How many months can I feed? babies


  1. From what month can you start feeding your baby
  2. What is feeding a baby at 4 months
  3. How to give complementary foods
  4. At what age can infants be fed milk and meat

Depends on the mother’s nutrition and on the genetic characteristics of the baby, Are all nutrients useful and in the right amount the body of the child and are absorbed by it.

Pediatricians recommend introducing fruit and berry juices a few months after birth.

It is important to choose the right products for feeding, as well as start feeding slowly to give time to the body of the baby adapt to new food.

From what month can you start feeding your baby

The first lure is allowed to give as early as 3 months, but better postpone it until 4. What mixture is better to feed the baby?

First they use juices, then compotes, then go on mashed potatoes and porridge and only last, when the baby has already erupted teeth, you can give solid food.

The whole process can take from 7 months to a year. Before solid food began to be given only after the child one year has passed, but now doctors are allowed to try solid feeding from 9 months.

What is feeding a baby at 4 months

At 4 months, there should not be any special feeding. For prophylaxis shortages of certain vitamins give infants fresh juices.

You should start with a few drops of juice before taking breast milk or artificial mix. Over time, the portion can be increased up to 4 teaspoons per day.

Each time, the mother should monitor the condition of the baby’s stool. If a child develops diarrhea, then his body is not yet ready for such complementary foods, or this particular reaction caused product.

How to give complementary foods

Since how many months you can feed babies with milkLure should be given gradually using a coffee spoon. That is how it should be with everything, including jars of mashed potatoes.

Often it becomes a pity for mothers to throw away a whole jar, because in at the beginning of feeding, the child eats 3-4 tablespoons a day. And still not worth it use this puree the next day, but it’s better to open a new one a jar.

Such food can be given to the baby already at 5-6 months of life.

Starts with mashed broccoli, zucchini or colored cabbage. These vegetables are perceived as well as possible. the digestive system of the baby.

Then you can diversify its menu and other tastes. Can start giving an apple, pear or peach. Liquid puree without cream oils can be made from potatoes yourself.

After all kinds of mashed potatoes, go to the porridge. For children there special powdered cereals, in which the grits are ground, therefore it will be easier for the child to swallow it. Porridge is boiled in milk, her consistency should be as fluid as possible.

The child does not know how to chew, but because of sucking reflexes when eating most of the food will remain on his chin. It is better not to give semolina, because wheat often causes diathesis.

How can I feed a baby in 4 months?After mastering porridge, solid food begins to be fed, give it to the baby strictly before breastfeeding. Not all children are willing to switch to regular meals, but they’ll feel full faster.

Over time, the child will understand that solid food also satisfies him. hunger, and he himself will ask to eat something from a spoon. As solid food you can chop thinly fruit, boil potatoes and buckwheat.

No need to wait after switching to solid food, the baby will refuse breast milk. Cases are not uncommon when after a portion of regular food the child eats the same amount milk, as before.

An important role is played by the time of feeding. Juices give a little to start or during feeding.

By 6 months they can be diluted with water and, exactly like stewed fruit, to quench their thirst in between meals. Boiled drinking water can be given in 3 months, but they do it too in small portions. Before starting feeding We check whether the mixture is suitable for infants.

Read here how to feed the yolk. All other food should be given to the baby before mother’s milk, because at the end, the child may no longer want to try something.

At what age can infants be fed milk and meat

When and how to feed a babyProduct Question animal origin and at what age the child begins assimilate them, faces many mothers.

In this case, everything is so individual that some kids willingly drink cow’s milk at 6 months, while others have 9 stomach still responds poorly to him. You can try the meat enter already in 6 months, using it in the form of mashed potatoes.

It is better not to try the meat menu if in the coming week the baby is scheduled for vaccination. It’s also better not to start experimenting in a very hot day.

Mashed potatoes for the first two weeks should be a little bit mix with vegetable, and only then try to give in pure form. The best types of meat for babies are chicken, turkey and veal.

It is not recommended to give fish up to a year. All seafood is strong allergens, so it’s better to play it safe.

The best varieties for the child’s fish menu are pike and zander. Absolutely all food should be cooked, baked without oil or put out. Until 2 years old, it is better not to feed the child smoked, fried and sweet unless it is fruit.

Since how many months you can feed babiesIn a word Before starting feeding, a young mother should be patient. Gradual transition to solid food, as well as smooth expansion menus allow you to complete the digestive process baby systems.

Also, this transition will help identify products for which child allergy (if any). And do not worry if the baby does not want to immediately switch to a new meal: for him it different taste sensations from the old ones, and after a mono diet on my mother’s they might not like milk at all. Everything has its time.

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