How and what to gargle with sore throat

Update: October 2018

In medicine, angina is a common infectious disease,
accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils (pharyngeal, palatal, lingual,
pipe). Usually, when examined, the doctor states the severity of the inflammation and
prescribe antibiotics, because with angina without them can not do
(Sumamed, Amoxiclav, etc.). But even with ARVI in order to avoid
Complications shown gargling with various antiseptic
solutions. Cold, flu, sore throat brings the patient very

  • sore throat, extending to the ears or neck
  • difficulty swallowing
  • constricted breathing
  • the temperature
  • general weakness
  • enlargement and tenderness of the cervical lymph nodes

If you have a sore throat, it means that
nasopharynx bacteria are present, which with regular rinsing
partially die and gradually rinsed along with the raids.
Recovery is thus much faster, and treatment
becoming more efficient. This seemingly simplest and
safe treatment is nevertheless necessary if you have
severe sore throat. How to gargle with angina? Scientists were
it is proved that every day to gargle even with plain water,
it increases the body’s resistance to respiratory
diseases. And in case of sore throat rinsing solutions are enhanced
action of herbs and antiseptics, which increases the healing

How to gargle with sore throat

  • Полоскание горла при ангинеWhen rinsing the head is necessary
    throw back, while the language as much as possible to push forward
    so that the solution passes as deep as possible into the pharynx.
  • The rinse should be warm because the cold
    water will only worsen the condition, and hot water can cause burns and
    excess pain and stress for the patient.
  • To improve the irrigation of the tonsils so that the root of the tongue does not interfere
    the passage of the solution, you can pronounce the sound S
  • An important condition for proper rinsing is time.
    a procedure of at least 30 seconds is necessary for each
    rinse so that the fluid can thoroughly wash the larynx.
  • In order not to swallow the solution, it is important to be able to control
  • It is advisable to rinse with angina 6-10 times

Than gargling with sore throat

  • Gargling with angina with salt, iodine and soda

the most affordable, easy way. In a glass of boiled water
Dissolve 5 drops of iodine, 1 teaspoon of salt and the same amount of soda.
This is the old, proven, most popular way. If a
there is no allergic reaction to iodine – this is the most reliable and
effective way to speedy recovery.

  • Rinse with angina strong tea

To do this, brew strong, not packaged, preferably green.
tea, add 1 teaspoon salt, cool and rinse throat
such a solution.

  • Rinsing solution of potassium permanganate

Warning – this method requires careful dissolution
manganese grains to avoid serious cavity burns
mouth This solution dries the mucous and after the procedure
It is necessary to smear the throat with 1 tsp in 20 minutes
sea ​​buckthorn or other vegetable oil.

  • Gargle gargle

Brew 2 cloves of garlic with one cup of boiling water, give
infuse solution for an hour.

  • Gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar

One teaspoon is needed to prepare the solution.
natural apple cider vinegar and a glass of boiled water. (How to do
apple cider vinegar at home)

  • Gargling with sore throat beet juice

Beet juice is a very powerful remedy that relieves swelling,
inflammation and pain of the affected throat. This is a simple home remedy.
Beetles are always in the house of each hostess. For cooking
solution will need 20 ml. apple cider vinegar and a glass of beetroot
juice. This can be done as follows: 1 beetroot, grate
fine grater and add apple vinegar (for 1 cup of grated mass,
1 tablespoon of homemade 6% apple cider vinegar). Then wait 4
hour, squeeze the juice, and gargle with this solution throat every 3

  • Rinse decoction blueberries

You need half a cup of dried blueberries. Boil the berries in 2
стаканах воды в течении полуhours Blueberries are rich in tannic
substances that contribute to the rapid removal of inflammation.

  • Rinse with angina with lemon juice

Fresh can be used to ease swallowing and pain relief.
lemon juice in proportion 2/3 with boiled water.

  • Rinse herbal tea

If a нет аллергических реакций на травы, то можно сделать настой
из эвкалипта, календулы и ромашки,  другой вариант – полынь,
calendula, plantain, another option – sage, mallow flowers and
elderberry. To do this, one tablespoon of one of the charges brewed
a glass of boiling water, cool, filter and rinse the throat. Can
rinse with pure chamomile extract.

  • Rinse with finished medicinal pharmacy solutions or

    • такими как Хлорофиллипт (цена 100 руб, спрей
      210 rubles)
    • Фурацилин (таблетки цена 30-40 руб.),
    • раствор Люголя (цена 10 руб, спрей 90
    • Йодинол (цена 15 руб.),
    • Мирамистин (цена 150-260 руб).
    • If a лекарственное средство для полоскания в виде раствора, его
      should be diluted boiled water in proportions according to
      instructions. Также можно использовать Октенисепт (230-370 rub), его
      should be diluted with water 1/5, or ampoules 1% Dioxidine solution (200
      rub 10 ampoules), one ampoule is diluted in 100 ml of water. See full
      A list of throats for throat.
  • Gargling with probiotics

The latest research scientists prove that in the fight against
inflammatory diseases of the nose and throat – sinusitis, sinusitis,
angina, chronic tonsillitis are important bacteria,
nasopharyngeal mucosa that can inhibit growth
pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, to complement the treatment, as well as in
As a prevention of recurrence of angina and tonsillitis, you can rinse
throat with such means as:

  • Наринэ (кисломолочный концентрат 150 rub),
  • Normoflorin (liquid 160-200),
  • Трилакт (1000 rub), содержащие лактобактерии (см. список
    preparations of probiotics).

In this case, the balance of the microflora of the oral cavity is normalized,
conditions for the natural suppression of the growth of pathogenic
microorganisms, accelerates the healing process.

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