How long do you need to iron clothes (diapers) fornewborn? And do I need to iron them?

After giving birth, the young mother’s day is
scheduled by the minute: it needs not only to provide the correct
care for a baby that requires constant attention, but also during breaks
between modal moments remake the mass of homework (to make
cleaning, cook, wash and iron

глажка белья newborn baby

Do I need to iron diapers and little things of a newborn
baby? Isn’t it a waste of time and energy
which already lacks?


Arguments against ironing

Opinions regarding the need for ironing diapers are ambiguous.
even among experienced pediatricians. There is a big category
professionals who are convinced that excessive disinfection of everything, with
what contacts the crumb is not only unnecessary, but also harmful to him,

  • Microorganisms that are inevitably present in our environment
    environment, force the young body to fight off pathogens,
    thereby creating the effect of natural vaccination;
  • Ironed linen partially loses its ability to absorb
    moisture and may cause prickly heat or irritation
    delicate infant skin.

As for the question of the healing of the umbilical wound – the main
argument in favor of ironing the diapers – this part
pediatricians believe that it is not so much the sterility of the diapers that is important,
how much timeliness and correctness of processing the wound itself
(See how to properly handle the umbilical wound).


Arguments in favor of ironing

An equally numerous category of specialists insists on
that newborn clothing must be subject to compulsory
ironing, but only until the navel is completely healed. It’s related:

  • gladim-veshchi-novorozhdennogo

    With weakness of the infant immune system. For
    the first month of life the crumb needs protection from all sorts of
    bacteria. Even if the baby’s underwear is constantly washed in a very
    hot (up to 90 degrees) water, while drying on the balcony or
    battery microbes still fall on the fabric. Hot same iron and
    the steaming system effectively kills all microorganisms and
    disinfect children’s clothes;
  • In the process of ironing neutralization of detergent residues
    agents that can provoke an allergic reaction
  • Stripping and ironing can make natural fabric more
    soft. The same happens with the seams: softened, they do not
    rub soft baby skin.
  • Ironing diapers will last longer;
  • Well ironed things look aesthetically pleasing, which is important
    при посещении поликлиники или во время визита свекрови :) : облаченный в них малыш будет выглядеть более
    attractive and well maintained.

Popular questions:


How long does it take to caress baby things?
педиатры советуют обязательно гладить до заживления
umbilical wound.



Do I need to iron diapers for a newborn with two
 – На самом деле, это напрасная трата времени.
Ironing things is recommended on the one hand – the inside, which
in contact with the skin of the child.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: как и чем стирать вещи для
newborn baby

Secrets of the correct ironing

  • In order not to set fire to children’s clothes and not to switch them every minute
    iron, before starting ironing things need to sort by type
    tissue. Putting the iron control to the minimum value, first
    begin to iron clothes made of delicate materials
    (for example, from silk), gradually moving to chintz, cotton and
  • For the manufacture of diapers use flannel and cotton. These fabrics
    need steam and ironing at high (190-200 degrees)
    temperature Dry cloth should be sprayed out of a spray bottle and
    set aside for five minutes, letting her “stand back.” Even possessing modern
    iron with a powerful steam system, you should iron the diapers with
    both sides. This is not done in order to destroy
    bacteria (steaming mode will destroy them even under the condition
    one-sided ironing). This is necessary for optimal alignment.
    cotton fiber structures;
  • One-sided ironing and more are needed for chintz products.
    low (150 degrees) iron temperature. Stroking from the front
    the sides will give the fabric a glossy shine, and from the back – matte.
    Parched chintz needs additional moisture, even if
    The ironing process uses the steam function.

Little tricks

  1. Moisturize dry diaper better than warm water poured into
    spray gun. This water is absorbed faster and softens the fabric.
    much better.
  2. Baby clothes can be ironed only on the side that
    comes in contact with the skin of the baby: it saves both the time and the strength of the mother.
  3. Having adjusted the height of the ironing board to your own height,
    Mom will be able to reduce the load on the muscles of the arms and back.
  4. The perfect iron should have a comfortable grip system.
    sprinkling and steaming and not very heavy weight.
  5. Before ironing, make sure that the iron is clean.
    surface and steam coming out of the iron. For steaming should
    use only distilled water.

After the umbilical wound heals, from ironing children’s clothes
and the diaper can be waived (the exception is only period
the healing of a BCG vaccination made at the maternity hospital, which has
wont inflame a month after its implementation; for a while
this period, ironing is better to resume).

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Как ухаживать за детской
clothes (washing, drying, ironing, storage): tips and

That’s what moms write on the forums:

sharik (врач анестезиолог-реаниматолог): я
ironed 2 weeks before the navel heals. Imagine how i would
Killed to iron up to 8 months

ПрагМа: Моей доче три месяца – не глажу
nothing at all. Without consequences. The truth is the dryer, her little things
I wash separately and land at 120 degrees, not always, but mostly.
I think it replaces ironing. I do not see the meaning of ironing. Microbes
there is everywhere. Destroy them with modern methods of child care
– памперсы и т.д. I consider a waste of time, effort and money.
Достаточно того, что детские вещи будут совершенно сухими – во
the humid microbial environment is still bigger and they multiply
it is better.

Берёза: Я гладила только вещи, постиранные
and cooked before delivery. After the birth of the daughter was not
time, no desire. No unpleasant consequences, by the way, too
did not have!

Анна: мне педиатр сказала, что один раз
погладила после покупки и больше – не надо. do not complicate yourself
a life. The child alone uses them, the immunity will be stronger.

melam0ry: Я когда перед роддомом постирала
diapers and began to stroke them, my husband approached me and tenderly so
said: “Katenka, if you have nothing to do, so you lie down sleep”
 At this, the ironing of the diapers is over. And about
�“Aesthetics” … a crumpled diaper will be, if it is crumpled after washing and
keep in this form, and if it is carefully hung and when it dries
аккуратно сложить – разницы между глаженой и неглаженой никакой
(I confidently assert that I had patted 5 diapers to distinguish them
then I could not)

Well, just smile :)

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