How best to feed – on demand or byfor hours

In short, you need to choose the method of feeding, which
it is more convenient for you. Want to know more – read our article.

Probably, before each nursing mother there is a dilemma:
прикладывать кроху к груди строго по for hours и выработать режим, либо
allow the child to eat when he wants to? Both options
There are both advantages and disadvantages.

Feeding on demand

In this case, the baby is applied to the chest as soon as he
starts crying, showing sucking reflex, showing
other signs of anxiety and hunger. Grandmothers usually grumble
such moms: “He barely whimpered, and you immediately bust him!”

Yet this feeding method has plenty

  • According to statistics, children who are given breast on demand,
    in the future, more balanced, calm, confident. Mama
    after all listens to the fumes, allowing him to fully satisfy
    your needs;
  • This feeding option is an excellent prevention of milk stagnation,
    mastitis and other problems. All this thanks to the timely
    breast emptying with the fact that milk is formed in
    the amount that the child needs;
  • When access to the chest is not limited, completely
    satisfied sucking reflex crumbs. Therefore, there is no
    the need for a dummy, which can cause problems with speech
    or improper bite formation;
  • When feeding on demand to the baby up to six months old
    do not need water and supplements (unless the pediatrician gave others
    recommendations). And the one and the other child gets with the mother
    milk �”Front” milk is light and quenches thirst well. �”Back”
    – nutritious, it nourishes and provides a growing body with all
    vitamins and microelements needed by him. That’s just to
    get it, you need to suck for a long time;
  • Кормление по requirement позволяет наладить лактацию и
    continue breastfeeding for as long as you want;
  • Прикладывания к груди по ночам наиболее полезны.
    В ночное время молочные железы вырабатывают наибольшее
    the amount of prolactin, so the result is a long and
    successful lactation (benefits of breastfeeding at night).

There are disadvantages. They only express inconvenience.
for mom, but these inconveniences are very significant:

  • A child can ask for breast 30 times a day, so
    prepare for that which will have to minimize your
    social life;
  • It is extremely difficult for mom to plan and respect something.
    some mode. Everything in her life, even the opportunity to spend a banal
    hygienic procedure depends on whether the baby tolerates or
    will require a chest right now.

Кормление по for hours

In Russia, this method gained popularity in the postwar period.
Women were then forced to return to work shortly after
childbirth. Labor legislation at the time introduced mandatory
breaks during which young mothers could feed the children. They
held every 3 hours and lasted up to 20 minutes At night, the interval between
feedings increased to 6 h.

Вариант грудного вскармливания по for hours в первую очередь
comfortable mom:

  1. By setting a clear feeding schedule, you can go out on business and
    even work.
  2. When the crumb gets used to the regime, the nights will become more or less

There are still more minuses:

  1. Since feeding is rare at night, lactation can quickly
    fade away.
  2. Baby can not explain why it is not applied to the chest,
    and because of this, between feedings, he cries and screams. Not every
    mothers have enough nerves to withstand this.
  3. If the breast is not emptied in time, stagnation may occur.
    milk, against which often develop inflammation and
  4. При кормлении по for hours не удовлетворяется сосательный рефлекс.
    Therefore, the baby has the habit of sucking his finger or
  5. The appetite of the crumbs can increase and decrease depending on
    time of day, so 20 min. not always enough for him
    saturation. This is fraught with weight gain and a forced transition to

При наличии медицинский показаний кормление по for hours может
recommend a doctor. For example, it avoids overeating,
adjust the weight of the child and prevent obesity in case
He began to recover more than the norm.

Кормить по режиму рекомендуется и тогда, когда малыш
is on the IW. У смесей высокая питательность, и ребенок
can overeat, trying to satisfy not only the need for food,
but also sucking reflex. Pediatricians believe that feeding for
20 minutes. at intervals of 2.5-3 hours – the best way to dose
mix so that the child does not eat too much and get everything
necessary substances for their growth and development.

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Нина Зайченко: Кормить грудью по for hours или по

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