How many people live with hepatitis C, the consequenceslife expectancy forecast

Update: November 2018

Hepatitis C is a dangerous infectious disease called
�A “sweet killer”, so it’s not surprising that a popular question
patients with hepatitis C – how many infected people live with it?

After infection with this virus in humans occurs
acute process of dealing with it. In 10-30 percent of cases with a strong
an infected person’s immune system, acute hepatitis ends
drug-free self-healing and in the blood to detect the virus is not
manages to.

In such cases, the person does not even know that he was infected.
However, later on with the onset of provocative factors, the virus
can be activated and make itself felt. In the rest 90-70
percentage of cases of infection with hepatitis C goes from acute to
chronic. What is the life expectancy for hepatitis C?

In hepatitis C, alcohol acts as the strongest factor
influencing the progression of the disease.

How many people live with hepatitis C, mortality statistics

Гепатит С сколько с ним живут

Liver affected by cirrhosis

According to the World Health Organization carriers
Hepatitis C virus is over 500 million people in all
the world.

And experts predict that in 10 years the number of patients
liver cirrhosis will be increased by 55%, liver cancer by 70%, also
mortality from other liver diseases is projected to increase almost in
2 times.

According to statistics, it is known that only 6-7% 
infected with this virus die due to manifestation


Hepatitis C mortality with disease progression
occurs in 57% of cases of cirrhosis of the liver, in 43% of
hepatocellular carcinoma.

How long can you live with hepatitis C

How many years live with hepatitis C people leading a healthy way
of life? The virus itself is not 100% human killer, it only
contributes to the development of pathological processes that reduce life
an infected person. It is impossible to talk about what exists
specific period during which destruction occurs in
resulting in death. Everything is very individual and depends
from many factors, primarily from:

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  • age of the patient
  • duration of infection
  • immunity conditions
  • healthy lifestyle
  • alcohol and smoking
  • adequate timely treatment
  • associated chronic diseases – diabetes,
  • gender – in men, the development of such consequences of hepatitis C as
    fibrosis, develops faster and more often than women

In 30% of those infected for progression, hepatitis may
it will take about 50 years, so there is a chance to live with hepatitis
long life, and the patient’s death may not be from the consequences
destructive action of the virus, but for completely different reasons.

Also in 30% of cases, the time to the development of cirrhosis can
be less than 20 years old. And if this disease is completely
stop drinking, stick to a diet
take supportive care, follow all recommendations
doctors, this process can be significantly slowed down.

What happens with hepatitis C

If an infected person has lowered immunity, then acute
form of hepatitis after infection manifests itself as a normal ARVI, with
This patient has not typical symptoms, such as:

  • appearance of an allergic reaction
  • general intoxication
  • slight rise in temperature to subfebrile
  • chronic fatigue, fatigue
  • headache
  • various gastrointestinal disorders appear,

Therefore, especially in our country, such cases in most
remain undiagnosed, and hepatitis easily passes into
chronic form. With chronic viral hepatitis
for many years the disease may not manifest itself, wear
asymptomatic character. It can last from 15 to 25 years, while
liver function gradually weakens and develops in humans
diseases of both the cardiovascular and urogenital system, and
gastrointestinal tract.

Severe effects of hepatitis C

  • steatosis – the process of accumulation of fat in the liver cells
  • fibrosis – the formation of scars in the liver tissue
  • цирроз  – разрушение печеночной ткани с образованием
    abnormal hepatic lobules and nodes that change the architectonics and
    functional state of the body.

Liver cirrhosis is portal hypertension with risks
esophageal vein bleeding, jaundice, hepatocellular
failure with encephalopathy, pruritus, spontaneous
bleeding The progression of cirrhosis leads to:

  • By drying out the liver, reducing its size
  • Liver failure that ends liver
    coma, that is, poisoning of the body with phenols and ammonia.
  • Bleeding – for injuries and bruises due to a decrease
    blood clotting may cause serious bleeding, even with
    minor damage.
  • Encephalopathy – brain damage toxins because
    the liver does not cope with the neutralization of harmful substances.
  • Ascites – accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

Symptoms of progressive liver cirrhosis:

  • pain in the right hypochondrium
  • dark urine
  • bleached feces
  • whites of the eyes and skin of the palms become yellow

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