How magnetic storms affect healthhuman

Update: February 2019

Negative effects of magnetic storms
predisposed according to various data from 50 to 70% of the total population
of the world. Moreover, the beginning of such a stress reaction in a particular
human при различных бурях может смещаться на разное время.

Someone reaction occurs 1-2 days before the geomagnetic
disturbances, when flares occur in the sun, someone starts
feel bad at peak magnetic storms, in some
malaise appears only after some time after it.

If you listen to yourself, watch the state changes
health and conduct analysis, it is possible to detect a connection of deterioration
health with a forecast of the geomagnetic situation of the earth.

What are magnetic storms?

Magnetic storms most often occur in low and middle latitudes.
planets last from several hours to several days. it
comes from the shock wave of high frequency solar fluxes
wind From flares in the sun into space there is a release of large
quantities of electrons and protons that are at tremendous speed
sent to the ground and within 1-2 days reach its atmosphere.
Charged particles in a strong flow change the magnetic field of the planet.
That is, this phenomenon occurs during a period of high solar
activity perturbing the earth’s magnetic field.

Fortunately, such flashes are no more than 2-3 times a month, which
Scientists can predict, fixing flashes and movement of solar
wind Geomagnetic storms can be of varying intensity, from
minor to very aggressive.  With powerful disturbances,
as for example September 11, 2005, there were dysfunctions
satellite navigation and disconnection in some areas
North America. In the 50s of the last century, scientists
analyzed almost 100,000 car accidents and as a result
found that on day 2 after the outbreaks in the sun the number of accidents
on the roads dramatically increased.


Magnetic storms are most dangerous for people suffering
cardiovascular disease, hypotension or
hypertension, veto-vascular dystonia or mental
diseases. Young, healthy people practically do not feel
influence of magnetic vibrations.

How does the effect of magnetic storms on health

Geomagnetic storms can have a huge impact on
деятельность human — разрушение энергетических систем, ухудшение
communications, failures of navigation systems, to the increase in injuries at
production, air and auto disasters, as well as the state
human health. It has also been determined by doctors
the time of magnetic storms increases the number of suicides by 5 times.
Particularly affected by geomagnetic fluctuations are residents of the North,
Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, residents of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk,

Therefore, it is just a few days after the flares in the sun.
the number of suicides, heart attacks, strokes,
hypertensive crises. According to various data during magnetic storms
their number increases by 15%. Manifest a negative impact on
здоровье human может следующими симптомами:

  • Migraine (see Triptans for migraine)
  • Headaches, joint pains
  • Reaction to bright light, sharp loud noises
  • Insomnia, or vice versa, drowsiness
  • Emotional instability, irritability
  • Tachycardia (see causes of tachycardia)
  • Blood pressure jumps
  • Poor general well-being, weakness, fatigue
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases in elderly people

Scientists explain the deterioration of health in meteo-dependent
people by changing the magnetic field of the earth in the body
capillary blood flow slows down, that is, aggregates are formed
blood cells, blood thickens, may increase the level
blood cholesterol, oxygen starvation of organs and
tissues, first of all hypoxia, experience nerve endings and
brain. If magnetic storms go in a row with a break of a week, then
most of the population, the body is able to adapt and react to
the next repeated excitement is practically non-existent.

What do weather-sensitive people do to reduce these

Meteorological people, as well as people with chronic diseases
the approach of magnetic storms should be monitored and deleted in advance
for this period any events, actions that may lead
to stress, it is best at this time to be at ease, relax and
reduce any physical and emotional overload. What follows
Also avoid or exclude:

  • Stress, exercise, overeating – increasing
    load on the cardiovascular system
  • Eliminate alcohol intake, restrict fatty foods that increase
  • You can’t get out of bed abruptly, it will aggravate the headache and
  • The negative impact of storms on an airplane is especially strongly felt.
    subway (with a sharp acceleration and stop the train) – try not to
    enjoy the subway during this period. It is noticed that the subway machinists
    often suffer from coronary heart disease, and among the passengers
    subways often have heart attacks.
  • And in the first, and on the second day after the storm, the drivers slow down
    the reaction is 4 times, so driving should be extremely
    careful, if you are meteo-dependent – do not drive this

What can be done to mitigate such negative

  • People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension,
    vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc. should be taken care of in advance and
    always have the usual medicines at hand
  • If there are no contraindications, it is recommended to take 0.5.
    aspirin tablets that thin the blood and may reduce the risk
    development of problems with blood vessels and heart
  • Very well reduces the effects of magnetic storms ordinary water –
    taking a shower, even better than a contrast shower, even a simple wash
    may relieve condition
  • If a person in such periods is anxious, sleepless,
    irritability, taking sedatives is necessary –
    valerian, motherwort, peony, etc.
  • Well helps tea with mint, raspberries, tea from the leaves of strawberries,
    broths hips, St. John’s wort, lemon balm
  • From fruit, it is desirable to use apricot, blueberry, cranberry,
    currants, lemon, bananas, raisins.

As always, any point of view on almost any issue.
finds both supporters and opponents, this also applies to the influence
magnetic storms. Opponents of this theory argue that
гравитационные возмущения, которые оказывает на human Луна,
The sun, the other planets of the solar system are not so strongly affected.
на организм human, гораздо больший вред человеку доставляет
daily stress in everyday life – a sharp rise or descent
(rides, roller coasters, air flights), sharp
braking and shaking transport, loud noise, emotional
overstrain, overwork, lack of proper rest,
lack of sleep

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