How I got rid of 18 extra pounds in 2.5of the month

The problem of overweight after the birth of a child worries many
mummies. Want to know how to lose weight after giving birth, without resorting to
strict diets? How not to exhaust yourself exhausting workouts and
keep your shape in good shape?

Greetings to you, my dear readers! For the last
a few months in my life there have been dramatic changes. You
же заметили это по фотографии, правда ;) ?


Ta-dam! I finally did it! In just a couple of months, minus
18 kilograms of excess weight! And, most incredibly, now I
I can eat anything I want and not be afraid to get fat again!

I want to share with you how I was able to bring my figure to
order after delivery in such a short time. How I got rid of
hated kilograms and said goodbye to the complex fat. I will
I am very glad if my experience will help you.

During pregnancy, I gained 25 kilograms. After the birth left
7, but the other 18 are firmly settled on my body. I tried to lose weight
over the past 6 months.

That is, not really tried, I rather collected on the Internet
information about different ways of losing weight, bought tons of magazines about
nutrition, but to lose weight, it never came. Diets
I was given difficulty, I was in despair, and in the evenings I seized my
горе очередной шоколадкой :) Ну и грудью я кормила, поэтому опасалась принимать
various drugs and supplements, exhaust yourself with diets and workouts
also did not want to.

So, at the beginning of the summer, my husband was given a vacation at work and we were together
rushed to the sea. By that moment I had finished feeding my son
breast, so no problem left him with his grandparents. we
rested in full: swimming, sunbathing, taking pictures
and, of course, ate a lot of junk food:;). The first bell in my
head rang out when I saw myself in the photo in a bathing suit. That
what looked at me from a photo was terrifying. And then I understood –
urgent need to do something.

Here those who know me may argue – that’s enough
coming up, you’re not fat at all! But I know that it is not.
Два of the month назад я была на приеме у врача-диетолога, прошла в
clinic examination. I was given all the data about my body
talked about how much a girl of my stature should weigh and
hinted that it was time to take control of your weight, otherwise with my
lifestyle it will only grow.

To say that I was in shock is to say nothing. I was watching
in the mirror and I choked tears. And I finally decided –
I ordered the tool I found out about when I was collecting information
about losing weight. The tool is called Gardenin FatFlex.


Of course, I have often heard that all these “miraculous
preparations from the Internet “do not give any result. What is it only
cheating, which are desperate to lose weight girls. But on that
The moment I was just that. Desperate. My biggest
desire was to lose weight. Therefore, I found the official website
manufacturers Gardenin FatFlex and made an order.

I’ll tell you a few words about the preparation itself. It is completely natural,
в состав входят ягоды можжевельника, померанец, Шрот Чиа и
other vegetable ingredients. I read a lot of reviews about him
– Many girls praise him (of course there are many negative
reviews, so far without them).

I want to immediately say that during the period of breastfeeding, I
did not accept any means for growing thin and I do not recommend
take if you are breastfeeding (and during pregnancy

The regimen is quite simple – you need to take the drug in
for 5 days, then a break for 2 days. Next in a circle. But before
Admission must always consult a doctor.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to consult your doctor before
than use any means for losing weight!

The first effect I felt on the 3rd day. My appetite is noticeable
decreased, almost did not want to eat. At first I was worried
что могу где-нибудь потерять сознание от недоедания :) , но самочувствие было прекрасное, и я перестала
worry about this. Moreover, my weight began to melt
right before your eyes.

For the first week I took off almost 3 kilograms. I went to again
consultation to the nutritionist, and she explained to me that Gardenin FatFlex
removed from my body all the excess water, slag and some fat.
Further weight loss should not be so rapid. Here is the article
From Medical Herald – Consultation with a nutritionist Anna

In three weeks I lost about 8 kilograms. Well, for
последующие полтора of the month еще 7 кг и мой вес, наконец, стал именно
the way it was before pregnancy. In total, I threw 18
килограммов за 2.5 of the month. I was in seventh heaven! My
weight loss was very easy, I did not sit on rigid diets, yes, I
I controlled what I eat, but not fanaticism. All that I have achieved
— целиком и полностью заслуга Gardenin FatFlex. And maybe it
my self suggestion. Everyone knows the placebo effect)))

Плаце́бо (от лат. placebo, буквально — «буду
please, like “) – a substance without obvious medicinal properties
used to mimic the drug in research,
where the estimated effect may be distorted by the patient’s belief in
effectiveness of the drug, or to improve the patient’s well-being
cases of lack of a more effective drug.
Sometimes a placebo capsule or tablet is called a pacifier.

The result is really impressive! My friends even say that I
not only lost weight, but also younger. Feeling the happiest
a woman in the world! In just over a period of months my life is completely
has changed! I hope that my experience will help you and cope with
overweight. The main thing is to believe, and then everything
work out!

Ознакомиться с информацией и заказать Gardenin
FatFlex available on the official website.


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