How do Emfetal vitamins act on pregnant?


  1. What is included in the complex?
    1. Vitamins
    2. Mineral components

The baby in the womb needs a lot trace elements, minerals and vitamins for normal development. Them he gets from the mother’s body. As a result, pregnant women complain of problems with skin, teeth, hair. Much more problematic if the mother herself is lacking in nutrients and, accordingly, they have nowhere to take the child. It can negatively affect its growth and development. To prevent negative consequences during pregnancy multivitamin complexes such as maternal vitamins Emfetal.

What is included in the complex?

The necessary daily allowance of useful for the mother and the fetus substances cannot be obtained with food consumed. Therefore during pregnancy prescribe multivitamin complexes.


Vitamins EmfetalTheir maintenance in the complex Emfetal at pregnancy can be found in the instructions.

Vitamin A is necessary for the growth of embryo cells, synthesis proteins in the body of both mother and baby.

Vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12) promote growth and the development of a small organism; participate in the right exchange main nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates; help DNA formation, blood formation, development of nerve and muscle tissues involved in the formation of hereditary traits.

Particular attention should be paid to folic acid (vitamin B9). It affects the formation of the neural tube. embryo in the early stages of fetal development. With a lack Vitamin B9 in a baby can develop severe defects:

  • developmental delay;
  • dropsy of the brain;
  • spinal cord defects.

Early births and miscarriages are possible.

Tip: folic acid affects all formation processes fetus, bookmarks and the initial development of internal organs, mental health of the unborn baby. Therefore, its reception is desirable start in the process of planning the conception of a child in its purest form or, preferably, as part of vitamin complexes for pregnant women, such as Emfetal.

Vitamin C. It is taken with caution in the first trimester, the daily dose should not exceed 2 grams per day (including the amount of vitamins that are ingested with food).

Vitamin C neutralizes harmful toxins, so it is especially important for women who smoked before pregnancy. Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immunity of both mother and baby. Another its invaluable property is the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which promotes tissue elasticity, and therefore prevents skin stretch marks and tears during passage child of the birth canal.

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Note: is it possible for pregnant women to do tattooing of lips and eyebrows.

Ascorbic acid also increases the elasticity of blood vessels and serves as a prophylactic against the appearance of varicose veins veins expansion.

Vitamin D3 is essential for normal absorption. calcium, which is directly involved in the formation process skeleton of a child. When pregnancy increases many times the need for both women and the baby in calcium, respectively, is also the amount of vitamin D3 required is increasing. If the expectant mother is deficient in this vitamin, then there is the probability of problems with hair, nails, bone tissue, and the baby may be born with a predisposition to rickets.

vitamin D3

Vitamin E helps in the development of the placenta, prevents it aging, regulates hormonal balance. Also this vitamin promotes the formation of prolactin, which is responsible for lactation. Therefore, with a lack of vitamin E, subsequently possible problems with breast milk production. One Emfetal tablet with pregnancy will help to get the daily intake of this vitamin.

Vitamin PP – nicotinic acid. It eliminates spasms of blood vessels, reduces blood viscosity, which prevents the development of blood clots and blockage of the vessels of the placenta. These properties help. unhindered ingestion of nutrients and nutrients, oxygen to the child.

Biotin (Vitamin H) is involved in the exchange of amino and fatty acids. Supports cardiovascular health, helps balance blood sugar.

Mineral components

Calcium is a mineral element that forms bone tissue and cartilage, a full-fledged nervous system, muscles, cardiovascular system and so on. With a lack of calcium in a woman, especially when the lion’s share goes to the intrauterine development of the child, can lead not only to problems with hair, skin, teeth, nails, but also to osteoporosis. Also, calcium reduces a woman’s exposure stress, improves resistance to allergic reactions, prevents bleeding and cramps.

calcium properties

Magnesium – a component that protects a woman’s body from a threat preterm birth. It regulates the transmission of genetic information from mother to baby, regulates insulin levels in blood, protects against stress, is responsible for the work of the heart. Plus to all of the above, without the participation of this element is much worse ascorbic acid, phosphorus, potassium and others are absorbed trace elements.

coltsfootInteresting to know how useful for pregnant mother-and-stepmother possesses.

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Iron is responsible for the level of hemoglobin in the blood. If a pregnant woman is deficient in iron, then, as a result, hemoglobin decreases, the level of red blood cells decreases, and all cells mothers and babies experience oxygen starvation. This is cause toxicosis at an early and late stage, developmental disorders baby in the womb, miscarriages, weak immunity, low quality and quantity of breast milk.

Judging by the reviews, Emfetal during pregnancy helps significantly reduce the manifestations of toxicosis.

Tip: often with anemia, pregnant women are prescribed iron preparations, and they have a question: “Can I drink Emfetal during pregnancy, if you drink iron? “. Excess of any component in blood, as well as shortage, can turn into negative consequences for both mom and baby. Therefore, definitely on This question can only be answered by a doctor based on the detailed blood test. With anemia, depending on the severity, joint administration of Emfetal and iron preparations is possible. At Emfetal is sufficient for normal blood counts.

Zinc plays a role in skeletal formation, cell growth, regulates insulin content. With its shortage, vices are possible fetus – curvature of the spine, hernia, splitting of the palate. At women during childbirth may weaken contractile activity uterus, high probability of ruptures and delayed disclosure of labor ways.

Manganese is necessary for the formation of bones and cartilage. He enters enzymes that form amino acids and cholesterol.

drug packaging

Copper is involved in the formation of the cardiovascular system child, his skeleton and nervous system. It affects the function of the glands, pigment synthesis of eyes, skin and hair.

Iodine contributes to the proper development of the skeleton of the child, the head brain and nervous system. Iodine deficiency can lead to cretinism a child who is pregnant, the development of endemic goiter.

Molybdenum is especially needed in the second and third trimesters. Him a deficiency can cause heart failure, nausea, trouble breathing.

Selenium reduces the symptoms of toxicosis, promotes the absorption of iodine, increases immunity, reduces the likelihood of miscarriages, promotes prevention of underdevelopment of the spine and muscles of the baby.

Chromium is a mineral element that helps to preserve received body fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Chrome contributes to the production of glucose-supporting insulin favors the accumulation of protein in the growing tissues of the baby.

Tip: the advantage of multivitamin complexes, such as Emfetal, consists in the maintenance of almost everything necessary during pregnancy items. It is worth remembering that not all vitamins and minerals are absorbed in the body on their own, often for to achieve the effect of their intake requires the presence of other elements, which provides the intake of complex multivitamins.

The future mother must remember that she is responsible not only for herself, but also for your baby, so when choosing and taking any medicines, including vitamins for pregnant women Emfetal, you can not focus only on instructions and tips girlfriends – a doctor’s consultation is required.

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