How China survived the outbreak of coronavirus

Maria Brital – a woman who saw China during the outbreak pandemics and still lives there. On my facebook page published a post on how to survive the invasion of the virus and get rid от panic attacks. How China Deals With the VirusПо словам Марии, Китай сноваcomes to life and continues to live an ordinary life, but safety precautions still respected.

How did China deal with coronavirus?

An emergency regime was immediately introduced throughout the country. situation. Closed all kindergartens, schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, factories and all crowded places. Work continued only grocery stores and pharmacies. Even canceled taxi and bus work. Transport in the city of course remained, but in small amount. Set a ban on leaving the city. symptoms of coronavirus were immediately taken to hospital and kept there until an accurate diagnosis was made. Almost all one and a half billion people in China were at home. The streets were empty not because everyone died out, but because they were sitting at home in strict quarantine. Only one person from the family could go to the store 2-3 times a week. At the same time, in every house a person was identified, responsible for measuring the temperature when a person enters the street. He also recorded who and where he was going. In stores too measured the temperature with an electronic thermometer. In the shops were all the necessary products, maybe only the first two weeks, which something was missing and that is because people started to buy everything because of паники. Most importantly, food prices have not been inflated. had to be worn without fail and changed them every 3 hours. True, the first month there was a problem with them, in pharmacies it was difficult find them, all at once snapped up. At the same time, several times a week masks were issued to each and several pieces. In less than 20 days were redesigned and created from scratch producing masks and other medical stuff. Basic methods are listed below. self-defense against a pandemic.

How not to get coronavirus?

  1. The main means of self-defense are masks, gloves, goggles and antiseptics with alcohol content not less than 60%.
  2. It is necessary to wash hands and face after every visit to a public place.
  3. Avoid places where there are many people, and if you go there, then be sure to mask.
  4. Need to do a promotion immunity! Eat garlic, drink tea with ginger and lemon.
  5. If found at home or loved ones even signs of SARS, do not self-medicate, it is necessary inform your doctor immediately.
  6. Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities immunity is easily susceptible to infection, therefore they should be to protect.

Most importantly, no need to panic! Follow simple instructions about hygiene and visiting crowded places. Take care of yourself and loved ones!

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