How and where to find free time: 6 lifehacks foryoung mother

All moms, regardless of age, education and level
income, have the same resource – time. There are only 24 hours in a day.
In this case, some have time for everything, while others always do not have enough time. how
redo everything and still find time for yourself when you sit in
decree? We have collected for you 6 life hacking from modern moms –
take them on board.

молодая мама свободное время

1. Cross out the excess from the list of daily affairs.

The main mistake most young mothers make is –
the desire to create sterile conditions for the crumbs, because of what they
have to work as a cook and housekeeper 24/7. The most
insulting – the fact that the kid does not need these victims at all. More
Moreover, all this harms him and the whole family.

Make a list of household chores. If there are items about daily
cleaning and ironing children’s clothes, delete them without hesitation.
Ironing all things baby only need as long as u
it will not heal the navel, and cleaning with washing the floors is enough to hold
once in 3 days or even once a week.

2. Use time feeding wisely

Newborns are applied to the breast every 4 or even every 3
hours The most кормление длится и 10 минут, и 20, и 30… В это
время попробуйте читать книги. Only for the first month you
be able to read everything that the last time could not find
some years. For the year in this mode, you will completely turn into
expert and will be able to write reviews on literary novelties.


3. Actively use the benefits of civilization

Now there are so many useful kitchen appliances, household appliances,
hygiene products that can save a lot of time. Use
multicooker, microwave, washing
машиной-автоматом, парогенераторы, роботы-пылесосы, а также
diapers and pads – all this greatly simplifies life. With a
a maternity hospital you can take diapers designed for the little ones
and put them on crumbs from the first days of life.

4. Eat to live, not live to eat

Pay attention to how you eat. Most tasty and
complex dishes do not benefit the health and shape. It turns out you
spend a lot of time and energy on what brings negative
result. Give up complex dishes in favor of fresh and tasty, but
at the same time easy to prepare food. If there is no time to do
cabbage rolls, bake meat in the oven. It is much faster and more useful.
for good health. Sweet home baking is also not at all what
every day should be on the table, but only a huge amount
carbohydrates that settle on the waist and sides. Remind yourself that
we eat to live, not the other way around.

5. Give yourself time while the baby is sleeping.

During the first month of life the baby sleeps almost
around the clock. Use this time to recover from
childbirth and change to a new rhythm of life. Then the baby will sleep
the day is less, but even 2-3 hours is already enough to
relax, do your favorite hobby, sports, self-development, study
or even work.

6. keep calm

Most of the time, not even social networks are stealing, but excitement,
for which sometimes there is not even a reason. Sometimes a young mother starts
so worry that disturbing thoughts literally suck the whole
energy, she becomes unhappy and helpless. Save
calm and solve real problems as they come along, and
the main thing – do not wind yourself up over trifles, and in no case
invent new ones. Try to meditate – this is very
helps to get rid of negative emotions and baseless

Try to use life hacking, about which we tell you
told. Soon you will realize that you can have more time, get tired
– less, and in days it seemed like there were more hours.

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