How I quickly lost weight after giving birth without any specialeffort

Hello girls, my name is Catherine! I decided to share my personal
the story of how much I gained after childbirth, but quickly
regained weight without exhausting diets, workouts and
“miracle drugs”.

До беременности и родов стабильно держала 59 кг (рост 173
cm). After giving birth, I recovered not as much as 10, but as much as 20

как я похудела после родов

Extra pounds appeared in stages. After the birth of the baby
scales for some time showed 72 (+13 kg) – thought that “nothing
terrible, for feeding time I will return at least to 63 “, after all vanity
Nemer was planned. It was not there. My baby is quiet,
quiet: eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating – there was no particular trouble. When
breastfeeding (and because of the GW all the time wanted something to chew on)
constantly went around the house and chewed. I used to just eat soup
and tea with a sausage sandwich, and after 10 minutes I want to eat again:
I went and ate another cupcake or a piece of chocolate. My son is not allergic,
so do not deny yourself sweet. Moved a little while
free time spent on the couch.

When через 3 месяца после родов встала на весы, без удивления
обнаружила + 7 кг (79 кг / 173 cm). And now walking with a stroller
were given with difficulty: they rolled out into the park, there was no strength and desire
walk, so she sat down on a bench with a book. Always in your pocket
there were candy, crackers, seeds or drying reserve.

After giving birth, they continued to communicate with girls from the ward with
which together lay in the hospital. One of the moms returned to
initial weight after 4 months. It became jealous, kindly,
so I began to ask how yes. �”It is somehow self” – such
I received the answer. That is why she has herself, and I don’t
is obtained? What’s wrong? I thought, analyzed, looked for reasons and
found answers.

3 reasons why I can not lose weight

I identified 3 factors that prevented weight loss without debilitating
training sessions (for which young moms lack neither the strength nor the time
no desire).

  1. The most terrible point, you can not get rid of, but
    перестроиться невероятно сложно — питание. how
    lover of baking, could not live a day without a bun. Tried
    drown out the aggravated feeling of hunger with frequent snacks.
  2. Понемногу превращалась в тюленя — очень мало
    : ходила мало, на улице чаще сидела, а дома
    lay down. Calories consumed by tons, and without expense they settled in
    body in the form of body fat.
  3. Дело в окружении: родных и близких людей устраивал мой
    appearance or were silent out of courtesy.
    One side
    it’s great that you don’t poke those extra pounds in your face
    on all sorts of expensive super-weight loss or sit on
    some terrible diet for the body, harming yourself and the baby).
    The husband did not see the problem, they say, everyone is gaining after childbirth. First time
    I did not see any problems, and I even began to get used to things for a few
    sizes more prenatal. This is the reverse side of the medal:
    �”Really they could not hint that it is time something with this

And yet, the main incentive was the banal “And the worse I am
the rest of the girls who managed to return after the birth form? “.
Familiar young mummies briskly began to clean up, and I
stood out against their background for its size. When ребёнку исполнилось
4.5 months, I decided to take care of myself.

What did I do to lose weight

Having determined the “root of evil”, she worked on the bugs for each


The new diet looked like this:

  • Chicken and beef soups with vegetables. If possible, do
    homemade chicken broths, so nourishing. Homemade meat made
    soups are more satisfying, but I still did not load enough – I had to seize
    steam buckwheat, rice, wheat or wheat cereal with the addition of
  • To exclude from the menu vegetables that did not give a feeling of satiety,
    It was not possible because of the benefits for the child. Boiled vegetables grind
    blender to a state of mashed potatoes, add a piece of butter,
    yolk and shared with Kirill. If I ate myself, the yolk did not add, but
    ate a boiled egg;
  • Mashed potatoes from water or boiled milk (required
    boil if breastfeeding);
  • Cottage cheese and cheese ate a little every day. Perfectly satisfies
    hunger as an independent dish or additive to one of porridges;
  • From meat made pork chops with beef, boiled
    beef, later added low-fat pork to the diet;
  • Sweet has limited to dryers, some chocolate and
    homemade oatmeal cookies without margarine;
  • At first, she drank not very brewed tea without sugar, later
    added freshly ground coffee (small doses in the morning).

Небольшой совет: Устранять проблемность питания
I was greatly helped by the diary: I planned my diet, everything was there
wrote down what I cook or want to cook. There were recipes and
lists of products, as I took him to the store.


With a passive lifestyle coped with walks. Going out
out of the house, forced herself to forget about the bench with the book, and went 1,5-2
hours Pedometer did not carry with me, but I suspect mileage
It turned out decent, also with a load in as a stroller. First time
it was not easy: she was terribly tired, her legs were buzzing from the habit, but
returning home to the impossibility like to eat. Rescued
cooked vegetable soups in broth.

Excluded any snacks during the walk!

Over time, the child began to crawl, and my movements became
more: just manage to catch up (and you are worried, no matter how
hit, in the mouth did not drag any muck, here and jump
on every occasion).

Attitude of close people

The problem solved itself: when I announced my plan,
friends, relatives and, above all, the husband supported the venture and
willingly helped with the observance of the diet.


I remind you that I started to embody the idea when the child was 4.5
month, and I with the growth of 173 cm weighed 79 pounds.

  • During the first 30 days it took 5 kg (fortunately there was no limit);
  • The second month took 4 kg;
  • On the third, despite all attempts, the weight remained unchanged.
    (70 kg / 173 cm);
  • Over the next 30 days, we managed to improve the result by another 2
    kilogram, then 5;
  • At the time when Kirill turned 9 months, I weighed 63

I was not going to stop there, so
continued to perform the usual “program”, only the activity
added: my son grew up, began to crawl, then walk and
бегать, ну и поднимать его стало тяжелее :)

Now the child is 1.5 years old, I weigh 61 kg (+ + 2 kilo vibrations).
When вес устаканился, вернулась к обычной еде, без существенных
restrictions. The only thing I don’t use is standard
harm, which all nutritionists advise to exclude: the type of sausages,
chips, cola, fat store cakes.

Someone seems that I have not lost weight so quickly, but I
I think that a slim mother and a 9-month-old baby are not such a thing
so frequent. Right after childbirth, in a month or two units lose weight, yes
and for the most part, those who have not gained anything at all. And not
forget that the method does not assume super-loads – minimum
effort, который работает на 100%.


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