How long after delivery canhave sex?

After childbirth, women should follow the recommendations.
doctor, so that the body is fully recovered. Therefore it is necessary
to suffer restrictions that include intimate
proximity. You can not have sex the first time after birth. This
the ban is due to a whole range of reasons.

Когда можно заниматься сексом после родов

What is dangerous sex after childbirth?

Sex at first after childbirth is fraught with irreparable harm to
female health. This is due to the fact that the uterus is still very vulnerable:
it shrinks intensively to push out the remnants of the amniotic fluid
tissues and blood, which were formed during the period of carrying a child.
This process is called lochia. Usually they last about 2
months, but may be completed earlier, although this is still no reason
resume sex life.

Sex can cause seam breaks, which are often
impose the parturient on the area of ​​the perineum or cervix that
fraught with complications and an increased risk of infection.

Against this background, an inflammatory process may develop. Usually he
eliminated by taking antibiotics, but the young mother will have to interrupt
lactation. It will cause stress in the baby and can negatively
affect its health.

Even if some time has passed after giving birth, sex is still
can provoke painful sensations. Because of this, both partners
remain unsatisfied, which can result in conflicts in
family. So in the recovery period after childbirth abstinence
the interests of both. A man should show respect for his mother
child and recognize the vulnerability of its current situation. Worth
succumb to minute weakness – and a woman’s health can seriously
get injured.

How long do you need to abstain?

There is no universal answer to the question of how long
after the birth of the baby, you can begin to have sex. It depends
from the state of health of the young mother and how complex
were giving birth.

After cesarean section, the recovery is longer. A woman
do not lift weights, do physical exercises. Under the ban
sexual relations also fall.

The optimal abstinence time is 2 months, if not
During this period, lochia is usually completed,
all seams dissolve, normal physical state. AT
principle, a young mother herself will understand when her body
will recover and be ready for sexual intercourse. ATсе же лучше сходить
an appointment with a gynecologist, pass the necessary tests and undergo an ultrasound,
to ensure no inflammation and other problems.

What if pain occurs?

Women who have recently given birth sometimes experience pain during sexual intercourse.
of the act. This is normal. First sex after giving birth
equal to the very first in the life of a woman. This момент
exciting for both partners, so experts advise
prepare for it and take time to foreplay.

If, besides the painful sensations, the woman notices
spotting, intimacy must be interrupted.
should go to the gynecologist to find out the cause of this phenomenon.
Bleeding may indicate that
damaged unhealed genitals. Then you should repeat
attempt to have sex later.

Dryness in the postpartum period
vagina. This is due to hormonal changes.
organism. A woman should not be afraid of this process. Just in
time of intercourse is worth using lubricants that
intended for just such cases. ATыбирать лучше средства, в
which structure there are no hormonal additives, artificial dyes
and flavors.


Signs of problems

Complications after childbirth can occur in any woman. ATедь
the birth of a baby is a serious load on the body, which is why
its susceptibility to various diseases increases. Sometimes
Having sex after childbirth can be quite risky.
A woman should be alerted by the following symptoms after sexual intercourse.

  • itching and burning;
  • yellow or green vaginal discharge;
  • lower abdominal pain;
  • unpleasant smell from the genitals.

Having noticed these signs, you should definitely go for an examination.
in female consultation. Most often, atypical discharge and
discomfort in the vagina indicate the penetration of the infection into
открытые раны если оставить все без лечения, это
may even threaten the life of a young mother.
So in
the postpartum period needs to be especially attentive to your

Nuances of intimacy after childbirth

ATажно не только соблюсти рекомендованный срок воздержания после
childbirth, but also properly have sex at first. Doing so
need to be very careful. Recommended Poses – Missionary and Lying
on the side (postures in which the penetration is less deep). Movements
should not be quick and rude since the first sexual intercourse
after childbirth can be traumatic.

Sometimes женщины переживают из-за объемов влагалища, ведь после
of labor, it remains for some time greatly stretched.
This provokes various fears and complexes. ATсе же постепенно
vagina muscles bounce back and speed up process help
Kegel exercises. You will need vaginal balls to perform them.
or other devices. The essence of the exercise is rhythmic
сокращении мышц vagina. Good effect gives yoga – she, too
helps to restore muscle tone.

Subject to all rules and precautions sex after childbirth
не представляет опасности для female health. First proximity
after the birth of the baby becomes a kind of indicator. If everyone
It will go well, it means that regular intimate life can be
resume. On how successful will be sexy
adaptation depends on the further emotional state of the young
mothers, and the ability to avoid many crises in relationships.

At first, intimacy can not deliver a woman of the same
pleasure, as before birth. This is quite natural. The main thing –
remember that libido will recover in time. Until this
happened, set yourself up for positive.

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Sex after giving birth! Frankly!

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Intimate life after birth and contraception

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