How can you easily determine the riskstroke or dementia?

Update: February 2019

Do this simple test: shift your body weight to 1 leg,
raise the other leg above the floor and within 60 seconds
keep your balance!

If you succeed, it means that senile dementia and
a stroke in the near future will not threaten you. And those who could not
удержать равновесие хотя бы 20 секунд  — следует обязательно
turn to a neurologist and complete as soon as possible

Where does this test come from? At Kyoto University, scientists from the Center
genomic medicine offered this simple test to identify individuals
groups at risk of impaired cerebral circulation, as well as for
definitions of people who have already suffered a microstroke (see the first signs
stroke). Dysfunction usually not noticeable under normal conditions.
the brain can be identified by this simple exercise –
can the patient handle the stand on one leg for one
minutes or not.


In the experiment conducted by Japanese physicians, 1387 participated
man – 841 women and 546 men, whose age is on average
was 67 years old. Their task was to keep the balance of the body, standing
on one leg for one minute as long as possible. For cleanliness
The experiment was given 2 attempts and the best result was taken into account.

When summarizing the results of the experiment were taken into account:

  • body mass
  • presence of disease
  • standard of living

Then the state of the cerebral blood flow was determined by MRI.
As a result, it turned out that those who could not hold out over
20 seconds:

  • 15.3% more often diagnosed microchromic lesions in the brain
  • 16% more often – lacunar ischemic stroke
  • in 30-35% of cases, the problem with balance was in patients
    previously suffered 2 episodes of cerebral circulation (see
    последствия stroke).

Also, all subjects were tested using special
tests for the state of cognitive functions (the definition of mental
abilities). And accordingly, participants in the experiment,
demonstrated difficulty in coordinating and retaining
balance on 1 leg (less than 20 seconds), showed significant
mental decline.

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