How and in what cases to use the ventingtubule

9 months long mum bears her child, studies tons of sheets
periodicals and Internet pages with the necessary information
and preparing for the most important and responsible event – childbirth.
However, after the baby is brought home, it immediately becomes clear
that questions are just beginning.

Газоотводная трубочка для новорожденных

Among the most common problems that are puzzled
молодые мамы, можно назвать кишечные колики и
газики — с этой неприятностью сталкивается более 30%

This is due to the fact that the intestinal microflora of the newborn is still
poorly developed. Gases in the abdomen of a child are most often due to
improper grip of the breast during feeding or if
ребенок кушает из бутылочки, то иногда может захватить
air bubbles.


Intestinal problems in most cases.
проходят после первых 3 месяцев жизни младенца. To
to save a child from gas and colic parents
используют: укропную водичку, различные лекарственные средства
(эспумизан, хилак форте, бейби калм, боботик и др. — см.
список всех популярных лекарств)
, кормящая мама придерживается
диеты, ребенку делают массажа животика, но есть еще
one way to make a tiny life easier and to get rid of
the tummy of gas is an exhaust pipe (special
device for newborns).

So, the vapor tube is used if the child has constipation,
if the child hurts the crap, if the child has pain due to colic and

Instructions for use

газоотводная трубочка

Длина 18-22 см. Диаметр 2,5-3 мм

Если ваш выбор остановился именно на последнем из описываемых
ways to save a child from discomfort, it is worth first
figure out how to use the vent tube so as not to
harm the baby. For a newborn baby you need to take a tubule
the smallest size is 15 – 16. For older children,
размер 17-18 (в аптеке вас проконсультируют по этому

  • After purchase, the vapor tube must be boiled;
  • Wash hands thoroughly before use;
  • Prepare a changing table for the procedure (bed an oilcloth and
  • Lubricate the tip of the tube and the anus of the child with petroleum jelly (you can
    replace it with boiled vegetable oil);
  • Baby up to 6 months to put on the back, press the legs to his chest and
  • Baby 6 months and older to put on the left flank, press
    ножки и Keep;
  • Gently, with rotational movements, introduce the baby oiled
    the tip into the anus (the smallest is enough for 1-2 cm,
    from 6 months of age and older – up to 4 cm) and keep about 10
  • To понять, что газики пошли, можно другой конец трубочки
    put it in a container of water. By bubbles, you will understand;
  • Very gently, gently twist the tube, if the feces are not
    go, move the tube a little further (but not more than 5 minutes
  • After the gases and feces go, gently clean
    tube, hold the baby’s legs to the chest (in order for the rest
    kala and gas came out independently and completely);
  • После мероприятия малыша нужно подмыть.

Весь процесс обычно занимает от 5 до 10 минут.

как пользоваться газоотводной tubule

Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure, before
using better consult a pediatrician.

В идеале: первый раз педиатр делает это сам на ваших
eyes, in this case there is more likelihood that you
запомните, как правильно вводить газоотводную трубочку вашему
newborn baby.

Использование газовой трубки предполагает наличие
a certain skill, otherwise you can, God forbid, hurt the baby, and
it is already fraught with serious consequences, such as peritonitis,
eg. When choosing a product in a pharmacy, remember that it should
accompanied by the instruction, it will help you out, if the doctors for some
reason will not be able to carry out the procedure for the first time themselves.



It is unacceptable to use a rectal tube if the infant
already have a rectal disease.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure no earlier than after
4 hours after the first. However, it is not worth taking a great interest in this activity either.
– The baby must learn to control his body independently.

As for hitting a wallet, it’s just a purchase.
This device does not cause – the price of the vapor tube in
the average ranges from 45 to 100 rubles, depending on the material,
from which it is made, and appearance.

Gas can be made from the most common enema
(pears). The pear is cut in the middle, so you and the analog tube

Plus flue pipe – it is not addictive in contrast
from enemas. But, we repeat, it is often better not to use it!

You can use a special enema – microlax.


On the topic of pain in the tummy:

  • Gaziki in infants;
  • Colic in a child (help with colic);
  • How to make an enema to a newborn baby.

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medicine in the form of a tablet or syrup – instruction for parents

And finally, 3 video instructions for proper use

Video instructions

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