How much breast milk or formula should eatnewborn per day in the first days of life

Baby was born. Happy mommy has a time of worries
anxiety and excitement. The main thing that worries now mother feeding
breastfeeding – is the baby getting enough nutrition, fat or not
her milk?

The content of the article

  • 1 Breast-fed
    • 1.1 First feeding
    • 1.2 Milk norms in the first ten days
    • 1.3 When and how best to breastfeed?
    • 1.4 Table nutritional standards up to a year
  • 2 On an artificial diet
    • 2.1 How to calculate the daily rate for artificial
    • 2.2 Nutritional Characteristics with Artificial Feeding
  • 3 How to determine that a child is fed?
    • 3.1 Videos: How to determine if your baby has enough milk

сколько должен съедать новорожденный


First feeding

Milk after childbirth begins to arrive usually by the fourth day.
The baby is brought on the first feeding most often on the second day.
And now young mommy starts to worry that her pipsqueak will remain
hungry that there is very little milk. Do not do this by
several reasons:

  • The newborn is still weakly sucking mother’s breast (sucking reflex
    poorly developed), he needs to learn this, so he eats very
  • Colostrum, which is now produced by the mother’s body, is fat and
    nutritious. It contains everything you need to ensure
    full life of the newborn.
  • The volume of the ventricle in infants is still very small (on the first day of
    about 10 ml), and therefore the amount eaten at one feeding
    colostrum is also small, about 7 – 9 ml.
  • Кормить ребенка получается 10 – 12 за сутки, то есть за
    the first day the rate of the baby about 100 ml of milk.
  • Do not think that the baby will go hungry, because
    that little milk. It will start arriving soon. But the extra
    anxiety can delay the increase in lactation.

Milk rates in the first ten days

How much milk a baby eats depends now only on its weight.
and age. Every day the volume of the ventricle of a newborn
increases, respectively, increases and the volume consumed

  • On the second day, the baby drinks about 20 grams in one
    feeding, daily dose – 200-240 ml,
  • On the third – 30 ml (300-340 ml, respectively) and so on.
  • For the child’s first 10 days of life, you can calculate the required
    the volume of consumption of milk for 1 feeding, just multiplying the amount
    days old by the number 10.

Формула нормы питания первых 10 дней: N (число
days) * 10 = one-time supply in ml.

весы для новорожденных

Precise scales for measuring the weight of a newborn

Более точно объем разовой дозы потребляемого молока можно
determine by weighing the baby on the medical scale before feeding
and immediately after it. Difference between weighing results
– это и есть объем выпитого крохой milk 
preferably several feedings in a row. Knowing approximate
дозу (см. приведенные выше нормы), вы поймете, высасывает
baby your portion or not.

When and how best to feed the baby?

Ten days later, Mom’s milk will stop coming. Now
the approximate amount eaten per day will be equal to the fifth
parts of the weight of the baby.

Children’s pediatricians came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to force-feed
child in strictly allotted hours. It is better to wait for the baby himself
will require to feed him. This usually happens 10-12 times a day with
at intervals of 1.5 – 2 hours.

We read about the pros and cons of feeding on demand

As a rule, the baby actively sucks the breast for 15-30 minutes, sometimes all
40. It happens that the baby sucked all the milk, but continues to suck
breast for some time, or sucking the last drops of milk, then
whether he just likes the process of sucking. Don’t let him
suck on breast for over an hour.

Table nutritional standards up to a year

Child’s age The amount of milk eaten per feeding,
The amount of milk eaten per day
3-4 days 20-60 200-300 ml
Week 1 50-80 400 ml
2 weeks 60-90 20% by weight of the child
1 month 100-110 600 ml
2 months 120-150 800 ml
3 months 150-180 1/6 mass of a child
4 months 180-210 1/6 mass of a child
5-6 months 210-240 1/7 массы ребенка (800-1000 ml)
7-12 months 210-240 1 / 8-1 / 9 mass of the child

On artificial nutrition

All that has been said above, refers to the chest
вскарmlиванию. And if your child gets artificial nutrition?
How to calculate the required rate of milk or mixture?

  1. Here the diet is important. It is necessary to feed the baby at least
    8 times a day.
  2. Нормы рассчитываем, как и для грудного вскарmlивания, но, если
    baby eats less often, then the rate can be slightly increased.
  3. The main thing – do not overfeed the child. After all from a nipple milk to suck
    проще, а сосательный рефлекс mlаденца уже через несколько дней
    after birth is highly developed.
  4. If you feed the baby not with milk, but with milk mixture, then all
    even simpler – the package shows the necessary for each age
    dose (See an article about blends and how to choose a blend for

Как рассчитать суточную норму при искусственном nutrition?

Let’s see how to calculate the necessary amount of food on
day for a child – an artificial artist up to a year? This will help in this

From 10 days to 1.5 months 1 / 5th of the weight of the baby
From 1.5 months up to 4 months 1 / 6th of the weight of the baby
From 4 to six months 1 / 7th of the weight of the baby
From six months to 8 months 1 / 8th of the weight of the baby
From 8 months to a year 1 / 9th of the weight of the baby

Например: Воспользуемся таблицей. Child 2
months, weight – 4800 gr. Суточное количество молока: 4800/6= 800 ml.
Разделив на цифру корmlений в сутки, получаем разовую дозу: 800/6 =
130 ml. Итак, в одно корmlение малыш должен съедать 130 грамм
milk / mixture.

Особенности питания при искусственном вскарmlивании

  • Do not worry if the baby ate less
    нормы – в следующее корmlение он может съесть чуть больше и доберет
    the desired amount.
  • Следует знать, что желудочек mlаденца на искусственном
    вскарmlивании медленнее переваривает пищу, будь то молоко или
    mixture. Therefore, the day should be fed after 2.5 – 3 hours, night
    перерыв в корmlении может составлять 5 — 6 часов.
  • Если ребенок просыпается через некоторое время после корmlения
    и плачет, не стоит докарmlивать его еще. Most likely, he is not
    belched air, and he has a stomachache. Hold it upright.
    As soon as he regurgitates the air, let him fall asleep again.
  • If he drank not all the norm, it is better to let her drink a little later,
    when you know for sure that he is hungry.

How to determine that a child is full?

An attentive mom, in many ways, will determine that the baby
fed up with:

  • He is calm;
  • Sleeps well;
  • Good weight gain (See article about weight gain);
  • He regularly writes (12-15 times a day) and regularly poops (See
    article how many times a newborn pokes per day).

When a child just cries often, this is not an indication
underfeeding Most likely, it is simply tormented by gases and colic.

If your child is restless, does not sleep well, often wakes up,
weight gain is small compared to the norm, with greed
pounce on the chest (or a bottle with the mixture), then the baby is clearly
experiencing any problems with food and it is advisable to consult
with a doctor.

Читаем подробно: как узнать что новорожденный
not fed on breast milk, detailed causes and solution

Video: how to determine if the baby has enough milk

Советов по грудному вскарmlиванию много, но не стоит слепо
follow them. Remember that everything is very individual. Be
attentive and patient and your baby will soon be established
your, convenient to him, diet.

It should be remembered that with any, whether breast or
искусственное вскарmlивание, обязательно нужно поить малыша теплой
кипяченой водичкой (См статью поить ли новорожденного

Как только режим корmlения войдет в норму, вы можете не
worry about how much your baby ate. He will eat
as much as he needs.

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