How избавиться от запора в домашних условиях —treatment of constipation in various ways

Update: December 2018

Constipation is considered to be a violation of intestinal function, which
manifested by chronic insufficient emptying or
an increase in the interval between the processes of defecation up to 2 days and

In a healthy person, stool frequency is individual, and directly
depends on lifestyle, work, age, diet and
drinking regime habits. For treating constipation at home
there is a wide variety of methods, and each person
knows your body better than any doctor and selects the most
suitable ways for him. Each person is individual, one
anti-constipation can be very effective for one and
completely useless for the other, it concerns not only the treatment
constipation, but also for other diseases and symptoms. how избавиться от
constipation at home? Worth approaching this delicate
problems from several sides: special gymnastics, massage,
health food, drinking mode, normalization of motor function
bowel, emergency use of laxatives,
candles for constipation, enemas, microclysters, treatment with mineral waters,
treatment aimed at the elimination of associated diseases
Gastrointestinal tract.

However, if you follow all the recommendations for improving
emptying for 2-3 months, but constipation will continue
bother – hence this indicates that the person has
the following diseases can be: malfunctions
liver, pancreas, gallbladder or intestines,
which should be established with careful due diligence.
See in more detail – the causes of constipation. It is worth remembering that constipation
is a symptom, not a disease, so you should not eliminate
manifestations of the disease, and the disease itself.

Food for constipation, drinking regime, physical activity

With лечении запора в домашних условиях попробуйте для начала
change your diet, for this you need to know what
foods contribute to stagnation in the intestines, which
on the contrary, stimulate the natural physiological process
emptying. So, products that should be excluded or
significantly limit:

how избавиться от запора в домашних условиях

  • Drinks – cocoa, black coffee, very strong tea, alcohol,
  • Withправы — горчица, острые, жирные соусы, майонез, хрен,
  • Herbal products – garlic, onions, mushrooms, radish, turnips,
  • Oils – margarine, cooking oils, animal fats, that is, any
    confectionery, pastry, candy, chocolate, palm and
    coconut oil.
  • Fruits, berries – dogwood, blueberry, quince, pomegranate
  • Protein food – goose, duck, hard-boiled eggs, fatty
    meat and fish varieties, rich fatty meat and chicken
    broth, all smoked products, canned food and products with
  • Cereals and bread products – rice, semolina, products from
    shortbread, puff pastry, bread made from high-grade flour.

Foods that should be consumed daily:

  • Drinks – better on an empty stomach fruit and vegetable freshly squeezed juices –
    carrot, apricot, tomato, plum, rosehip decoctions,
    chamomile, dandelion, yarrow, nettle.
  • Dairy products – mild cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, fresh (1-2
    day) kefir, yogurt, varenets.
  • Vegetables, fruits – cabbage, beets, other raw fresh vegetables,
    greens, sauerkraut, zucchini, kiwi, apricots, figs, cantaloupe,
    plum, rowan jam, fruit compotes, honey, vinaigrettes and
    salads with boiled vegetables, fruit salads.
  • Vegetable oils – olive, sunflower
  • Protein products – seafood, low-fat varieties of fish and meat,
    chicken, turkey – only in baked or boiled form.
  • Groats – oatmeal, buckwheat, barley porridge, not thick, but
  • Супы  — на слабом мясном бульоне из овощей, борщ,
    beetroot soup, cabbage soup with fresh cabbage, fruit soups.
  • Хлеб  — из муки грубого помола, лучше ржаной, несдобная
    pastries, dry biscuits.

 Drinking mode

For normal life, any organism requires
a certain amount of water. And if its receipt from outside
limited, while the tissue need for fluid is not
changes, in which case the body takes water from the intestines,
leading to severe dehydration of the feces, their hardening and how
consequence to constipation. Therefore, in the intestine may form zones
in which fecal stones accumulate, they do not go outside, but
emit gases and up to 200 kinds of different poisons. Because of this happening
stronger fermentation process, rotting in the intestines, and in feces
the fungus multiplies more intensively
opportunistic bacteria, parasites, causing discomfort, severity,
pain and constipation.

That a person should drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid in
day everyone knows. With стойких хронических запорах, вместо
unnatural, forced bowel movements with enemas,
can eliminate stagnation in a natural way –
increasing the amount of fluid you drink daily. However,
This method has contraindications, such as heart or
renal failure, hypertension, etc. If in person
suffering from constipation, excessive consumption of water does not lead to
severe edema and other disorders, it is possible to begin treatment of constipation
with diet and increase the amount of water you drink.

Try every day to drink a little more fluid than
usually. With этом следует ограничивать употребление соленых, жирных,
fried foods should be drunk half an hour before meals or later
2 hours after meals, bringing the amount to 2-2.5 liters per day.
Within 2 months you will notice how the chair softens and
easier emptying. Of course, it should be used as
can be more fruits and vegetables – watermelons, beets, grapes, kiwi,
apricots, apples, prunes, cabbage, bananas, ripe pears,

Separately, I would like to note the option of treating constipation in the home
mineral water conditions. it также весьма эффективно, особенно,
if the water is from a spring, but not bottled – Slavyanovskaya,
Smirnovskaya, Essentuki, Batalinskaya, Jermuk. If mineral water
from bottles, it is better to drink it without gases, in the form of heat for 30-40
minutes before meals.

Exercise, Massage

Most residents of cities, metropolitan areas are today in
mostly sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, and for the prevention and
constipation treatment leading role belongs to physical activity
person Of course, many do not have enough time to visit
gyms, yoga workouts, swimming pool visits,
bike, even just for hiking.

For those who fail to allocate special time for a trip to
fitness club, for women after childbirth, housewives, today exists
A unique set of exercises Bodyflex, which can be quickly
to master without an instructor, finding information on the Internet or on
sports television channels. it буквально несколько несложных
exercises in combination with special breathing has
amazing feature – when performing exercises occurs
intense massage of the internal organs, and the intestines including that
helps fight constipation.

In this Bodyflex is related to yoga, but yoga is more
complex type of gymnastics and without an instructor to do it
problematic. A 15-minute workout at home every day leads to
surprising results – muscles are tightened, weight is normalized and
work the whole body, improves digestion and problems with the chair
go away.

To get rid of constipation at home is also quite
effective massage, which can be done independently:

  •  Do circular movements, slightly pressing down with the palm of your hand.
    right arm, along the colon clockwise during
    minutes Then with both palms from the ribs to the pubis, starting from the sides,
    from top to bottom, also slightly pressing down the body, should turn out like
    would be a triangle, the top of which is the pubis.
  • In the evening, for the prevention of constipation, you can do strokes.
    the abdomen from the solar plexus to the pubis, again only the top
    way down.
  • All known exercise bike, which is performed lying
    on the back is also helpful in dealing with stagnation
    intestine, except getting rid of constipation, this exercise is very useful
    and for the treatment of varicose veins.

Drug treatment methods

If the above natural adjustment methods
intestinal peristalsis does not help, and the severity and bloating
strongly disturb, in rare cases it is possible to use different
pharmacological drugs, which today
sufficient range. how разобраться в этом разнообразии, какое
remedy to get rid of constipation to choose a pharmacy?

Laxatives for oral administration

These drugs in pharmacy chains a wide variety, laxatives
funds can be both synthesized and plant. By
the nature of the effects on the intestines, these funds are divided into:
irritants, fillers, osmotic action, prebiotics.

Irritants laxatives

Laxatives that provide stimulating, annoying
action on the mucous and intestinal muscles – their use causes
pains and cramps in the intestines, besides they cannot be used
for a long time. К таким препаратам relate:

  • Бисакодил (цена в аптеках 30-40 rub) — аналоги Бисадил,
    Лаксакодил, Дульколакс (220 rub) Лаксбене, Пирилакс, Стадалакс,
  • Натрия пикосульфат- это Гутталакс (капли 300 rub), Гуттасил,
    Лаксигал (350 rub), Слабикап, Слабилен (капли 100 rub), Регулакс
    Пикосульфат (150 rub).
  • Сеннозиды А и В — это Сенна пастилки, Регулакс (капли 150 rub),
    Senade (20 rubles), Antrasennin, Herbion Laksana, Senadeksin (30
    rub.), Tisasen, Senaleks, Eks – Laks.
  • Castor oil (20-30 rubles), phenolphthalein.

Laxatives – Prebiotics

Laxatives – Prebiotics, это самые безопасные и
preferred drugs because they contribute to a mild
emptying, and normalization of intestinal microflora, allowed them
long-term use up to 3 months according to the testimony of the doctor, to them

  • Лактулоза — аналоги Нормазе (200-250 rub), Byрталак сироп,
    Гудлак (200-250 rub), Дюфалак (300-400 rub), Ромфалак, Лактусан
    (120 rub), Прелакс (160-200 rub), Медулак (350 rub).
  • Лактитол — аналоги Экспортал (120-400 rub), Importal N –
    powder for making mortar.


Agents – fillers that increase the volume of the contents
intestine, while not everyone helps. Persons with chronic constipation
may not have a positive effect, but only cause
bloating, flatulence, these include:

  • Psyllium Husk Seeds – Ispagol (250 rub), seed coat
    plantain oval Mukofalk (300 rubles), Solgar Pslium (1000
  • Семя льна (40-150 rub)
  • Wheat bran, Sterculia, Methylcellulose.

Osmotic agents

Osmotic agents – когда повышается осмотическое
pressure, intestinal contents easily evacuated. This is saline
solutions that are most often used to cleanse the intestines
before medical manipulations, examinations, to them

  •  Macrogol – the most popular group of drugs, analogues
    Форлакс (160-200 rub), Лавакол (180 rub), Фортранс (500 rub),
    Osmogol, Tranzipeg, Forteza Rompharm, Realaxan.
  •  Карловарская искусственная соль, гептагидрат
    magnesium sulfate – magnesia, bitter, salt, epsom


Phytopreparations – их также большое разнообразие, это и
laxative fees, and dietary supplements. They are strong enough
laxative effect, despite the vegetable origin. With
The choice of such tools should also be borne in mind that for many
funds may be an allergic reaction of the body. To vegetable
remedies for constipation include the following drugs:

  • Fitolax – collection of flax seeds, kelp thalli, cassia leaves and
    plantain, apricot fruit, MCC, dill fruit.
  • Buckthorn, Ramnil, Zhostera Laxative Fruits
  • Rhubarb palmate
  • Kafiol – leaf and fruits of senna, fig
  • Plantain shell – Mukofalk, Fayberleks, Naturolaks
  • Laminaria thallus – FitoTransit, Mamoklam
  • Proctofitol – senna, coriander, licorice, buckthorn,
  • Laxative fees 1 and 2

It should be remembered that none of the laxatives can
take in the period of acute inflammatory processes in the organs
abdominal cavity, intestine, with exacerbation of hemorrhoids and other
diseases and conditions, which is always detailed in
instructions. Do not self-medicate if constipation is accompanied.
pain, bleeding, fever, nausea – this
may be symptoms of more serious diseases.

Laxative candles for constipation

Such funds in the Russian pharmaceutical market are not so
many, their advantage is a fairly quick action
usually after 5–20 minutes emptying takes place. These drugs also
do not use often, it is strictly contraindicated
use of bisacodil candles for children and pregnant women.

Лечение запора в домашних условиях

Less safe suppositories for emergency disposal.
from constipation at home is – Evacue (not children under 12 years old),
Glycerol, Mikrolaks (ready microclysters), candles with glycerin,

By less effective, but the safest include – candles with
sea ​​buckthorn oil. If a person suffers from constipation on the background of hemorrhoids
or anal fissures, such effective candles as
Posterisan, Relief may also have a laxative effect, and
healing, anti-inflammatory.

Is it possible to do an enema and how to put it correctly?

Enemas, of course, very effectively, quickly help with constipation,
however, there are also a lot of contraindications to their implementation and
Often resort to non-natural methods of emptying the intestines.
To make an enema, you should make a choice, because
There are several options:

  • Hypertensive enema – for its implementation using
    magnesia or concentrated saline, it is considered
    microclyster, since the volume of liquid does not exceed 50 ml. how
    get rid of constipation at home, if there is no magnesia – you can
    take regular table salt 2 teaspoons and dissolve it in 100
    ml. воды, спринцовкой или грушей ввести 50 ml. straight solution
    the gut.
  • Oil enema is the safest to carry it out.
    необходимо подогреть на водяной бане до 37С 20-50 ml.
    sunflower, olive, apricot oil. Optionally, you can
    dilute it with water and also use a syringe to make microclysters with a syringe. Effect
    from such a procedure will be only 8-12 hours.
  • Cleansing enema is the most popular procedure for which
    an Esmarkh cup and 1.5 -2 liters of water at room temperature are required,
    Water should not be too cold or too warm. With
    запоре обычно рекомендуют сделать только 500 ml. and immediately go to
    toilet to free the rectum from the hard stools, and
    Only then enter the remaining 1.5 liters of water.

Learn more about the types of enemas and how to properly
Enema with constipation, read our article.

Delicious ways to treat constipation

  • Very effective natural, safe remedy for constipation,
    which is available and easy at home – this is a glass of kefir on
    night, which add a tablespoon of sunflower oil. it
    simple and fairly effective way, and if the morning effect
    will not be worth repeating this method to achieve
  • American recipe – a glass of orange juice on an empty stomach and through
    15 minutes serving of hot oatmeal.
  • The most delicious fruits that have a laxative effect –
    apricot, plum, grapes. it можно использовать даже зимой, когда
    there are no them fresh. Mince the prune mixture,
    dried apricots and raisins and use 1-2 tablespoons of such a mixture
    on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Since ancient times, mountain ash has been considered an excellent laxative and
    used in folk medicine such a recipe – berries fall asleep
    sugar and leave for 1 month, then squeeze the fruit, and half a liter
    сиропа добавляют 25 ml. alcohol. In the morning on an empty stomach drink syrup,
    diluting with water.

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