How and at what age to begin to acquaintchild with theater

If earlier stage performances are only
entertained children, nowadays theater is used to
improvement of imagination, speech skills and fine motor skills, and
also to inculcate in your child artistic taste. When and how
you need to introduce children to the magic world

ребенок и театр

The first acquaintance of the child with the “scaffolding” occurs at home
conditions – with the help of dolls. Such performances help kids
live situations, trying on different patterns of behavior and
choosing the only correct one. Also, dramatization will help in case of
psychological trauma. That is why experts advise adults
play with the child in the “garden” before visiting kindergarten or in
�”Doctors” – on the eve of the trip to the hospital. Theater games enrich
child’s vocabulary, develop fantasy and enable mom
with dad bring it up without boring notations.

When to start?

Some parents think that children can be introduced to the culture.
from any age. However, this is not entirely correct opinion. Long
road, human congestion, constant noise will not only tire
small children, but also discourage the hunt for further visits to the TYUZ.
And even the most pleasant emotions received from a short performance (not
more than half an hour), do not weigh the discomfort.

Overly impressionable kids often get scared of scary characters:
Babu Yaga, Koschey, Snake Gorynych, Gray Wolf, etc. Therefore, in
some theaters prefer to acquaint babies with
actors who play negative characters. Seeing them in
make-up, even the most emotional young viewer will remain

Psychologists do not recommend moms join their children to
theatrical reality before three years. However not worth it
just wait, you need to prepare it for stage
art at home.

Finger performances

Already from one and a half years your son will be able to watch with delight
a performance that is played using parent or
own fingers. Required props can be done by yourself
(for example, sew the ears and
draw a face on them) or purchase them in a children’s store.

пальчиковые спектакли


Take the fairytale familiar to the child as a literary basis
(“Kolobok”, “Teremok”, “Hen-Ryaba”), re-read it again,
show the illustrations and finally assign the main roles.
At first, children’s attention will not be enough for the whole dramatization and through
5-10 minutes, baby will be distracted by the toys themselves. He got used to it
joy will respond to the actions and emotions of the characters.

Plane Theater

Children older than three or four years old are easy to interest in desktop.
scenes – playing with cardboard or plywood silhouettes on
coasters. For this kind of “drama” you will need painted with
two sides of the figure, the most different scenery: houses, clouds and
trees, animals and birds. Baby will be happy to voice
all fairy-tale characters, inventing each character’s own
unusual voice. Such a variety will wonderfully develop in him
speech and phonemic hearing.

конусный театр

Примеры конусных фигурок

Еще один вариант подобных представлений – конусный театр.
Characters can be made themselves or download the scheme from the Internet. Everything,
what you need is to cut geometric shapes and glue them between
by myself. Your children will help you with this. Dolls are obtained
bright and voluminous, and for greater persuasiveness they can be decorated
paper fringe, sparkles.

Puppet show

кукольный театр

For older children who have already mastered the ability to conduct dialogue and
To act in accordance with the plot, you can play with dolls. You
ordinary toys, glove dolls will be useful (in the old days
called parsley) or even puppets, as well as a folding screen.
Glove dolls behave like a real person: meet,
hug, dance, sing songs, quarrel and reconcile. Explain
preschooler basic rules: index fingers command
head character, and large and medium – with his hands.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Домашний кукольный театр –
fun journey to the fairy world

Советы родителям по выходу ребенка в театр

So, the time has come for the real theater itself! If you
want only good ones from the first visit
impressions, you need to be very careful when choosing
repertoire based on your child’s age and preferences. ABOUT
what do you need to remember?

  1. For your debut view, choose a puppet show,
    based on a popular fairy tale. ABOUTтдайте предпочтение классической
    staging, since the little goof often knows his favorite stories by heart
    and may not understand a bold directorial decision.
  2. Familiarity with art is best to start with the chamber
    theater. Not a very big room, muffled music creates
    almost homely atmosphere. In such cultural institutions there is no
    crowded public and loud noise characteristic of
    huge buildings.
  3. For mobile kids, on the contrary, interactive
    productions arranged by festive agencies at home or in
    kindergarten. If your son is shy and unwilling to accept
    participation is a common game, do not insist. Let him be ordinary
  4. Take care to view the production has not broken
    the usual routine. Do not buy tickets for the daily session,
    if your baby is used to sleeping after dinner. Also discard
    additional entertainment: a trip to a cafe, an amusement park
    better to move to another day.
  5. Be prepared for the fact that the festival may end in vagaries
    or even tantrums. Strangers, excess of impressions, prohibitions
    and new rules of behavior – all this is too difficult for small
    theatergoers. Do not get angry, better calm the crumbs, talk and
    find out what he remembered the most.
  6. On the day of the presentation, come in advance. Then you will have time to walk
    around the building, consider carefully the different exposures. Try
    обогатить дошкольную лексику новыми словами: сцена, грим,
    антракт, гардероб и т. д.
    Если же ваше чадо быстро утомляется,
    on the contrary, come directly before the fabulous act,
    leaving time for the toilet and undressing.
  7. Do not forget that for children’s perception the most difficult
    are opera and ballet. A child under eight or nine years old
    able to get bored or fall asleep for two hours looking at dancing
    or listening to arias.
  8. Do not be discouraged if your children will not be remembered
    presentation, but only visiting the buffet. For them, this
    the event is one huge celebration and let them get
    positive emotions at least from a delicious ice cream.
  9. When the baby rests and calms down, lose what he saw for
    teddy bear or grandmother. Draw bright decorations, mold
    characters from plasticine. Reread the literary one more time.
    the work that formed the basis of the performance, and at the same time read
    and other tales by the same author.

Undoubtedly, there are many more hiking trips ahead.
Melpomene temple, but the very first visit will remain for a long time in the nursery
of memory. Prepare your son for this wonderful world, and then
he will grow up a cultured man who loves the stage and the bright light

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the NGPU Irina
Shulga – about what age is best to acquaint children with
the theater.

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