How long does a newborn baby sleep induring the day

Immediately after giving birth, each mom’s life is cardinally
is changing. Now the first thing she needs to do is take care of the little
little man, her child. If the first child was born, then the young mother
may worry that their baby sleeps almost round the clock,
so to this frequent question (how much should normally sleep
newborn baby of the first days of life) we will try

Сколько спит новорожденный ребенок

How many hours a day does a newborn baby sleep

The first month after birth, children spend most of their time in
a dream. Answer the question how many hours does a newborn baby sleep
day, you can, only calling the general average data –
16 -20 часов. After all, in fact, every child
is individual. And the duration of sleep is sometimes not the main
an indicator to find out if a baby grows and develops well or

If your child shows no signs of anxiety, he has
good appetite, permissible body temperature, regular stool –
it means everything is all right and let him sleep as much as he needs
an organism. With a good state of health it is quite possible that sleep
новорожденного ребенка будет составлять всего 16-17 часов в
, а остальное время он будет бодрствовать. It’s all
included in the scope of the norm.

(We recommend to watch the video :)

Night sleep rates

В норме ночной сон грудничка может составлять 8-9
, при условии, что вы его будете кормить по
requirement. There are two sides of the coin – if the child will sleep with
you are likely to sleep more calmly and

Сколько должен спать новорожденный ребенок


Mom smells like milk, such a heartbeat is felt,
heat. A child at any time, near you, can attach to
chest If you practice separate sleep, the first two
postnatal weeks be prepared for the fact that you have to sleep while sitting
next to the crib. Feeding in this approach to sleep better to establish
on the clock, set the mode. But as the data show, after all
in a separate dream, sleep is more short-lived than in a joint one
не более 6-7 часов.

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If you swaddle the baby, the sleep of the newborn will also
calmer and stronger. (Статья «за» и «против» пеленания)

сколько спит новорожденный ребенок

Таблица сна ребенка (Кликабельно)

Малыш еще не различает времени суток, и вполне может перепутать
day and night. This is becoming a real problem for mom, and she
can neither plan housework nor get enough sleep herself that
negatively affects her well-being and lactation. If so
happened, the baby’s sleep should be gently but surely turned into the right
mainstream. Do not stack it too early in the evening, presumably
schedule time for sleep and try to download the baby at this time,
plus or minus an hour. The next day the child will return to the usual
for all the way of life, in the daytime – the hours of wakefulness, at night – sleep.

Very well affect the sleep of the child walks in the fresh air.
The lungs are saturated with oxygen, the baby falls asleep easily, and with good
weather conditions, daytime sleep on the street can be as much as six
hours in a row! But to maintain breastfeeding costs
apply the baby to the breast at least once every three hours, do not forget
about it. (See how much milk a newborn should eat)


How long a newborn sleeps may depend on
emotional situation in the family. If mom has besides worries
oh baby to do as before the rest of the homework, she is very
exhausted and tired. The child after childbirth remains a close relationship
with her mother, so her anxiety will reflect on his emotional
condition. He can wake up every half hour, demanding to himself
care, attention, my mother’s caresses. This lack of regime quickly
drain all strength. Therefore, to keep healthy sleep yourself and
your child, create coziness and comfort in your home.

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