How I treated cough in infants

Usually reviews about the use of different drugs and
goods are written by the mother, but today is not the case. I am very rare
I share my opinion, but today is exactly the situation when to be silent
It is impossible, because if my experience will help at least one scared
I’ve spent my time on this review
in vain

Геделикс сироп

It all started with the fact that his wife had problems with his breasts on
the third month of our daughter’s life. An ambulance took her to the hospital on
the operation – mastitis was very neglected, it was urgently needed
take action. And so I took the hospital work and stayed with
her little frightened princess who does not understand why she
instead of my mother’s breast, they slip a bottle …

The wife spent two weeks in the hospital and for this period, of course,
had the first cold of our daughter. I don’t know what
provoked this episode – whether a sharp replacement of breast milk
a mixture, whether a virus caught on the street, but the fact remained
the fact is that the daughter has been puffed up and started to cough. I’m not at all timid
a dozen, but here, probably for the first time in many years, not a joke
I got scared – the baby is in my arms, the baby has a cough and I have to
do something with it, and by phone in the clinic they told me to wait for the doctor
just tomorrow.

To help was caused by heavy artillery – mother-in-law, who worked
20 years as an oculist in a military unit. Mother-in-law flew on the wings of the night yes
not one, but with a colleague therapist and Gédelix syrup at the ready.
Despite the admonitions of the mother-in-law and the retired therapist – yes they are
generally know about cough in children! – first I carefully read the whole
the composition and instructions from cover to cover – “stuffing” with medicine is not
yourself, and baby! He gave up, but while they were treating his daughter, he was not too lazy
also get on the Internet and found information about “Gadelix” on one
pediatric forum – there doctors confirmed what to give
infants syrup is possible, but only clearly at the indicated dosage.


Moreover they wrote that it is almost the only means
which is suitable for such young children, as almost all syrups
designed for children older than a year. The composition of “Gedelix” also
encouraged – does not contain sugar, alcohol, dyes, in general
nothing that is absolutely contraindicated in babies.

In short, they gave syrup in the dosage and steel indicated on the package
carefully monitor the state of the baby. Immediately a miracle does not
happened, but after 2-3 hours I noticed that the cough was not so
hard, and her daughter’s breathing became smoother and calmer. Mother-in-law with a group
Support sent back home, and he spent the whole night sitting over the crib,
Well, just in case. In the morning gave another 2.5 ml of syrup, cough already
It became much easier, and a couple of hours later the district

By this time, her daughter had not cough so much. The doctor looked
her and at first reacted negatively to the fact that I gave the baby medicine
before the inspection (he didn’t know about Gadelix before). But then read
the composition of the drug, said that everything is in order and that the child can
continue to give syrup until the cough passes. On the third day
the daughter recovered, but then I began to cough! I usually try medications
not to drink, but here I was afraid to infect with petty and started to take too
�Gedelix (it is suitable for all ages). Syrup, which I no longer
I was surprised, helped me, like my daughter, on the third day.

By the time our mother returned, everyone was healthy and
cheerful, than incredibly pleased her! My main advice to everyone
parents – do not panic, call a doctor, but also be able to cope
with mild health problems on their own. Hope my
experience will help someone in difficult times!

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