates
always moving your gaze from screen to paper text or
keyboard The situation is aggravated by poor-quality software.
ensuring inconsistent color matching, unreadable font,
poor location of the monitor, poorly organized workplace
(glare from the screen, non-compliance with the distance to the screen and

All this leads to the development of the so-called computer
visual syndrome:

  • eyes start watering
  • image becomes fuzzy, twofold
  • tiredness occurs
  • concentration change.

Обследование людей, длительно работающих за by computer, привело
to identify the following symptoms:

  • eye redness in 48%;
  • 41% of itchy eye area;
  • eye pain in 9%;
  • �”Flies” in the eyes of 36%;
  • discomfort in 5-10%;
  • headache in 9%;
  • weakness at 3%;
  • darkening and double vision in 2 – 0.16%;

In addition to subjective sensations, this group of people was observed
and physiological changes in the visual system:

  • violation of convergence in 52% of cases, accommodation – in 45%
  • a change in binocular vision in 49%, stereo vision in 47
  • reduction in visual acuity in 34%.

Sitting position

  • Длительное сидение за by computer в фактически вынужденной позе
    turns into a stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, contributing
    the development of varicose veins.
  • Onгрузка на опорно-двигательный аппарат приводит к нарушению
    posture and scoliosis in childhood, as well as the deposition of salts and
    osteochondrosis in adults.
  • Hypodynamia leads to muscle weakness, obesity. Sedentary
    a person’s lifestyle leads to elevated cholesterol levels already
    к 35-40 летнему возрасту, что  угрожаемого инфарктами и

As for children, the problem is more than serious. Parents,
faced with a problem posture in their children know that
stop the progression and cure incipient distortion
the spine is very difficult. The computer fully captures the baby
attention, the child does not feel that he is sitting, stooping.
The pathological process starts very quickly in the growing children

  • first there is a barely noticeable slouch
  • it’s harder for a child to keep his back even
  • in a sitting position the back becomes round
  • then weakness of muscles and incorrect posture lead to a curvature
    spinal column which can progress literally to

Onгрузка на суставы кистей рук

Many people notice that after long work on the computer (with
keyboard or mouse) the brush starts to go numb, especially in the area
fingertips and also ache. Hands want all the time
rub as if they are numb. All this is a consequence
disruption of the small joints of the hand, blood supply and

Exposure to dust, dirt and chemicals

PC at work attracts dust and various dirt,
which accumulates in the system unit, settles on the keyboard and
mouse. PC cooling system causes dust to circulate inside

  • It is proved that the keyboard contains many times more microbes,
    than on the lid of the toilet bowl.
  • Dust, being an active allergen, leads to the development of reactions
    hypersensitivity, allergic rhinitis and allergic
    bronchitis. In turn, pathogens enter with
    dirty hands into the body and cause a variety of obvious or hidden

Swedish environmentalists found that within two years after
manufacturing the monitor emits a chemical compound into the air
triphenyl phosphate, which is a strong allergen. This substance
part of the plastic, and when heated last during
PC work begins to stand out in the air. Triphenyl Phosphate Level
десять раз превышает фоновый во время работы на PC.

Impact on the nervous system and psyche

This factor is the most dangerous and in some cases leads to
irreversible effects and the formation of a complete mental
depending on the computer.

Impact on children

Unsustainable child and adolescent psyche suffers from
затягивания by computer. Onчинаются проблемы с простого нежелания
leave the computer to perform the usual things (walk, reception
food). Then child refuses to go to bed

Further deprivation of the computer leads to irritability and
hysterics. There is a violation of attention and memory, depressive and
even aggressive mood.

Taste for life and mood return only during the game on
PC. In this case, the surrounding and what is happening child is not interested,
addressing him during computer games causes aggression or
goes unnoticed. In a literal sense, addicted children fall
into the computer world, becoming a zombie and not interested in real
by life.

Impact on adults

Adult users often run away from their problems, plunging
into the virtual world and being already there the winner of life. Wherein
the events of the game are perceived as real, with feelings and emotions.
The adrenaline produced during the game is not destroyed by the body,
as happens in sports, cycling, etc.
Glowing in the body, adrenaline leads to the destruction of the nervous
system, the development of neurasthenia and psychosis.

And for those who already have mental problems, the computer is absolutely
contraindicated. Having tasted murder during the game, such people
easily solved on the act in real life, including suicide.
Famous case of suicide 6 Russian schoolchildren – fans
�”Last Fantasy”, which occurred in 2001, is far from
the only sad statistics is constantly replenished with ridiculous
death of people addicted to computers.

Computer addiction in its strength is equal to
alcohol or drug addiction! But if in the case of the last two
various methods of struggle are taken, starting with the state
level, then gamers are left behind, destroying their lives and destinies
their relatives.

Is the radiation from the Wi-Fi router harmful?

A wireless access point to the global network is probably in
each apartment. It is convenient and economical, and those who switched to
Wi-Fi is unlikely to return to the wired Internet.

  • The frequency of the radiation of the router is 2.4 GHz (slightly more
    microwave oven).
  • The radiation power is 18 mW (about 1 W in the mobile phone).
  • If the device is constantly on, respectively, the impact
    per person will also be permanent. Some people do not turn off
    access point even at night, sleeping in the room where the router is located,
    which is completely unacceptable.
  • An overabundance of radio waves threatens the development of irritability,
    fatigue and other symptoms.

Working at a fairly high frequency, the router has a small
power. Those. reasonable use of the device with placement on
safe distance, outside sleeping areas is considered acceptable
and comparable with the action of the TV, refrigerator and other
EMR emitters. The closer to the man is the generator
cure (in our case the router), the longer it works in
continuous mode, the greater the negative impact he

In public access points Wi-Fi Free source is far
from users without affecting health. In this case
more radiates the device by which the output is performed
Internet (phone, tablet).

Rules of work on a personal computer

All of the above problems can be avoided by strictly fulfilling
rules of working on the PC itself and not giving favors to children, allowing
play “well, another 5 minutes”.

PC operation time – how long can you sit at
by computer

For adult users, the cumulative PC time
составляет 6 часов в сутки (максимум можно сидеть за by computer 8
hours, due to professional need). This does not mean,
that you can sit on the computer at 9 am and sit all the time until 15.00.
Breaks should be observed, which we will discuss below.

  • Teens 12-16 years old a day can be carried out for a PC no more than 2
  • Children 7-10 years old-12 years old are allowed 1 hour of work on a PC;
  • Ребенку 5-7 лет можно сидеть за by computer не более
    half an hour.
  • For kids under 5 years old, the PC should be banned.

Regulated Breaks

To prevent the overloading of organs and systems, as well as
mental discomfort, it is necessary to be interrupted on active rest.
Those. just turn away from the monitor and gaze out the window – not

  • During each working hour, in 15-20 minutes should be on
    2-3 minutes to take your eyes off the screen or at least close them, making
    mini unloading of the visual analyzer.
  • After every 45 minutes of work on a PC, you need to do 10-15
    minute break: warm up, walk. If possible –
    You can lie down with your eyes closed.
  • After 3 hours of work it is necessary to stop for a half-hour rest.
    – go for a walk, get some fresh air, have a snack.
  • It is useful to do gymnastics for the eyes – eye rotation
    apples, frequent blinking, looking from neighbor to
    distant subjects.

Organization of the workplace – how to sit behind
by computer

To work on a PC must be appropriate furniture –
computer desk and chair. Available as an adult and children
furniture that can be adjusted according to growth. With
this height of the chair should correspond to the height of the table.

  • Lighting should be even, contrasting. light sources
    near the monitor should not be.
  • The best placement of the monitor is the corner of the room, which will allow
    walls absorb the EMR it generates. The distance to the monitor should
    be from 40-50 cm, while he must occupy a position on
    a few centimeters below the eye to look at the monitor from top to bottom, and
    not the other way around. The monitor refresh rate should not be
    less than 85 Hz.
  • The system unit should be located at the maximum distance from

To work on a PC special goggles are sold, which
in no way affect the quality of the picture, but protect the eyes from

Уход за by computer

At least once a month you need to remove the back cover of the system
block and gently vacuum the parts. Keyboard and monitor follows
wipe with special tools every day.

That an unused computer does not generate harmful radiation,
should turn it off from the network. This rule applies to routers
wireless or wired internet – they need

Indoor microclimate

During breaks in work should be done through
airing the room, and while working – keep the window on
micro-winding. PC operation leads to an increase in
positively charged and decreasing negatively charged

Fifteen minutes airing results in this indicator
the norm. Others leave the room during airing.
химические вещества, попадающие в воздух вследствие работы PC.

How to save a child from computer addiction or not to give her
to form

  • It is difficult to completely eliminate the computer for the student, but health
    must always remain a priority! PC must be used
    strictly for homework and supervised adults.
    If you give up the slack and allow to play the game after doing
    homework on the PC, on the further productive implementation
    lessons can be forgotten. Tasks that involve working on a PC should
    perform last.
  • The computer should never be positioned as a bonus for
    something. You can not turn a computer into a super-forbidden (it is always
    more attractive), just as you can not make a cult of PC and
    incentive prize for obedience. The child must understand that
    A computer is a gadget for adults.
  • Try to take all the free time of the child with the benefits:
    let it be sports clubs, clubs, swimming, dancing,
    gymnastics, hockey and others. Giving energy to useful
    hanging out on the computer just won’t be enough
    of time.
  • Do not set a bad example while enthusiastically fighting space
    monsters in front of children. Let the computer associate with
    working necessity, not with entertainment.
  • Spend time with children, except when the child is sitting
    за by computer и предоставлен сам себе, не отвлекая взрослых от их
    everyday affairs. Games should be in the child’s life, for they
    develop, but let it be active street or exciting
    board games that are so fun to play with the whole family.
  • Begin acquaintance of children with the computer world not immediately with
    adult PC or laptop, if the child wants a computer – buy
    his toy developmental device, similar in appearance to
    a laptop.

Computer and human health are contradictory
concepts, but with rational organization of work on the PC
maximum reduce the harmful effects of the device on health.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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