How many times should a month old baby

Very often, young mothers are overly worried about their condition.
health of your child, sometimes panicking at the slightest
change in baby behavior. One of the most frequently asked
Questions for pediatricians and more experienced moms is the question – how many
time should kakat monthly child per day and in what

Сколько poops месячный ребенок

How much should a month old baby

The second reason why this question remains one of the main
All moms, this is what the chair and its amount for each child
individually, and may vary with nutrition, general
conditions of the body, drinking regime and so on.

We will try to answer in detail the question: “how much
What does a month-old baby average? ”

  1. Approximate amount of feces per month
    GW is fifteen grams. Gradually this amount will be
    increase to 40-50 grams;
  2. In a breastfed baby, the chair usually represents
    is a homogeneous yellow gruel with the smell of sour milk. However, when
    this diet is also considered the norm with small
    комочками, иногда зеленью (если у грудного ребенка зеленый
    stool with mucus).
  3. The number of feces in children with artificial feeding more
    up to 40 grams.
  4. When feeding babies with mixtures the color of feces can be
    light yellow or dark brown, and the smell is quite sharp.
    It is considered normal to have a small amount of mucus in the feces or
    small white lumps. This way excess dairy products are removed from the body.
    fats that are not digested.

How many times a day should kakat monthly baby

A child of this age usually has a stool after each
кормления, то есть 8-9 times / day.

Бывают случае, когда ребенок poops 1-2
times / week !!!
 but large volume. If a child
good health, do not bother colic, then this frequency
for a child is normal; Yes, yes, it happens.

Artificial children’s chair is less common. Обычно от 1 до 4
. If this happens less frequently, it is considered

Main problems. When is it better to consult

  1. If a month-old baby poops more than 10-12 times / day, and if
    kala had a peculiar smell, he began to foam and changed
    color (turned green), it is worth contacting the pediatrician. Perhaps it
    Mom’s dietary errors or more serious diseases.
  2. If the child can not poop for a long time, while
    crying often, then he probably has constipation (how to treat constipation?). It is better
    just cope with this problem sparing methods – ingestion
    products with a laxative effect, plenty of drinking mom. At the extreme
    case, allowed to use enemas. And taking medication
    funds only on the recommendation of a doctor.
  3. Often, the baby brings trouble such as colic
    infants, increased gas formation. This problem is also
    corrected with nutrition, abdominal massage.
  4. Diarrhea in an infant (See an article about diarrhea).

Not recommended:

If the suspicion and anxiety of the mother was confirmed, and the child
действительно обнаружились отклонения или инфекция, то не

  • To wean a child from the breast and switch to IV;
  • Limit feeding time “by the hour”;
  • Add water to your baby with water or tea;
  • Do self-medication.

So, in this article we tried to answer
вопрос, сколько в среднем должен какать месячный ребенок
enough detail. The main thing that a mother needs to do is
watch your diet carefully if the child is on
GV, and the amount of the mixture given by artificial feeding. With
change the consistency of feces and the general condition of the baby, should
consult a pediatrician.

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Anna Sergeevna Fedyaeva, neonatologist, department employee
pathologies of newborns and premature babies in children’s urban
Clinical Hospital №1 of the city of Nizhny Novgorod says,
stool frequency of babies and depending on the type of feeding.

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