How many ml urine is needed for analysis baby


  1. Required amount
  2. How to assemble?
  3. What is urine tested for?
  4. Conclusion

A general urine test must be given a month after birth, the next preventive analysis is carried out per year.

In this interval, infants give urine only as directed nephrologist or pediatrician. It’s difficult to collect material for analysis – sometimes mothers manage to “catch” a teaspoon of liquid – no more than 10 ml Is there enough and in general how much ml urine is needed for baby analysis?

Required amount

Ideally, for children up to a year, the normal volume for one analysis is 20-30 ml. But the results of the study get even out of 10 ml The only problem is that not all laboratories agree process such “economical” samples.

The exact amount is indicated by the pediatrician when issuing directions. If the doctor did not give consultations, then a guide to general requirements:

Analysis Name Urine
by Nechiporenko 15-20 ml (necessarily average urine)
Zimnitsky All collected per day
urine biochemical analysis 20 ml
breeding test (sowing) Medium urine
according to Sulkovich (per calcium) All fasted

How to assemble?

  1. Into a sterile pouch with hypoallergenic adhesive tape. In pharmacies There are options for girls, boys and universal.
  2. In a new plastic bag, placing it under the baby’s ass (applicable to children who do not yet know how to independently roll over).
  3. Tear the plastic bag on both sides and tie it on the belt (make it look like a diaper).

What is urine tested for?

  • For sugar, water and acidity;
  • The presence of red blood cells and white blood cells;
  • For protein.

The urine of a healthy baby does not have a pronounced smell, on color – yellow, transparent. There should not be a beer shade, cereal or sediment at the bottom. A greenish color indicates a blockage. bile ducts; dark as tea leaves – for diseases the liver.

Excess of the leukocyte and red blood cell count indicates inflammatory processes and even for the presence of tumors or urolithiasis illnesses. The protein found in the analysis indicates infection in kidney or urinary tract disease. However he also enters the urine after taking medication and with improper hygiene. How much urine is needed for babies to analyze – find out the exact information from our material.

What is the norm of protein in the urine of a child?

Workshop for moms: take note of why acetone appears in the analysis of urine.


To avoid distortion of results before infants pees in the proposed container, you need to wash it with soap and wipe with a soft towel.

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