How does coronavirus work? What coronavirus does with the human body

Why do people die from coronavirus?Chinese coronavirus already spread around the world, hundreds of new infections each day, but few know what is happening in the body of sick people and how coronavirus affects humans.

How coronavirus causes problems with human health?

Once in the body of a healthy person, the coronavirus begins hit healthy cells in the body to multiply its own. The spread of infection throughout the human body begins with throat, so the first symptoms of coronavirus infection are dry cough and pain in the larynx. Gradually, the virus descends further and inflames the mucous membrane of the lungs. It affects the alveoli – bags in the lungs responsible for respiration and oxygen supply to blood. They also provide carbon dioxide removal from the blood, for his subsequent exhalation.
– “With inflammation of the alveoli, oxygen cannot move freely on the mucous membrane. Inflammation and impaired oxygen supply into the blood, can cause the lungs to fill with fluid, pus and dead cells. In the worst case, the patient develops acute respiratory distress syndrome, in which the lungs accumulate so much fluid that the patient cannot breathe, which leads to his death. “, Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips, Head Physician of the Hospital Everett, Wash.


What organs are affected coronavirus?

Although coronavirus initially affects the lungs, the infection will also spread to other internal organs person. In particular, the gastric system is susceptible to infection, where the virus enters through the mucous membrane. This explains the presence of in patients with symptoms such as stomach pain and diarrhea.
“The bone marrow and liver can also be inflamed. Coronavirus can enter the heart, kidneys and liver, causing direct damage to these internal organs, “Dr. George Diaz, Head of Hospital Infectious Diseases Research Department Everett, Wash.
Also, according to recent medical studies, it has been confirmed the possibility of coronavirus damage to the central nervous system, of which the brain is a part.

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