How and what to wash the head baby: 8 simple, butimportant tips for parents

2-3 years is the period of replacing infant hair with more
adults who are scientifically called “intermedial.” These
intermediate hair due to its fine structure and fragility
require proper care. We read below what and how to wash your hair
to kid.

Adult terminal hair begins to grow in adolescence
a period when hormonal changes occur in a child’s body
(during puberty of the child under the influence of sexual
hormones). Simultaneously with the change of hair on the head begins
hair growth of armpits and pubis. A little later
teenage boys making their first light down chin
and above the upper lip.

как мыть голову ребенку

How to choose baby shampoo

Since children’s intermediate hairs are too thin and brittle, and
the skin on the child’s head is sensitive to the choice of the child’s
shampoo should be treated very carefully. Before you buy in
shampoo store, you need to remember that one tagging “children
shampoo is not enough. You need to carefully read the composition
shampoo Doctors-trichologists (hair specialists) upon purchase
It is advised first to pay attention to the following:

  • Indicators of acid-base balance (PH). In baby shampoo
    they range from 4.5 to 5.5 – this is a mild acidic environment;
  • Baby hair should be washed only hypoallergenic.
  • Useful additives in children’s shampoos: nettle, calendula,
    daisy, a series. Extracts from these herbs are anti-inflammatory.
    properties. Shampoo manufacturers also add extracts from
    lavender, sea buckthorn or peach;
  • Shampoos on soapy are considered ideal for children’s hair.
    basis, but such funds on sale are less common. Most often in
    The composition of the means for washing hair are Surface Active
    Substances (surfactants) that adversely affect the delicate skin of babies.
    You can determine the amount of surfactants by the way the shampoo foams. Than
    more foam when washing, the more harmful substances. Shampoo with
    the minimum number of surfactants or without them foams very much
  • Surfactants in the shampoo: laureth sulfate (sodium laureth
    sulfate), lauryl, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocoate glycerate and
  • The composition of the baby shampoo should not include emulsifiers,
    denoted PEG-8, PEG-80, PEG-150. They are considered carcinogenic and
    dangerous to the health of the child, as they can provoke the development
    oncological diseases;
  • Some manufacturers instead of artificial surfactants add to
    natural emulsifiers shampoos: beeswax, candelilla wax,
    jojoba. These shampoos price is more expensive, but they can be safely
    buy for kids;
  • Glycerin is also a safe supplement. But it is worth having in
    mind that when the humidity in the room is less than 60-65%
    lead to dry skin.

When choosing a shampoo for a child, you should consider his age. Before
three years for him to buy shampoos for babies. From 3 to 14 years
Suitable baby shampoos with herbal and vitamin supplements.
Adult shampoos, especially those that are anti-dandruff, are harmful to
children’s hair, so their use is prohibited.

To strengthen the baby’s hair, make it strong and shiny,
after washing children’s hair with shampoo, you can rinse them with decoction
chamomile, nettle, hypericum, burdock or oregano.


Instead of industrial shampoos, you can use natural
means, such as egg yolk with various additives.

How to wash your hair


Children’s hair is washed almost the same as adults, but at the same time
need to follow some rules. The whole process should
happen like this:

  • Wet the child’s hair with warm water;
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo to your palm and lather.
    him by adding some water;
  • Apply foam on the head of the child massage circular
    movements, moving from forehead to back of the head;
  • Rinse the shampoo with a jet of warm water from the shower. rinse need
  • After using the shampoo, it is helpful to rinse the baby’s hair.
    decoction of herbs: chamomile, nettle, burdock root (it strengthens the roots
    hair). It will strengthen and heal hair. Keep in mind if the child
    blond, chamomile decoction can make hair yellow;
  • Washed hair slightly squeeze and not wiping wrap your head
    a towel;
  • Do not use a dryer for drying children’s hair – this leads to their
    drying and brittleness;
  • In order not to wash off the child’s natural grease of hair, do not
    should often wash his head. Once or twice a week is quite

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Lyudmila Sharov – Lessons for moms. How to wash your hair
новорожденному to kid. How to wash the head of a newborn
so that the child does not cry and is not afraid of this procedure.

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