How I lost weight after giving birth

My story about how I lost weight after giving birth without dieting and sports
exercises. Simple tips for future and real moms.

All thought, what would be so interesting to share with you. What are you talking about
can tell a young mother with a monotonous life? Miss,
Of course, I do not have to, all my thoughts revolve around one
caring – caring for my baby. By the way, for me now is more
the mystery is how newly-born mothers manage to type
weight after childbirth. Well, I understand in a year, but at first it’s
difficult, because you do not get enough sleep, a lot of cases piling on.

How I lost weight after giving birth

Pregnancy brought me twelve kilos (according to
doctors – the average). Two months have passed, and my weight is
kilogram less than it was before pregnancy.


The first 5-6 kilograms left in a natural way: with the waters
placenta and baby. And what about the rest?

No, I was not on diets. And she didn’t play sports. After childbirth
it was impossible to play sports, and then there was laziness. But I
enjoyed simple advice, and now pass them on to expectant mothers
(and not only) caring for the figure.

  1. The most important advice – breastfeed. I’m not a doctor,
    but was interested in the topic. For the formation of milk the body uses
    ready resources are fat cells. Benefit for two! Baby is fed and
    happy, and mom has a beautiful figure. They say when you feed
    грудью, от этого бешеный аппетит, но за собой ничего такого не
  2. Drink more water. The first days were few
    milk The doctor advised to drink more. So I got
    habit. I drink 1.5 to 3 liters of pure water a day and some
    special tea with dill. Additional plus – you want less
    there is.
  3. Take a walk. After childbirth самочувствие прекрасное,
    the weather was good outside. How could I sit at home? Walking
    useful for both, if the health of mom allows. Son quickly
    fell asleep in the fresh air. For 5 hours a day we walked. Didn’t sit
    on the bench, and walked. This rhythm helped me quickly burn the extra

And it’s all! For the first month I weighed two kilos more,
than before pregnancy. In the second month I monitored the time of admission.
food: did not eat after 6 pm and until 8 am Dumped the remaining excess

Now I’m not losing weight. I achieved the perfect weight for myself.
There remains one goal – to play sports. It’s hard to start yet.
Leeeeeeeeeen. Our sport is everything, and in 9 months I completely relaxed.
Take a word with me, maybe it will make me start


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