How do fatigue and laziness help inparenting

Parenthood can be pleasant and easy. To bring up
baby and be a good mom, sometimes you need to give yourself too lazy.
How to avoid contrived difficulties or when laziness is good?

While only dreaming about a child, most of us represent,
how will day by day come up with educational games from day one
life of the baby, always cook surprisingly healthy dishes and
arrange them in the form of works of art and much more. But
real parenthood, plus housework, work, exhausting,
that you want to pretend dead on Saturday morning to sleep
an extra couple of minutes or shoving children to grandmothers with ill-concealed
joy on the face. Everyone has such days when the best nanny
TV stands, and a full dinner of sausages and pasta with
Ketchup (and what, ketchup is not considered to be a vegetable?). Important to recognize
the fact that we are living people, we get tired and sometimes lazy, and this
fine! Plus, all this can be used for good.


Separate the wheat from the chaff or hammer on what’s real
can score

There are moments in the upbringing of children, from which never retreat
can not. And there is a whole bunch of tips, rules, norms that are hung
us over worried girlfriends, overly caring grandmothers or
fashion magazines for rich housewives. This information is needed
evaluate soberly, deciding how much you need to do all this. For example,
constant ironing on both sides and disinfection of everything with which
contact baby. Or compliance with the timing of the introduction of complementary foods, rules
joint sleep or the need for decanting, fancy gruel on the goat
milk or someone else’s opinion about your parenting ability.
Exhale! Let go of the situation for a minute and drop what
�”too”. You will see that nothing happened, on the contrary, the child
became more independent, even a little happier :)

Freedom for a parrot or let a child do what he is able to
do it yourself

Yes, we are fully responsible for our children. Yes they are so defenseless
in front of the world. But онand растут, учатся, чем больше and раньше
we will let them do things for them, the sooner they
learn to live safely and independently. And still small
independence is very useful for their development. Let baby
remove your toys, wash the toy dishes, buy baby dolls in
ванной andлand дать еду хомячку, можете просandть его прandнестand вам
something from the room, throw out the diaper after sleep, help to cover
on the table, try to put on your socks yourself, put
read the book into place. Usually small
детand делают это все детand с пребольшandм
удовольствandем, особенно еслand ваша просьба звучandт нежно and
calmly, not as an order from Sergeant Hartman. By the way on this
based many methods of progressive developmental

Important! If you decide to redo something for
as a child, make it so that he does not see. Do not hurt his tender

Useful! For particularly curious friends and
Relatives say this is a trendy technique
Ala-Montessori, so that you do not reproach the operation of the child
labor or in your laziness.

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teach the child to help around the house

Friendship is different or allow your child to interact with
other children at the sites

Scientists have proved, even if the kid can not speak, he is excellent
interacts with other children. Such a joint game or
parallel (when everyone plays his own, but nearby) is very useful
for development. Watching each other, socialization, plus
kids develop fantasy by inventing games for one, sometimes playing
with an imaginary partner. Even if children are involved in a conflict
(divide toys, territory, swings), it’s worth interfering
when your help is definitely needed or your child does not understand
how to solve a problem.

Do not rush every second to give a scion new knowledge,
you will have time for the hundredth time to repeat the colors, properties of objects, and now
be lazy, sit for 5 minutes on a bench, drink coffee from paper
cup and eat twix …

Progress for good or buy something that will make your life easier (and
do not be ashamed of it!)

If someone came up with something to make our lives easier, not
It is worth refusing these benefits of civilization. Not worth heroically
wash the diaper with the hands, soap, because mom is so
did. Washer machine, disposable diapers and wet
napkins are made for us. And my mother did not use them only
because then they have not yet invented.

Do not have time to cook – multicooker to help you! Tired of fighting
with a child, forcing wearing orthopedic bots on laces,
sometimes wear rubber croce or comfortable velcro slippers. Not
worry, there are very few people among adults who can’t
tie your shoelaces, and your treasure will learn.

Notт сandл наклонandвшandсь, бегать за крохой, который только научandлся
to walk? A leash for parents will keep the child close and not
prevent him from being independent. Tired of walking with a nimble baby
– buy him a tolocar, let him develop leg muscles and
коордandнацandю. Усталand таскать ребенка на руках, а в коляске он
уже не хочет — купandте кенгуру, он спасет вашand рукand.

В общем, все до нас уже прandдумано and сделано, сейчас
почтand для всего есть удобное решенandе. – берand and пользуйся! And shame
here is inappropriate. Not воспользоваться благамand цandвandлandзацandand как мandнandмум
неразумно, andначе, зачем нужен прогресс?

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