How does a young mother deal with a child andhousehold chores

Leave for child care least of all reminds
rest at the resort, despite the name. In addition to proper care
as a kid who needs a lot of time and effort, on a young mother
still have all the household chores. How to maintain order
and comfort in the house, without depriving yourself and your baby with attention and time? Experience
generations can be added to the list of tips that will be useful
every mom.

все успеть и справиться с household chores

Save time on keeping clean and tidy

That’s why moms don’t have time

In the matter of maintaining cleanliness and order in the house the most important thing –
put away your perfectionism and revise your views on
cleaning A newly born child has no sterile cleanliness, and
The growing up child is simply incompatible with the order.

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    Every object in the house, one way or another, requires a certain
    self care. If the item is not functional and serves only
    aesthetic whole – it is better to remove it for a while. For example, you can
    briefly get rid of carpets, carpets, various small things on the shelves and
    other “dust collectors”.
  • In order not to spend a lot of time cleaning, it is better not to allow
    accumulating a large amount of homework. You can select on
    cleaning for 20 minutes a day. During this time, you can tidy up
    several shelves in the closet or wash the floor. So, doing every day by
    a little bit, you can not tired to maintain order in the house.
  • You can do some household chores right with the baby in your arms,
    or rather, in a sling. For example, together you can wash a few plates,
    spread out things after drying, wipe the floor.
  • Do not neglect the various “miracles of technology” that
    really able to make life easier for the young mother. Washing
    machine washing the robot vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and
    other gadgets can carry a sizeable volume. Of course these things
    require material investment, but if the birth of the baby was given
    money – you should seriously think about how to spend it on
    useful thing.
  • Iron children’s things, as they diligently did before, completely
    not necessary. After the umbilical wound heals, no
    additional disinfection is not required. And in order to
    dried things and diapers looked neater, you can just
    carefully straighten when hanging.
  • Reduce the amount of washing (which means hanging and
    folding laundry) help disposable diapers absorb
    diapers, wet wipes.
  • Be sure to involve in household help all households.
    Take out the trash, wash the cup behind you, wipe the table after dinner and
    other matters can be assigned to the husband and other family members. Not superfluous
    will even make a list of who is responsible for what. It will save
    from constant reminders.

Kitchen time management

Cooking too takes a lot of time, and you need to do it.
daily. To save a few hours will help simple

  • Get in the habit of making a menu in advance, and according to it
    pre-purchase all the products. You can sketch on a piece of paper
    a list of simple dishes and then set aside a day to provide in the house
    stock of all necessary products. It will save от нужды ломать
    head what to cook and then from unscheduled trips to
    store in case some ingredients are out of stock.
  • Very time-saving and pre-frozen
    blanks. You can chop and freeze fresh vegetables (onions,
    carrots, peppers), cut the meat into goulash, make semi-finished products from
    minced meat. When it comes to cooking, you just need to get it.
    a serving of vegetables or meat and do not waste time on cleaning and
  • The simpler the food, the better. Porridge can be cooked in
    bags, meat baked in foil whole piece. Give up on
    complex dishes that require continuous presence at the stove.
  • Involve relatives to help in the kitchen. Mother or mother in law
    can bring ready meals at least once a week, the husband too
    able to participate in cooking. For example, cook a side dish or
    chop vegetables for salad.
  • Kitchen appliances also make life easier for the young mother.
    The slow cooker, vegetable cutter, blender will help save time.

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for Mom

Mom can do everything with one hand

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All these recommendations are very easy to follow, and over time they
develop into habits. Mom can do many household chores with
awake baby. The child can be in a sling, a chaise lounge
or just be near the floor (if he can already sit and crawl).
But the time of the baby’s sleep is better for mom to spend on rest or
some nice activities. The best holiday options are sleep or
change of activity. If you do not want to sleep – you can see
favorite TV series, read a book, assign it. Exactly
quality rest allows you to recuperate, which then
enough for the baby, and household chores.


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