How in 4 days to cure demodicosis in a person onfacial skin, eyelids, body

Update: December 2018 Skin diseases, for the most part,
deliver only cosmetic inconvenience. Any serious
health hazards they do not represent. Demodecosis is one of these.
pathologies. It can affect any tissue where there is greasy (and
glands similar to them, but it does not harm the internal
organs. but такое течение заболевания – не повод откладывать
treatment for an indefinite period.

ATнешний вид для человека имherт большое значение, он влияет на
the nature of relationships with people and their own self-esteem. A nasty
symptoms of demodicosis that appear on the skin – they can easily
affect these aspects of life. To prevent this, it is enough
conduct a simple diagnosis and proper therapy.

Who causes demodicosis?

The culprit is the blockage of sebaceous glands and lesions of the external tissue
is a microscopic mite – Demodex Follicularum / Breve (D.
Folliculorum / brevis). He likes to settle and breed in these
formations, and this provokes the development of the disease. Passed it
only between people, from an animal (dog, rodent, cat and others)
it is impossible to get infected, because on their skin there are species that are not
adapted to life in the human glands.

A tick is a mobile microorganism, with an average speed of 13-18
mm / hour It can easily pass over the covering tissues to the new
habitat Such a “migration” takes place constantly
the number of parasites, although it is not visible to the eye. That is why
infection occurs very easily – with any contact with the patient
or his household items (towels, linens, clothes and
etc.). Demodex quickly finds “housing” and remains with the new owner
until the moment of treatment.

Where can a tick exist? On any part of the skin,
including eyelids, perineum, and armpits, where there are greasy
glands. Other parts of our body are unfit for it. Exactly
поэтому признаки болезни имherт смысл искать только в указанных
areas. Comfortable for this arachnid is the temperature
37-40оWITH, поэтому в теплых помещениях и при жарком
climate, he begins to actively reproduce, which leads to activation

Who are susceptible to the disease

Despite the fact that by the age of 30 almost 60%
the population is infected with tick, symptoms are far from each
person WITH чем это связано? Normally, immunity can limit
parasite growth by regularly attacking with neutrophil cells. Him
presence does not cause allergic reactions and
повреждения окружающих tissues.

In receptive people, everything happens differently. As a rule, their
the body is weakened by a harmful factor (internal or external) or
имherт генетическую склонность к гиперчувствительным реакциям. AT
The risk group for developing the disease includes the following individuals:

  • WITH иммунодефицитными состояниями (сахарным диабетом
    первого/второго типов, ATИЧ, туберкулезом, любой онкологической
  • Who have close relatives suffering from symptoms
  • Living in constant stress;
  • WITHтрадающие аллергией на любой продукт или вещество (лекарство,
    dust, wool, etc.);
  • Exposed to occupational hazards (contact
    with heavy metals, toxic fumes, dust particles
    and others).

Exactly среди таких пациентов с поражением кожи следует искать
demodicosis as a possible cause of the process.


As mentioned above, signs of pathology can occur on
any part of the body where there are sebaceous glands and the like
Education – this is all skin, except for the feet and palms. Besides
of this, human demodecosis can lead to strong
allergic reactions to the eyes that will manifest
additional symptoms. This condition is called

The first signs of the disease often occur after the action
provoking factor. These include: лечение демодекоза у человека

  • Sharp temperature drops (in spring and autumn);
  • Weakened immunity (stress, acute illness or
    exacerbation of chronic pathology, reception
    hormones-glucocorticosteroids, cytostatics, etc.);
  • Violation of personal hygiene principles, which leads to
    additional blockage of the glands;
  • The action of bad habits – alcohol, tobacco.

AT зависимости от того, где находится наибольшая концентрация
ticks, there are symptoms. Fundamentally should be allocated
three options: on the body, on the eyelids and an additional defeat
visual apparatus.

Skin lesions

When the sebaceous gland is blocked, a whole complex of disorders occurs,
которые отражаются на состоянии  окружающих her tissues.
Наиболher часто можно обнаружить проявления на лице, спине и в
areas of natural grooves (axillary and popliteal fossae).
Than this explained? AT этих местах вырабатывается значительное
the amount of sebum and an optimal habitat is created

Damage to the skin during demodicosis is manifested as follows.
in the following way:

Typical symptom Why does it occur? ATнешний вид
Red tissue Stagnation of fat in the gland and the presence of demodex mites leads to
inflammation of surrounding tissues (subcutaneous tissue and dermis).
Seals arise from the “migration” of immune cells.
(neutrophils), which are settled in the affected area.
The area of ​​the lesion is marked by the appearance of red spots,
irregular shape. With a large process activity, it is possible
the merging of these spots and the formation of a single area of ​​redness
(for example, most of the face).
Skin tightening As a rule, these sites are located in the inflamed area and
determined only by probing.
Itching WITHимптом не постоянный. Often amplified in warm rooms
in hot climates, in the absence of proper hygienic care
inflamed tissues.
Nodule / vesicle formation Since the mouths of the excretory ducts are closed by parasites, the greasy
the secret has nowhere to go. This leads to an increase in the size of the gland,
which becomes like a vial.
Nodule – dense formation, small in size (several
мм), несколько возвышающherся над кожей; Bubble looks
similarly, except for consistency – when probing
he is resilient, resilient. The contents may be visible yellow or
transparent color. In rare cases, with a reddish tinge.
Peeling Permanent inflammation of the skin leads to
enhanced production of horny scales.
A significant amount of flakes, 1-2 mm in size, which
cover the skin and may fall off with a slight impact
(scratching and even stroking).

WITH момента возникновения первых признаков и до момента проведения
therapy, human demodicosis is contagious to others. Even ordinary
touching is a risk factor for tick transmission. but
it should be remembered that the presence of a parasite is not a guarantee
development of the disease. This requires a number of additional conditions
described above.

Symptoms of blepharitis

This term refers to the inflammation of the eyelids that occurs when
meibomian gland blockage (slightly altered sebaceous ducts)
ticks. The mechanism of pathology and provoking factors such
the same as with skin lesions. Often, these two forms of the disease can
combined with each other, reducing the quality of life of the patient.

The characteristic symptoms of blepharitis with demodicosis of the eyelids include:

  • Redness;
  • The appearance of peeling on the damaged area;
  • Thickening of the eyelid with dense crust formation, separation
    which can be very painful;
  • Separate white formations on the eyelashes (figuratively called
    �”Couplings”), which are peeling

With the defeat of tissues on the face (especially in its upper half)
There is always a risk of eye damage. Despite the favorable
during this pathology, it brings the patient significant
discomfort and requires a certain approach to treatment.

Ophthalmodemodecosis (eye damage)

Demodex mites do not always realize their harmful effects
only clogged glands. They have another way to break
the normal state of human tissue – cause allergic
the reaction. Как правило, она имherт местный характер, то есть
manifested not common symptoms (rash, angioedema,
зудом по всему телу и т.д.), а поражением только ближайших tissues.
It is because of this mechanism that the eyes may suffer.

Признаки офтальмодемодекоза  проявляются через несколько
weeks after the onset of blepharitis or skin form. Than this
explained? Our body takes time to develop
antibodies that are the “culprits” of allergy. 
Only then can the following symptoms occur in a patient:

  • Redness of the eyes and an increase in the number of blood vessels
    (capillaries) on the conjunctiva;
  • Fatigue and discomfort. The patient has a feeling of
    sand “and itching in this area. He constantly needs to rub
    eyes to reduce discomfort, but this is usually not
    brings relief;
  • Swelling and heaviness of the eyelids. Also signs of allergic
    exposure to the parasite. Clinically, it manifests difficulty after
    sleep wide open eyes and a characteristic change in the external
  • WITHухость конъюнктивы.

Violation of the visual apparatus – one of the most unpleasant
manifestations of this disease. You can get rid of him enough
quickly, but it requires proper diagnosis and
accordingly, adequate treatment of eye demodicosis in humans.


To confirm the disease will be useful two methods
which are widely available. It is common (or clinical)
анализ крови и изучение под микроскопом пораженных tissues. Search
признаки патологии с помощью других способов не имherт смысла, так
how it will only lead to material costs, and not to receive
more information.

What changes in the blood condition may indicate the presence of
the parasite? First of all, these are classic signs.
inflammatory process and an increase in the number of “allergic”
leukocytes (eosinophils and basophils).

Total blood count Normal value Change with demodicosis

In women up to 16 mm / s;

In men under 11 mm / sec

White blood cells 4-9,1*109 Slightly increased (by 1-2 points)
Neutrophils 2,0-5,4*109
Eosinophils До 0,3*109 May rise significantly
Basophils До 0,65*109

Although the study of blood is quite informative,
the final decision is made after microscopic examination. WITH
for this purpose, doctors can take from a patient:

  • WITHодержимое пузырьков;
  • Horny scales;
  • WITHоскоб кожи;
  • Secreted from the sebaceous glands;
  • Eyelashes for infection of the eyelids.

These materials are processed with special solutions.
(Cyanacrylate, gasoline, glycerin, etc.) after which you can easily
detect microscopic tick. To conduct this
studies usually take 1-2 days, depending on
lab workload. WITHоответственно его результат доходит до
attending doctor in a few days.


Before using drugs, you must
adjust your lifestyle. Without this nuance, held
therapy will have a minor effect. The disease will be
repeatedly return, re-damaging the tissue and reducing
the quality of life.

What needs to be done to prevent this from happening? As a rule, will
the following actions from the patient are sufficient:

  1. Normalize your immunity – for this
    it is necessary to eliminate the cause of weakening the body. It may be
    stress, physical fatigue, illness and others. In some
    cases, defensive reactions are impaired due to some chronic
    pathologies that cannot be cured (diabetes, HIV, cancer
    process, etc.). To normalize their work is necessary
    seek help from a specialist who will conduct
    additional treatment and, if possible, will achieve remission
  2. To carry out regular hygiene procedures – additional
    Factors for blocking glands are dust particles, cosmetics,
    dirt and other agents. Therefore, washing from them affected
    The plots will have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. WITH
    for this purpose, apply the foam / gel for washing, scrub, cosmetic
    masks, tonic lotion, micellar water;
  3. To give up bad habits (cigarettes, alcohol);
  4. Avoid warm rooms / hot climates (saunas, saunas,
    travel to places with constantly high temperature).

In addition, patients must be assigned a special
therapy. To get rid of the pathology traditionally use three
groups of drugs: acaricides (drugs that kill ticks),
antiseptics and vitamin A medications
anti-inflammatory drops and substances that reduce
allergy activity

�”Target organ” for therapy Medications Mechanism of action
Leather Акарициды – Бензилбензоат, Трихопол, WITHерная мазь,
Metrogil jelly
Poison ticks, parasites, easily penetrating the skin and its glands.
Kills all living individuals, but practically does not affect the eggs
no effect.
Антисептики – Ацербин, Гексикон, Аргосульфан,
They clean the skin surface from microflora, including
malicious. Necessary for the prevention of adherence
ATитамин A для местного применения – Акнетин,
Roaccutane, Retinol
These drugs can be used from the first day of pathology,
restoring the metabolism in the dermis.
Eyelids Дезинфицирующие капли – ATитабакт, Окомистин,
The main goal of these drugs is to minimize
the concentration of microbes in the affected area and prevent infection
Antiseptic ointment from human demodicosis –
Календула, Гликодерм, Metrogil jelly
Акарицидная терапия (аналогична таковой при поражении
It acts directly on the cause of people’s demodicosis.
Eyes Местные противовоспалительные лекарства – Тобрадекс,
Tobrazon, DexTobropt
WITHнижают выраженность симптомов поражения глаза.
Гистаминоблокаторы (противоаллергические средства) –
Loratadine, Desloratadine, Clemastine, Azelastine.
Such therapy affects the damage mechanism itself, therefore
must be held sick with

The presented scheme is not absolute and universal.
standard treatment of demodicosis in humans. Necessary preparations for
The doctor selects each individual patient after a personal
consultation and inspection. Depending on the effect, he
corrects therapy, replacing medicines or giving recommendations
by way of life.

How to recover in 4 days from demodicosis

It is traditionally considered that it is possible not to get rid of this disease.
less than 30-60 days. However, now these representations
gradually change. In 2014, a group of scientists from Orenburg
introduced a new combination of drugs to eliminate
pathology in 4 days. This approach not only proved its
effectiveness, but also allowed patients to quickly return their former
the quality of life.

The composition of this scheme is administered the following drugs:

  1. 10% Benzyl Benzoate ointment is one of the most effective substances
    killing ticks;
  2. Cream Uniderm – a strong remedy, overwhelming inflammation and
    связанные с ним симптомы (покраснение, зуд, уплотнение skin);
  3. Emolium cream – normalizes skin condition, reduces her
    desquamation and damage to the epithelium.

Each of these drugs is applied sequentially to
infected tissue, at intervals of 20 minutes, in the same order, in
which drugs are located above. For the prevention of relapse, the course
repeated after 2-2.5 weeks.

WITHледует отметить, что эта комбинация эффективна только в том
случае, если не произошло присоединения бактериальной infections.
This complication requires an additional appointment.
antimicrobial drugs.


Regardless of the form, adequately prescribed therapy is always
allows you to cope with the disease. As a rule, to persistent changes
skin disease does not cause, which allows to achieve
good cosmetic effect with proper selection of drugs and
strict compliance with the requirements of a dermatologist.


ATопрос: Можно ли использовать мазь ЯМ от

Да, так как в her состав входит сера и цинк, которые являются
excellent antiseptics. This drug may be good.
alternative to sulfuric ointment.

ATопрос: Эффективно ли дегтярное мыло для лечения

Only as an additional cosmetic for
skin care. This soap does not kill ticks and does not disturb them.
life activity.

ATопрос: Могут ли быть повторные рецидивы после
the course of therapy?

Yes, even with the complete destruction of parasites, the fact is not excluded.
re-infection and development of the disease.

ATопрос: WITHледует ли использовать какое-либо

AT настоящher время, официально не доказано его положительного
actions on this pathology. WITHкорher даже наоборот – любые
warming or stimulating metabolism procedures may
lead to increased reproduction of ticks.

ATопрос: ATлияет ли работа пищеварительной системы
at risk of infection?

Only indirectly, since any chronic disease is
the likelihood of reduced immunity.

ATопрос: Чем лечить демодекоз эффективнher всего?

There is no definitive answer to this question, since the treatment regimen
is selected for each case of pathology.

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