Hot tea – a new tool in the preventionglaucoma

Update: February 2019

Кружка горячего чая в день может понизить риск glaucoma. Before
This seemingly inaccurate conclusion was reached by scientists from
Brownian and California universities (USA, Los Angeles).
Interestingly, when using other drinks (hot coffee,
iced tea, non-alcoholic cocktails, etc.) similar
no beneficial effect was observed. December 14, 2017 magazine
�The British Journal of Ophthalmology announced the discovery in its

Recall that glaucoma is a disease that is based on
an increase in intraocular pressure that also affects
optic nerve. Glaucoma causes partial or total blindness.
This disease often develops on the background of diabetes mellitus, excess
body mass, hypertension, in old age.

It used to be that pressure inside the eyeballs could
rise with a large use of coffee, however, about tea then not
not a word was said. Now the American researchers
found out: tea drink is good for the eyes.


For the work of scientists was allocated a number of drinks:

  • hot and cold tea;
  • tea without caffeine;
  • hot coffee;
  • cocktails that do not contain alcohol.

A sample of 10,000 people, each of them
studied the state of general health at the time of the experiment and
data from previous research papers in 2005–2006. The specialists
conducted questionnaires, venous blood sampling. Unfortunately, only
1678 participants agreed to tell scientists about
the level of health of their eyes. But the result was still: it turned out that 84
a person suffered from glaucoma.

University representatives were able to calculate that people
daily consumed hot tea at least once, 75% less
страдают от glaucoma. Other drinks involved in the work are not
showed a similar effect.

Of course, this study is just the beginning. Years of work required
and more people to prove absolute veracity
the findings. You must also take into account the characteristics of the flow.
glaucoma у каждого испытуемого.

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