How and what can be strengthened and maintainedimmunity to a child from 0 to 1 year

The health of the baby must be monitored from the first months. To
raise the immunity of a newborn baby some parents
they begin to take great care of the crumb or, on the contrary, test it
all methods to strengthen the body. Of course, good health with
childhood is a pledge that in adulthood people will
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child's immunity

On the immunity of newborns and infants

Strengthening the immune system in a child under one year old has some
specificity, since immunity at this age in children is still
fully formed and has a number of distinctive

  • There are ten classes in the human immune system.
    immunoglobulin – protective antibodies. In children under one year, only one of
    them is in an active state – this is immunoglobulin G, which
    it gets during intrauterine development. Working out all
    the rest of the immunoglobulins are in a dormant state. About
    up to 6 months maternal antibodies are present in the body of the baby
    (immunoglobulins G), after half a year their number decreases,
    as the child begins to form its own specific
    immunity. The first three months the baby’s body is protected exclusively
    only maternal antibodies, and gaining its own immunity
    force only by the year. Because of these features, children under one year old
    especially prone to colds and
  • Maternal antibodies baby gets in the last trimester
    intrauterine life, so children born prematurely, at 28 –
    32 week, do not receive them from the mother and after birth are different

Therefore, before interfering with the infant’s immune system,
you need to make sure she really needs support.
If a child has had ARVI 3 – 4 times a year, it is not inclined to frequent
allergies, you should not take any emergency measures with that
целью, чтобы повысить immunity.

Doctor Komarovsky advises: video about immunity

What factors influence the immune system and its strength? Is it true that
during pregnancy, the child receives from the mother immunity to many
illnesses? To узнать состояние иммунной системы, достаточно
do a normal blood test or need some specific
tests? These and other questions will be answered by Evgeny Olegovich

Signs of low immunity

как поднять иммунитет новорожденному ребенку

Here are some signs that the baby has immunity.

  • Frequent acute respiratory viral infections (every two months and more often), with complications in the form
    angina, otitis.
  • No fever with inflammatory and infectious
  • Permanently enlarged cervical and axillary
    The lymph nodes.
  • Phenomena of dysbacteriosis: diarrhea, constipation, allergic dermatitis,
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, moodiness, pallor
    skin integument.
  • Повышенная склонность к allergies.

If the baby has similar disorders, then parents
should immediately show the child to the pediatrician. Not worth it
rely on vitamins, only with the help of them you can not lift
immunity of the child to a normal level.

How to increase and strengthen the immunity of the child?

About the fact that you can raise the immunity of the child immediately after
birth and maintain the baby’s defenses during the first year,
There are several tips:

  1. Prefer breastfeeding. Even
    At first there is not a lot of milk, continue to stimulate lactation.
    Breastfeed as long as possible, according to the latest WHO recommendations: before
    1 year breastfeeding is mandatory since milk is
    source of nutrients and specific antibodies for the baby,
    and up to 2 years – preferably, for the purpose of psychological support,
    in which the child continues to need. To date
    well-known is that when breastfed babies
    get sick less often and this not only happens because they are better
    immunologically protected. More favorable psychological background
    (mother’s closeness) these babies also help to strengthen
  2. Tempering procedures increase the immunity of the infant.
    повысить иммунитет грудному ребенку водными процедурами

    Hardened air can begin from the first days of life. BUT
    further add water treatments. Do not wrap the baby
    Teach discomfort from a young age. Lot
    walk, especially in the summer and do gymnastics.
  3. Clean – the guarantee of health. Watch out for the tidiness of the child, for
    cleanliness of toys, dishes and personal care products. About hygiene
  4. Follow the baby’s nutrition. Be careful to introduce new
    food that may cause allergies. Try hard
    provide the child with a full diet rich in vitamins and other
    necessary substances, give your baby fresh fruits and vegetables. From 7
    – 8 months baby should receive fermented milk products, they are important
    to maintain intestinal microflora. О прикорме >>>
  5. If the child is sick with ARVI, do not abuse the medication,
    especially immunomodulators and antibiotics, do not shoot down
    жаропонижающими температуру, если она ниже 38.50C.
    Most of these medications are contraindicated in children under 1
    years or are appointed in extreme cases only by a doctor.

    Let your child’s body handle the usual
    colds. Drink multivitamins adapted for this
  6. Do not refuse vaccinations. Of course, today there are many pros and
    �”Against” this method of protecting children from diseases: harmlessness
    artificial immunization is not fully proven, there is a risk
    complications that stops many parents from vaccinating
    to your little ones. But, nevertheless, according to research data
    children really barely get sick of these dangerous
    diseases. BUT вспышки, казалось бы редких болезней как коклюш,
    parotitis still occur. Therefore, if you live in a city,
    often communicate with other children, go to places of congestion
    people and planning to attend kindergarten and school, it’s best
    adhere to the generally accepted vaccination calendar.

Народные средства для повышения иммунитета

Here are some drinks and folk remedies that can be given.
Children under 1 year, in order to improve immunity:

  • Juices: Apple (rich in vitamin C) and carrot juice (rich in
    витамином BUT).
  • Rosehip decoction: 250 – 300 g of dried or fresh fruit for 2
    liter of water, boil for 3 minutes and insist 3 – 4 hours. Decoction can
    Give to drink crumbs several times a day.
  • Compote of apricots (dried apricots) and raisins: 500 g apricots and 1
    A tablespoon of raisins – 2 liters of water.
  • With herbal teas you need to be careful because of the likelihood
    allergies. Sometimes you can give chamomile tea, it has a good effect on
    пищеварение и кишечную микрофлору, тем самым повышая immunity. For
    babies up to one year is better to buy ready-made teas for babies, where already
    balanced composition and dosage.
  • Closer to the year, if there is no allergy to honey, you can add it by
    half a teaspoon in porridge, instead of sugar.
  • Echinacea children under 1 year can be given only in the form of a decoction.
    The collection (roots, leaves or flowers) is sold in a pharmacy, brew and
    give it to the instructions. Preferably before use
    consult with a pediatrician.
  • Decoctions of herbs (lime blossom, St. John’s wort, chamomile) is useful to add
    in bathing water. These baths are well supported by defenses.
  • If you have already begun to introduce berries into the child’s diet, then the most
    Vitamin of them are: lingonberry, cranberry, black currant,
    strawberries, raspberries.
  • And, of course, if a nursing mother wants to boost immunity.
    to the nursing baby and herself, then she herself should eat fully,
    eliminate allergens and take vitamins, because breast milk is
    staple food for babies up to 6 months.

In a healthy family, the baby will be much easier to stay strong.
Therefore, it is important to take care not only of the baby’s immunity, but also
all family. Make it a rule for family physical education: while
the little one is still small. Take it with you for a walk in the park,
on the ski slopes, go to the pool. This will not only strengthen
the health of parents and child, and make your family relationships
more friendly and warm that can not but tell
positively on the general condition of each of you.

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