How many diapers (pampers) are needed per daynewborn baby?

Disposable diapers for today are the most
essential accessory for kids that is used almost
all modern parents. They allow not only to save
time and make life easier for the young mom, but also provide the right
and high-quality child care. They make it possible to forget about those
times when only used to care for newborns
reusable diaper. Pampers are convenient, deliver less hassle and
Great for toddlers.

новорожденный в подгузнике

Myths around disposable diapers

Often some pediatricians and relatives oppose
so that the child is constantly in disposable diapers. They
frighten young mothers with myths that it is harmful to health. Allegedly
skin does not breathe in them and this can lead to irritations and
diaper rash and sometimes due to overheating of the testicles cause
infertility in boys.

All these fears are absolutely groundless. With the right
using diapers can not harm the tender and sensitive
the skin of newborns, as made of natural
anti-allergenic materials that are easily breathable and not
causing negative skin reactions.

Fear of possible infertility and impaired spermatogenesis in
boys too greatly exaggerated. Sperms begin
produced at a much older age, about
12 years old. Hurt this process by wearing diapers just
is impossible. Вот подробная статья – вредны ли
diapers for boys

How to choose the best?

If you prefer diapers, you should responsibly approach
the choice of the manufacturer. Should not focus on advertising or
cost Not always the most expensive or popular diapers.
fit your baby. Much depends on individual
features. To find out which diapers
the manufacturer is more comfortable to your baby, you can buy a sample
several diapers from different manufacturers by the piece.

Consider the size, which is determined by the weight of the baby.
Experts recommend to pay attention to rubber and velcro
diapers They не должны быть жесткими.

Some firms have special series on the market.
diapers especially for babies that have excellent
absorbent abilities. The best choice expert
diapers remains the baby himself. He can always tell if
something is wrong. A kid, satisfied with the means of hygiene and care, not
naughty, fun playing. His skin is dry, without irritation or
strips of velcro or rubber bands. He is not trying to pull off
diaper. Over time, in the entire range of modern diapers
Mom will be able to choose by quality exactly those that will be perfect.
fit for her baby.

READING DETAIL: how and what diapers to choose for
newborns (+ video reviews)

How many diapers will a newborn need per day?

The answer to this question worries many young mothers. They хотят хотя
would approximately know how many diapers should be bought on
first time. The numbers are very approximate and frequency dependent.
urination and feces, as well as the age of the baby.

The amount of urination in children of the first month of life
varies from 20 to 25 times a day. Many mothers conducted a test on
wet diaper and this figure was confirmed. Daily urine volume can
be from 300 to 500 ml, one-time (one urination) – from 20
up to 35 ml. The chair in the first weeks of life can be almost after each
feeding Do not be afraid of this.

Pediatricians advise changing newborn diapers before or after
feeding, before going to bed or when the baby is awake, and also before
walk. This is approximately every 2-3 hours. In case of unforeseen
situations diaper changes more often and do not need to wait for a certain
of time. If you come to a massage therapist, even if the diaper
the baby is barely full, after the procedure it is advisable not to wear it, but
use a new one. In the case of a bowel movement, the diaper changes.

Every time you change the diaper, you just need to undermine
water or soapy water after stool. Recommended
use a special protective cream under the diaper with chamomile or
календулой (как наносить крем под подгузник (рейтинг лучших
). You can not immediately wear a new diaper, and lay out
baby naked on the diaper and let him lie down. Should remember
that the optimum temperature in the room should be around
20-22 ° C.

On average, the frequency of changing a disposable diaper for
новорожденного – до 10 раз в день. With age child
require fewer diapers. Children by half a year
хватает до 5 штук в сутки (4 днем + 1 на ночь). it
due to the fact that in infants older bowel movements do not occur
as often as newborns. The quantity is also reduced
used diapers.

In general, each mother determines how many times the child
need to change pampers. However, it takes into account individual
features of your baby.


Answers Mummies from the forums:

… when the little one was completely – 5-7 pcs

… 4-6 pieces, the child in them constantly

… while small 6-7 pcs. left, take a big pack,
more economical …

… If diapers are constantly, then the newborn needs them
10-12 per day, the older the child, the less consumption.

… Constantly in diapers, at least 10 a day goes away. It is believed
that the more often you change – the less diaper is harmful, from the doctors itself
more than once heard. When the diaper is dry, which one is downright
unprecedented harm, as supporters like scare scare? Sorry, but
piss gauze diaper does not think “more useful”

памперс рассчитан примерно на 4 часа , в сутках 24
hours, 24/4 = 6 pieces. + 2 more just in case. Total

Смена подгузника ночью: нужно ли будить для этого?

Some manufacturers create special lines “night”
diapers for newborns. Такие подгузники дают
the opportunity for the baby to be dry in a dream and sleep soundly. They имеют
thicker layer and excellent absorbency.

Sleeping baby is not recommended to wake up for the next shift
the diaper. Wait until he wants to eat and wake up. Then
you can gently change his clothes.

Arguments for and against the use of disposable

Pampers have their charms and shortcomings. To significant advantages
include the following:

  • They дают возможность экономить время и силы молодой мамы, так
    as do not require washing. It is enough to remove and throw out;
  • They комфортны, так как влага отлично поглощается и малыш сухой
    and pleased. Clothing remains clean and dry;
  • With the right использовании и соответствии размера возрасту
    they do not leak;
  • They очень удобны при долговременных поездках или прогулках, а в
    cold and winter time are irreplaceable;
  • They создают условия малышу для здорового и полноценного

К недостаткам относят неэкономичность diapers For budget
young family diaper costs are sometimes significant
amounts. Some babies may have dermatitis and allergies to
materials of certain manufacturers. Not recommended
use of diapers for stomach upset or elevated
temperature There are opinions that if you use them all the time,
then it can lead to a curvature of the hip joint of the baby.
Some insist that diapers make it difficult to teach a child to
горшку в дальнейшем (кстати, вот что
 6 лучших трусиков – diapers).

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: Одноразовые подгузники – «за» и
�”Against” the benefits and harm

Experienced pediatricians advise not to abuse
diapers and dress them as needed. The main thing in their
use is an additional rest and calm young
moms. Such a mom can feel all the joy of her new
position and give the baby more love, affection and

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Or how to wean a child from diapers

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