How many toys does a child need? What kind of toysneed children of different ages?

Every mother knows this situation – she went to the store
for bread, and brought home not only bread, but also a new doll

It would seem that all the shelves in the nursery are already crammed with toys, fabulous
characters look out from different boxes, but this doll is
beautiful! Ее просто невозможно было не купить —  у нее
incredibly charming eyes. Or a similar situation when
the child is begging the next “minion” from the mother, although each
a representative of this culture is already in absolute oblivion
deep in the closet. �“Well, buy, buy!” – is heard on the entire store. �”Not
will buy? Well, then, can this giraffe from Madagascar? Не will buy? You
don’t love me! ” All this is accompanied by a loud cry, whining all
road to the house about what a bad mom and ends angry
frowning babe.

много игрушек

According to statistics, each child has an average
Swedish family of at least 600 toys (data from the magazine “Esquire”).
Upon learning of this, I decided to count all the toys my one year old.
daughters. They turned out to be more than 100. Too much for such a baby. In that
The moment I thought, but how many toys does she really need? AND
why can not I just go buy bread, and my hands and stretch
to the same doll with unforgettable eyes?

The level of development is directly related to the number of toys

As the child grows up, new toys become smaller,
and there is more time to play with your peers.
ATозрастает  интерес к групповым играм, посещениям различных
circles and sections, as well as family outings, trips to
mountains or on a picnic.

The first six months the child needs colorful and vibrant.
toys that “squeak”, ring, emit various musical
ANDменно такие игрушки побуждают его к осмысленным и
purposeful movements. An indispensable condition for their use
is safety. The musical toy should not reproduce
too loud sound, noise background is considered as the maximum permissible
within 65 decibels. Exceeding this rate may affect
his auditory perception and even affect the mental state


You can attach a bell to the crib so that it rings when
every movement of the child. Then the little pussy starts to catch
connection between swinging the crib and the ringing of the bell and will
make an effort to hear it again. For this purpose also
Both the rattle and the music mobile will do.

From birth to six months, the baby is very interesting to touch everything and
taste it. Tactile contact is a must. AT
this period is formed the basic skill of grabbing and holding,
therefore it is important to pay attention to developmental toys
fine motor skills of hands.
It will be enough 5-6 toys from
different material and shape.

It is important for parents to know that a toy intended for such
small child should be absolutely safe for him.
No sharp corners, protruding mounts, small and
crumbling parts, paint or varnish.
Size toys
must be larger than 4 cm in diameter so that the baby cannot inadvertently
swallow it. The material must be of high quality and non-toxic.

От 10 месяцев и до полутора лет у ребенка
there is a new stage of development, when he explores everything around him.
He already knows how to open the cabinet doors, get linen with his mother
from a washing machine and put your cubes in a box. AT этом
aged light colored cup sets are fine,
plastic pyramids with large rings, wooden nesting dolls,
fabric cubes with bright pictures and the most common ball. Ball
develops sleight of hand, it can roll on the floor, throw in different
side and kick with their feet. For this, it must be no more than 15

После года и до 2 лет ребенок пытается
imitate adults and tries to repeat all their actions. Him
interest in the diverse animal world is waking up, so its
can attract toys in the form of a cockerel, cats or dogs. If a
Such toys will bark, meow or crow, the baby will be with
удовольствием повторять все эти sounds. Him произойдет осознание,
that the dog makes one sound, and the cat another. Will start to prevail
associative thinking.

A duck on a string that can be dragged over
myself, and she this moment will quack or lose fun
melody. The duck can be replaced by a train or a machine – this
never mind. The main thing is that they can be dragged along on a string, kids
love these games. In addition, the walking skill is fixed.

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children’s toys

Приблизительно до 2,5 лет children интересует
knowledge of yourself and your abilities. They try to carry on
a small rubber dog, make cubes on each other,
then they pull out one and watch how all of their construction collapses.

у ребенка очень много игрушек

AT доме обязательно должно быть место, где ребенок может
spread out all your toys. Cabinets for their storage is necessary
to foresee. Initiation and attempts to come up with a new
The way to play with the toy should find approval in actions
parents. Psychologists believe that toys for children should be
simple and let the little ones express their imagination through their

Когда малыш достигает возраста 4-5 лет, ему
more practical toys that carry meaning. it
There may be children’s sets of household appliances (consisting of
microwave, washing machine, stove or vacuum cleaner), various
constructors, elements for puppet theater, puzzles, mosaics and
autotracks. The child can already choose what he needs. is he
makes up stories, builds up a whole storyline in the game and he
you must have all its components. Parents are optional
every time to run after them to the store, you can get along with the “henchmen”
means. (Top 20 best toys for children 4-5 years old (toys

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The right choice is the key to a happy childhood.

Once I was in a supermarket and heard how they argued nearby
standing people, buy them another machine for their son or still
game tent. It made me smile. Better to buy
baby tent, I thought. The machine is just another, but
no tent yet. The child must have the whole “arsenal” of toys
each type of a little. it даст ему представление обо всех
subjects, ways of playing with them and will develop his fantasy.

Those who delimit toys by gender are mistaken
a sign – boys should play with cars, and girls with dolls.
it не так. To develop harmoniously, the child must
use for games and those other toys. Huge amount neither
for what. Diversity is what any child needs.

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with padlocks and buttons for kids with their own hands

You will not find in any book information about the exact
the amount of toys a child needs. Provide features
each baby, the conditions of his life, education and give only
One comprehensive answer to all occasions is impossible. But we
still try.

Child and toys – School of Dr. Komarovsky

No child can imagine life without
toys And parents, in turn, try to make these toys
were as interesting and safe as possible. AND сегодня на прием
TV and radio host Sergei Rost came to Dr. Komarovsky
to ask what you need to pay attention to when buying
toys, how to care for them and what toys can be considered

What kind of toys нужны ребенку. Mom’s school. ТСAT

It’s not unusual for a child to be passionate about
play – only in this way children will know both the world and themselves. ATместе с тем важно
understand where the line beyond which the passion for the toy park
cars or princesses in pink clothes begins to harm the baby.
Let’s look at the situation: less toys – more

How many toys does a child need? Children’s space organization

Tatyana Zamakhova and Marina Belozerova discuss
problems of organizing space in a house with a child.

Order in the house with a child is possible!

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