How many months do children start walking

The rate when a baby starts walking is considered to be from 9 months to
1.5 years. Ways, tips and tricks on how to help your child
начать ходить by myself читаем ниже…

Already behind the first smile to mom, the first sounds, the first
the skills of coups, we are already sitting on the ass, we already have the first tooth –
настала очередь дождаться первого by myselfго, хоть и
uncertain step. Many mothers are looking forward to this step!
Запомните(!) — четких временных показателей, когда ваш ребенок
(во сколько месяцев) начнет ходить by myself без поддержки
not. As in all that concerns the life of babies up to a year, time
by myselfго передвижения исключительно
individually …

The content of the article

  • 1 Со скольких месяцев дети делают первые шаги
    • 1.1 If the child started walking early? Better before or
    • 1.2 Помощь ребенку в хождении — упражнения и
    • 1.3 Первая обувь для ребенка начинающего ходить
  • 2 Walking on tiptoe or socks
  • 3 How to teach a child to walk? TRAINING baby walk
    by myself
  • 4 Video consultation: at what age children begin to walk and
    как to teach them correctly?

первые шаги ребенка

Со скольких месяцев дети делают первые шаги

Возраст, в котором ребенок должен начать ходить
himself, on average about a year. However, this does not mean that all children
start taking the first steps exactly at 12 months. Considered normal
промежуток от 9 месяцев и примерно до 1.5 years. First baby
tries to get up, then takes tentative steps, holding on to furniture or
adult’s hand. And only after making independent attempts.

со скольких месяцев ребенок начинает ходить

Со скольких месяцев дети начинают
ходить зависит от многих факторов:

  • The genetic factor greatly affects the time when the baby goes.
    If one of the parents went very late, then it is not necessary from the baby
    wait for early steps;
  • The constitution and sex of the child also affect the time when the baby
    take the first steps. Пухлые детки пойдут несколько позже
    slender peers, and girls start walking earlier
  • The temperament of the baby affects the time when the baby goes.
    Calm, balanced observers are in no hurry to walk. Them
    convenient to explore the world slowly and they feel great and sitting
    or crawling. Independent fidgets, on the contrary, tend to learn more quickly.
    more new and take the first steps very early.

When ребёнок начнет ходить by myself, вы заметите
that the process of walking is distinctly different from the walking of an adult
human on several features:

  • The foot of the child puts parallel to each other;
  • Children walk as if “typing a step”, unable to roll off the heel.
    on the toe of their feet;
  • Children are not yet able to keep their center of gravity and therefore often
    are falling.

Given these characteristics, parents should carefully
look after your child and be alert. Especially dangerous when
the child falls flat forward or backward – he cannot soften
falling hands and can break face or neck. However, not worth it
panicked to distraction fear falling. Bones of children at this age
very elastic and the risk of fractures is minimal.

It is very important the reaction of parents with frequent drops of the baby. Not
It is worth every time to rush to the child with horror on his face and lift
him. It should be a gentle and calm voice to cheer up a beginner
�“Walker” and wait until he rises and continues his steps.

As soon as the child becomes more mobile, all dangerous
items in the house need to be removed, to protect sharp corners, the parent
must be constantly on the alert, not to let the child out of his area
control. Очень важная статья:
 читаем как обезопасить
home for a child

If the baby started walking early? Better before or later?

  • В случае если ребенок рано начал ходить не
    It should be very happy.
    The muscles of the spine and legs are not yet
    the load exerted while walking for them
    very heavy. Large, well-fed babies may have problems
    with the formation of the musculoskeletal system of the legs. Especially if the baby
    he did not stand on his feet, and his parents forced this event.
    The baby’s lower leg does not support its weight, which leads to their curvature
    and wrong stop setting. Subconsciously, little ones know when
    best to take the first step;
  • Ребенок начинает поздно ходить по нескольким
    He may not have ready leg muscles and
    spine to erect. Or there is a weakening of the immune system.
    suffered a disease or birth trauma.

Помощь ребенку в хождении — упражнения и massage

Is it possible to stimulate the baby to take the first step
побыстрее если появление этого навыка запаздывает? – the most
the main thing is to adhere to a sense of proportion in the desire to quickly teach
your baby walk. Способов помочь ребенку освоить
новый для него навык несколько.

  1. It is necessary to provide the child with the necessary sufficient
    space for movement.
    Kids who are constantly
    are in the arena go very late. It is necessary to arrange the room
    different sustainable pieces of furniture for support. Baby’s favorite toys
    it is necessary to put so that to reach them, the child had to
    break away from the support. Over time, the distance from the support to the support is necessary
  2. Делать massage. Massage is to strengthen
    and relaxing the muscles that work while walking. Stroking
    rubbing and tapping in the footsteps and legs of the child will bring
    хороший положительный эффект (читаем о massageе тут).
  3. Daily gymnastics and
    стимулирующие упражнения.
    In the complex of exercises
    should include flexion and extension of the legs, squats and
    squeezing with an adult, bouncing on mom’s lap,
    занятия на фитболе (ссылка на полезные статьи massage и зарядка
  4. Stable wheelchair toys help your baby feel
    more confident.
    The child pushes a toy in front of him and
    передвигается практически by myself.

игрушка каталка


  1. Not торопить своего ребенка. All averages are conditional.
    reference point. Поэтому даже в 14-15 месяцев еще не ходить by myself
    для некоторых вполне нормально. The main task of parents on
    the initial stage – wait until the child is ripe for the development of a new
    skill. Haste can negatively affect the formation of feet,
    muscles, joints.
  2. Create a favorable, safe environment: remove all that
    can cause harm, eliminate sharp corners, hide cords, and
    especially sensitively follow the baby.
  3. To conduct physical training. No special exercise
    would need. Just need time to step by step to train all
    muscle groups from birth. Spread on the stomach, stimulate
    turning over. Next, the child must sit down from the position
    lying down. And, of course, crawling has a big role. Parent task
    to encourage the child’s physical activity in every way. For example,
    attracting him with toys, forcing him to crawl around the room. And jumping
    on parental knees that kids love so much – great
    упражнение для укрепления ножек. (How to make a newborn
    child is stronger: 4 basic exercises for the development of the baby’s strength and
  4. Massage develops muscles well and relieves tension in them.
    at the same time. You can contact a specialist, and you can do it
    by myself.
  5. Encourage walking. You can show interesting toys, and
    after putting it on the table, for example, so that you can get it
    would just stand up. When trying to baby already do the first
    The steps of the toy can miraculously move from the table to the sofa,
    as soon as the baby approaches her. Good to be on the street more often.
    where you can watch the other children who already know how to walk. With
    This carriage is best left at home. It is convenient to use
    special “reins”. But only when the child is already beginning
    walk It is important to ensure that the child’s body does not lean forward or
    to the side.
  6. Encourage. Praise for success, the smile of mom and dad – the best
    reward. Not стоит забывать о ласковых и восторженных словах.
    The child deserves it for his first steps.

What is worth remembering when teaching a child to walk:

  • It is better to start walking barefoot. This leads to the correct
    foot formation. And simultaneously hardens the baby. Well or dress
    socks with rubberized soles.
  • For walking on the street, you should buy high-quality and comfortable
    shoes with a tight back and make sure that it does not rub
  • Not нужно соблазняться ходунками. Children often after a walker
    for a long time go on socks. And do refuse in a timely manner
    learn walking skills.
  • During training, you do not need to hold the child by the armpits.
    Correct for the brush, for the forearm or even for the hood.
  • And, most importantly, be patient. Not стоит подгонять ребенка под
    standard frames. But you need to be his assistant in everything as soon as
    he himself will be ready for new discoveries.

We read in detail a very useful article.
 Как научить ребенка ходить 10 правильных

Not стоит использовать ходунки и прыгунки. They are not only not
стимулируют by myselfе передвижение , но наоборот способствуют
delayed walking. Читаем: ЗА и ПРОТИВ
ходунков и читаем:  ЗА и ПРОТИВ

Первая обувь для ребенка начинающего ходить

From the point of view of orthopedics, baby shoes should be as follows

  • shoes must be chosen from genuine leather and suede to
    ножка малыша дышала;
  • the sole of the first shoe is thin and flexible, otherwise the baby will
  • the heel of shoes for a child must be chosen firmly so that the shoes
    or sandals do not fall off when walking with feet;
  • a small and steady heel will save the child from collapsing
  • the top and side of the shoe should be soft and easy
  • For the formation of the arch of the foot in the shoes should choose flexible
    instep support

Watch a video about which shoes are best to choose:

Tiptoe or toes

Случается, что вместо обычной ходьбы ребенок начинает
walking on the socks. If the kid just wants to get attention
loved ones or will try a new way to travel, then everything is

ребенок начал ходить на носочках

When малыш постоянно передвигается на
цыпочках красивой балетной походкой, даже не
trying to descend to the whole foot, then it is necessary to take action.
Not нужно самим пытаться исправить ситуацию. In such an important
In fact, it is better to trust the doctor, who will advise what to do. More often
всего назначается особый massage, специальная гимнастика и

Подробнее: Почему ребенок ходит на
tiptoe – what do?

You can sound the alarm if the baby did not start walking after
полутора лет
. And then, only in the case of low activity
child and poor general condition of the baby. When
the baby is cheerful, active, defiantly creeps in a good mood, but
he doesn’t walk – don’t worry, he will go, everything has his time.

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On the topic of development:

  • Развитие до года по месяцам (от рождения до года);
  • When ребенок начинает ползать;
  • When ребенок начинает сидеть.

How to teach a child to walk? TRAINING baby walk
by myself

Video consultation: at what age do children start to walk and how
to teach them correctly?

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